Digital Girls: Programmed to be all Yours

Admit it, you?ve read about those dudes who have the digital dating sim girlfriend and you were curious. We were, too, so we did some research. These aren?t real dolls or programmable robots that we?re talking about. No, dude, these are video games called ?dating sims?. So what?s the appeal? We found a few people who play them and asked.

First, What IS a Dating Sim?

?Sim? is a word you?ve probably heard before. It stands for simulation, like in the popular game, ?the Sims?. Dating sims take the whole ?creating your own people? idea a little more narrow than the simple ?woo woo? of the Sims. Instead you can select from a group of preset personalities that will interact with you based on how you treat them.
Remember those tamagotchi things that everyone had in middle school? It?s something like that except they don?t die. By giving attention in a certain way to the personalities, they ?respond? either favorably or not. For example, if you like the way one of the characters looks, you will try to get her to respond romantically with you. Following the proper responses will get the character to a point where they?re going to get naked for you. Think of it as choose your own adventure porn. Depending on the particular sim, you can get fairly graphic images as your reward for pushing the right buttons.

That?s the Appeal

“He is trying hard to get a dating sim girlfriend”
The dudes that we talked to stated that it was like watching porn they could control. They go through simple, easy to figure out motions and get what they want – a hot naked girl. There?s no difficult guessing games like you have to play with real women. They won?t ever flip on you or throw you for a loop because they?re programmed not to. It?s formulaic and understandable. there?s no difficult choices. For dudes who find interaction with real chicks to be impossible at best and embarrassing at worst, this is a welcome break.

They Adore You (Because They are Programmed to)

Another thing we found out is that the basic level of adoration never goes down with a dating sim. The ?girl? never gets used to you and always treats you like you?re the single most sexy and greatest thing she?s ever had. Sure, she?s programmed that way, but that sort of attention is impossible to get with a real lady. Even ones that like you are going to have days where they?re not prepped to meet any of your needs.

You Can Take a Break

“Forget the dating sim girlfriend and try getting a gamer girl”
The thing EVERYONE talked about was how easy it was to get your fix and then walk away. Pull the sim out and have a digital girl do whatever you want. When you?re done you just fold the game up and put it away or log out of the program on your computer. She doesn?t care how long you?re gone or what you?re doing.

It seems like dudes that aren?t ready to date are all about the sims. For us, it?s not going to replace the real thing. But hey, you were curious too.


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