Meet the Cheaters

You’re probably wondering who we are. Well, we’re not going to tell you our names, because being careful with your information is just one of the (many) steps to not getting caught cheating!

So without naming names (step one of how to cheat without getting caught), we’ll tell you a little bit about us. Basically, we’re a group of four guys who have all been married for a while. One of us has been married five years, one nine years, one three years, and one 12 years, somehow.

We LOVE our wives.

Don’t let anyone tell you that cheaters don’t love their wives. Sure, some don’t, but some guys who DON’T cheat don’t love their wives. We do-we just wanted to get a little on the side!

After several years of marriage (for some of us more, for some of us just a few months), we realized how constricting the whole “monogamy” thing could be. While some of us had anticipated some difficulty, others were surprised-monogamy had been easy when we were dating, but now that we’re married, there’s less fun, less spontaneity, and more…well, poopy diapers and phone calls about mortgages.

The LOVE is still there, and we still love spending time with our wives. However, we’re men. We NEED to have a little excitement, a little romance, a little something awesome going on the side.

We got really GOOD at getting some on the side.

We’ve all been friends for a while, and realized that it’s honestly not that hard to get laid on dating websites. We checked it out, and got scammed pretty hard at first!

After that, we decided it was time to share with other guys the secrets we’d learned. We can teach you all of our personal strategies for hooking up with gorgeous hot babes, knowing what to say, keeping your private life SECRET, and doing it all without breaking the bank. We can teach you how to avoid scams, as well as fulfilling your wildest fantasies.

Why are we doing this?

Because we wish someone had done it for us! It’s simple-we’re guys just like you, and we want to help out.


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