Finding a Girlfriend Through an MMO

“Your video game can land you a girlfriend”

If you’re new to this sort of thing, an MMO is a massively multiplayer online game. Ridiculous amounts of people play these sorts of things, literally millions sometimes. They can be addicting and don’t leave time for other things like going outside or having a girlfriend. While MMOs can’t fix that going outside thing, they can still help with the second. With so many nerdy babes on your server, why leave to try to find a chick? Follow these helpful hints to score yourself a nerd fox.

Impress Her or Go On a Journey With Her

There are two ways to score yourself a foxy rogue/mage/warrior/whatever: you can start out as being really impressive or you can go along the journey to get that way with her. When you start interacting with her, she’s probably going to notice some of your gear and stats. If you’re a high level and have rare gear, weaponry, or mounts this might be enough to make her swoon. If you don’t have all of that, but really dig her character then you can propose being adventuring partners. This route might actually build a more intimate relationship since the two of you will have to work closely together to get all of that glorious loot.

Use the Game Lingo (If She Knows It)

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“Talk to her in the gaming terms to impress her”

Now that you two have become acquainted, it’s time to put the mack on. This means knowing your in game lingo and using it without alienating her. If she’s on par with you, then use the hell out of those abbreviations and words with too many vowels! But if she’s a new gamer or simply doesn’t talk to other players often, then go easy and break her in by typing out everything at first and shortening it later. Another slick feature that some games have is the command. Ohhhh yes. When playing your specific game the tutorial will break down how to carry it out, but a simple /kiss or /dance adds extra to a game where questing is the bare minimum. These actions will make her feel more connected to your character.

Make Sure You Pick a Male for Your Character

Speaking of characters, for some reason dudes tend to play chicks online. I don’t know if that’s because they’re prettier or guys like their slightly block-shaped asses, but if you’re trying to be a macho man DON’T pick a girl! Unless you are prepared to role play a lesbian when the two of you start to get down and dirty, pick a dude. It’s sexy imagining chicks going at it, but will you really get off when she tells you she’s an excellent muff diver?

Even with all of those sexy /commands going on, you still want to game with her to build your relationship. Yes, you can enter a private conversation and cyber sex her up all you want, but the fact of the matter is that this is your girl now. Game with her, go on quests and give each other special items. Help level each other up or divide and conquer the territory you’re in. What happens is that you’ve become close with this person. If you wanted a cyber-quickie then go to a chat room and snap a dick pic. But what you’ve got now has grown with time and effort, keep it going with more of the same.


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