Business Trips: What Happens At the Seminar, Stays at the Seminar

"Make your business trip a vacation with your co-worker"

“Make your business trip a vacation with your co-worker”

Business trips are some of the best opportunities to find a hot babe to have a fling with. First of all, even if they’re related to your field, after a few sessions they get mad boring. Second, you’re already guaranteed to have SOMETHING in common with the hot chick sitting two rows ahead of you in the PowerPoint presentation, so it’s way easier than hitting some seedy bar where you may not even score. The beautiful part of flings on a business trip is that, unless you work with your wife or her family, you’re guaranteed a free-for-all sexcapade.

Clothes Make the Babe

Girls like clothes. Even if she’s a hardcore career woman, her clothes are going to say way more about her personality than what SHE says. Beware shirts buttoned to the throat, jackets with four buttons done up, and high-waisted pants with flat loafers. These girls MIGHT be fun, but you just don’t know until you get her into bed, and it’s not really a time to be picky. Try to go for a hot business chick in a skirt suit, where by the time of the night where you’re ending a seminar, she’s got her jacket undone, shirt unbuttoned, and looks like she could use the bar. It also means she knows how to loosen up and be chill, which is a good indicator that she’s into having a good time.

Don’t Make a Scene

Rules of thumb here: don’t be drunk, and don’t come off as a creep. You’re still at a business conference, and while it’s fine to fraternize during the off-hours, don’t stand out by being That Guy at the conference. Approach your target chick politely, but also be friendly. If you’re up front that you’re interested, the sooner you can find out if she is, too. That way, you won’t waste your time going after some business babe who’s not into hooking up, and you won’t have blown your ONE NIGHT away from your wife only to fail.

The Danger of Coworkers

"Make sure you hide these activities from your co-workers"

“Make sure you hide these activities from your co-workers”

Chances are there’s some other coworker that’s attending the same conference that you are. We cannot reiterate enough here: don’t shit where you eat. It’s fun to hook up at holiday parties with coworkers, but even then, we still caution against tapping ass of any chick that works closely with you or even works in your department. When you’re on a business trip, PRIME CHICKS are going to be the ones you’ve never met and will never meet again. In fact, if possible, try to go after girls that aren’t even directly IN your field. If you’re in marketing, for example, check out the chicks in that seminar you attend on graphic design – as in they’re not competing with you. It’s an even better deal if they live across the country, because then you won’t ever have to deal with drama. Hooking up with babes on your business trip is the greatest because it really is a get out of jail free card with your wife or significant other, but it takes some finagling. Just don’t make any of the obvious mistakes, and you’ll be writing off action as a business expense.


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