Cheat Without “Cheating:” The Art of Text, Phone and Cam Sex

“Avoid such a situation – Watch cam sites only when your wife is not at home”
“But how could you bring yourself to touch another woman?” If this isn’t your first rodeo and you’ve been a cheater before, maybe you heard it if you got caught the last time. If you’re lucky and haven’t had to hear a wife or long-term girlfriend throw this attempt at a guilt trip at you, you’re doing something right. It’s taking it a bit literally, but if you didn’t actually TOUCH another woman, then you didn’t do anything, right? Hey, if it gets you off and leaves virtually no trace, you didn’t really do anything. If you find that your relationship is lacking a little something in the sex department and you find yourself wanting to cheat, these hands-off ways of sexual release may be just what the doctor ordered for you.

Phone Sex

Don’t be afraid of a little phone sex! This is a great option for you if you’re not comfortable with your appearance for any reason. You’re familiar with this; just call up your other woman and talk each other through your orgasms. It’s a great way to test your descriptive abilities, too, so that’s fun. If you can find a lady friend to send raunchy text messages and pictures back and forth, go for it! It’s a great, fun little way to give you something to touch yourself to, and you won’t really feel like it’s cheating at all. It’s the same concept as porn, and that’s definitely not cheating, right? If you manage to get a woman’s number, though, don’t start off the conversation with a random picture of your junk. That’s just going to make you look desperate and weird. The only downside is that this can still get you caught. If your lady shares a cell phone bill with you, those call records are all too easy to obtain, so watch out. Text messages won’t get you into trouble if you delete the content, and not much can be proven with phone calls unless they’re recorded, but the records don’t lie. Cover your tracks if you’ve been up all night talking or texting your other woman.

Cam Girls Can Be Friskier Than Your Wife

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“She is hot! Isn’t she?”
Finding a cam girl to fool around with online is better for you if you need a little more than a voice or a message to do it for you. It’s totally okay if you do, don’t worry. Cam girls are going to be a little less inhibited than your wife, so if there’s something you’ve been dying to see, or a little bit of dirty-talking that you’ve been dying to hear, here’s your way to get what you want. Although it lacks the physical satisfaction of getting to actually have sex with that hot chick, it’s good for those who don’t have the capability to sneak around, or those who are feeling a little guilty about the whole thing. It’s technically not cheating, so no worries there. You’re just having someone help you get off, right? Still, it’s probably best to keep it a secret from your wife just so she doesn’t get jealous and ruin your fun. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her or your relationship!


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