Cam Girl Etiquette

“Make sure you know the basic cam girl rules before you start your chat”
So you want a little digital love, but you want to have a real babe on the other end of the line. We get it. The best way to have that is to log into a cam girl website. Cam girls are those live models that will chat with you through a screen and take their clothes off. They usually won’t talk to you verbally, but they’ll usually read your texts and respond. It’s easy to forget that these ladies are real on the other end of the line – and that can cause problems. New dudes to the experience make rookie mistakes that can get them black-listed and end up wasting their money. Here’s a primer for the right way to treat your cam girl so you can keep coming back.

Before the Chat

Read the rules. Most cam chats have rules that you have to follow or you get booted with no refund. Each girl may have clauses of her own as well, depending on what kind of site she works for. The chicks that do more kinky shit are going to be pricier, but you can?t ask vanilla babes to do the same thing. Make sure you shop around and know what you?re getting. Cam girl does not mean prostitute who does whatever you want. You?re subscribing to a service and getting pissed that a vanilla babe doesn?t want to do something wild is like bitching that you can?t see the OSU game when you didn?t buy the subscription for it.


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“Mind your language. You can’t talk to me like that”
Unless you stipulate at the start of the session that you want to talk dirty, DON’T. We don’t mean you can’t let the usual ?damn? slip out. What you want to avoid is calling HER something. ?Slut? or ?Bitch?, for example are not words you should use unless you?ve agreed to it with her beforehand. If you get shut down for violating her rules you aren?t getting your money back.

Don?t Pry

We think we?re being friendly, but babes think we?re being creepy when we ask for their full names. They don?t like giving out a lot of information about themselves when they?re on friendly terms. A cam girl is extra careful about that sort of thing for her safety. NEVER ask a cam girl for her full name, what city she?s from, or if she?d like to meet in person. The answer is always going to be no.


Most cam girls will let you know if they?ll let you watch them get off. If it?s not in their contract and they don?t say it, guess what? You?re not getting it. Likewise if there is a two way screen, do not whip your dick out. She doesn?t want to see you getting off. If you can?t wait to rub one out, leave your screen blank so she can?t see you and turn your mic on mute. Think of it like a strip club where you get a babe?s attention 100%. Use the same basic rules for what you can and can?t do unless stipulated otherwise.


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