What’s She Into: Find Her Kinks

For whatever reason, a lot of dudes like to believe chicks are pure and fair maidens who have never thought about sex, or at least not sex other than in the missionary position. That might be because they want to introduce chicks to other aspects of sex, but it sounds kind of boring. It’s a lot more interesting and fun when a woman knows what she’s into and how she wants to have sex. Some women are upfront about their wants, telling you exactly how they want sex to go, but others are shy about it, whether because they’ve never tried the things they want, because they’ve never shared what their kinks are with anyone other than their girlfriends, or because she’s worried she’ll be made fun of. You’re an open-minded dude, though, right? And you know most chicks have their own kinks, so you want to know what your lady’s kinks are. The Subtle Approach “She seems to be into spanking” Don’t go all Christian Grey on her by taking her to a hardware store and buying a bunch of BDSM supplies. That’s creepy, and it could embarrass her if she picks up on what you’re doing. Instead, try talking about how, this one time, your ex-girlfriend was into…

Websites to Find Affairs that Aren’t Geared Toward Dating

The Internet is like the hookup god’s gift to men. Even better is social media. because it facilitates ways to connect with people, especially both guys and girls looking for some action. Rather than hitting the same old shit though – fling sites, dating sites, classifieds – why not go for something a little more daring? We’ve found that you get a lot more variety and fun times if you branch out a little while looking for a potential fling. Girls that frequent social media websites that are more creative tend to also be more creative in bed, and they’re definitely not all attached. Here are a few sites we’ve had luck on. Deviantart.com You may not know what this website is, but it really caters to nerds. It’s mostly made up of fanart – artwork based on shows and other original sources – but it has a really intense network that includes a comment system and feedback. Here’s the thing: Deviantart is sort of like going to a museum without actually having to pay the admission. You can search for content using pretty much any parameter, and find someone that’s interested in the same stuff as you and lists themselves in the same geographical region. A lot of users…

Warning Signs That Your Fling May Try to Blackmail You, and How to Deal

Flings on the side can either be fun or dangerous, and although we don’t like to be negative, the fact of the matter is that you ARE taking a risk by banging a girl that isn’t your wife or partner. If you’ve been savvy about finding a hottie on the DL, then you’ll make sure from the get-go that she’s not looking for anything beyond hooking up, and she knows what you’re all about. However, not all girls are as honest as us, so beware. Here are a few signs that your lady is getting backstabbing, how to prevent it, and deal with the aftermath if necessary. Signs She’s Crazy If she seems super clingy, this is a bad signal. When we say “clingy,” we mean all over you to the point where other girls start to cast their eyes away, as if your fling will claw their eyes out. If you get the sense she actually WILL, you might want to back away in the early days of your courtship. Ditch her if she’s nuts. Be careful with girls like this, because you may have an idea of what to expect and like her, but the minute your gut tells you otherwise, obey and bow out. Be careful about…

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

“Telling lies on online dating sites is not something new” On the internet, it’s only too easy to lie to girls you want to pick up. Honesty might be the best policy, but when you’re trying to snag a honey on the side, a few lies here and there can’t hurt. A lady’s more likely to be into you if you’ve got some good stories and a good career behind you, so it’s time to make up something awesome. Ever wanted to be a doctor, or maybe a lawyer? Well, now’s the time! Keep in mind, though, that you have to do your research to make it convincing. What Kind of Doctor Are You? “Do some research on your job to make people believe your lie” Okay, so as far as she’s concerned, you’re a doctor. But which kind are you? You can’t just say that you’re a doctor in general, because that can mean a number of different things. Before you tell this lie to catch a babe on some dating site, make sure you figure out which sort you are! Maybe you’re a podiatrist, or a pediatrician, or you can go big and be a brain surgeon. Chances are she doesn’t know too much about brain surgery, so…

Three Types of Sites That (Surprisingly) Have Chatrooms

Okay, you’re not the kind of dude who goes into those sexy chatrooms in his free time, but you want to hook up anyway. Totally understandable, but for the guy who wants to meet his honey online it’s tough to get a girl, right? My friend, you are completely wrong there! Almost every popular site these days has some sort of chat function, so you can find a chick you can relate to without going through those awkward mainstream chatrooms. These three types of sites are some of the oddest places to have a chat area, but can be a huge asset to you. Fitness Sites “You can easily find women in the chat room of a fitness website” Yeah, you read that right. If you’re a total fitness nut and expect the same from your girl, you can meet a sweet honey right on the sites you frequent. Learn about the latest diets, exercises, and equipment while chatting up babes by registering to the site. Make sure to choose a macho username so the ladies know you’re too hot to handle. If you’re not a total beefcake, that’s fine too! Ladies are more than willing to help you out deciding on a workout routine – a girl loves a…

Three Smells to Avoid While Having an Affair

We recognize people by smell and associate nostalgia with scents. There’s the power of pheromones and good, old-fashioned perfume. The smell of food makes us hungry, and the smell of pine needles remind those of us outdoorsy types of camping and roughing it. All in all, smells play a really important part of how you’re viewed and can give away a lot. There’s the old saying about a man coming home smelling of another woman’s perfume, but we’re going further than that. Women are perceptive, and unless you’re perfectly suave, your steady girl might have some suspicions about your extracurricular activities. Maybe you’re lucky, or just an extraordinary talented dude at cheating, but there are some pitfalls that no one can avoid. We have all experienced these surprising giveaways, so listen up and learn how to avoid perjuring yourself. Fancy Cooking This might sound crazy to you, but think about it – how often is it that you cook fancy dinners? Maybe you LIKE cooking, but even then, if you come home smelling like some sort of exotic meal, your wife is going to wonder who exactly ate it with you. And possibly, who you ate. Here’s the thing: excuses about going to dinner with friends (and without her) only…

Three Signs Your Affair Is Becoming Too Serious

Sometimes marriages or LTRs get mad boring, and you have to go get some action on the side. Mostly, we don’t want to hurt the feelings of the girl we’re with, and if you’re sneaking around, you probably don’t want to lose her. We can talk about this openly since dudes are different than chicks, but there is a deadly pitfall that you can end up in, and that is getting in too deep with a girl you’re banging on the side. Your Wife is Number One Your wife isn’t satisfying you for whatever reason. We’ve all been there, especially if you’ve been dating or married for a long time. One thing you can be sure about, though, if is you start to take bigger risks of being found out to please your fling at your wife’s expense. If your main girl is having a big event, like a birthday or job promotion, and you blow it off with a lame excuse to spend time with your other woman, that’s danger territory. It’s one thing to beg off dinner on a week night to go bang your extra lady at a motel, but it’s totally different to take a legitimate risk of being found out by blowing off something important.…

The Wonders of Chatroulette for Cheaters

“Chatting with strangers on Chatroulette is fun” If you’re a cheater that isn’t committed to having a long-term affair with just one particular woman, there’s a place other than Craigslist for you, my friend. Maybe you’re just one of the many men out there (and many women, too, surprisingly) who don’t consider a little harmless extra-marital stimulation that much of an issue and are okay with seeking sex outside the marital bed, so to speak. It’s not really cheating if you didn’t DO anything, right? Chatting with someone online isn’t as big of a deal as actually sneaking out and having sex with them. Either way, whether you’re knowingly cheating or just looking for a night of some racy fun with hot babes online, randomized chat sites like Chatroulette and Omegle are both great places to start off your search. It Won’t Take Long to Find Someone “There are hundreds of women who are waiting for you to approach them” You’ve probably heard of it. Chatroulette and Omegle are the top two “random stranger” chat sites on the net. You log in and can choose a text-only (think classic instant messaging screen) or video and microphone-enabled chat and you’ll be paired up with another stranger who’s logged in completely at…

The Etiquette of Spending the Night with Your Girl on the Side

Spending the night can be a big deal, especially to chicks. You might just think of it as convenient, or maybe it’s just hard because your wife is monitoring you ever move. Thing is, banging a chick and then sleeping over is not just another night. We have to admit, sharing a bed with someone else can be an intense thing, or it can just be a marriage of convenience. Either way, we have a few pointers about how to do this, and not ruin your marriage. Is it practical, or is it emotional? Don’t spend the night with your girl on the side if it’s emotional. There’s a distinct difference here, and it’s not hard to tell. If the girl you’re banging look really longing or emotional, she’s going to read into you staying the night A LOT. Don’t do it, and in the process, you won’t send her the wrong message. It’s not like we want to hurt a chick’s feelings, but more importantly, avoid the drama! On the other hand, if a babe is so tired out from hooking up that she just immediately falls asleep and extends an offer for you to stay, it’s cool. The major thing to watch for here is that she’s more…

The Difference Between a One Night Stand and an Affair

Sex is great. We know this, you know this, and every dude who’s ever banged a chick knows this. However, we have to admit it, it’s easy to get confused. We’re not super emotional dudes, but keeping your eye on the prize can be hard, whether it’s with a girl or a life goal. Here’s a primer that we all found useful about the difference between a hookup, an affair and the stuff to watch out for. One Night Stand It’s good to remember what you’re looking for if you’re operating on the DL. If you’re creeping around, you can’t afford to make a mistake. One night stands are designed to be just that: one night. When you go hunting for a one night stand, don’t assume you’re ever going to see the girl again. Make it hot, make it good, but don’t get her number and don’t give her yours, unless you want to take it to the next level outside of your monogamous relationship. We recommend doing the opposite here, since you weren’t originally choosing this girl for her interpersonal attributes. Once a chick has your number, it’s a totally different game. An Ongoing Affair Also known as taking it to the next level. This can get really…


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