Gifts you Give Your Fling and Gifts You Give Your Wife

"What shall I gift my wife?"

“What shall I gift my wife?”

Let’s be honest: trying to find gifts for women SUCK. No matter what you do, it’s never going to be the right thing. They’re also totally impractical about it, and even if you get them what they say they want, they’ll still be disappointed. Regardless of the fundamental differences between men and women, though, is the fact that the gifts you DO give, and to whom, majorly impacts how chicks view you. Girls read way too much into things. If you get a chick chocolates on Valentine’s Day, she’s either going to hate you because it’s boring or love you because you remembered her favorite type of candy is fudge. It’s a total shit show, and unless you’re a genius, there’s no predicting what works. But you CAN avoid the pitfalls of giving the WRONG gift. Whatever the holiday – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays – what you give your wife and what you give your fling say something, and you have to make sure you’re sending the right message.


This is when things get really personal. Your girlfriend or wife’s birthday is the most dangerous day of the year for you. You have to get her something unique, but also something she’ll actually use and like. Any serious partner is going to expect something legit, so give her something she’d like. We don’t need to give you ideas about how to please your lady. HOWEVER, do not – under any circumstances – give your fling the same level of attention. If it’s your girl’s birthday you’re banging on the side, give her something more generic, like dinner; but make it special by paying. The key to pleasing a fling is to up the ante just a LITTLE bit, but not too much. If you get her carnations, get her roses. If you go to see movies you both agree on, let her pick one. Little gestures that give her control will give you points, but she also won’t start to think you’re going to leave your wife.

The Snow is Falling and You’re Wrapping Presents

"Don't buy something expensive for your girlfriend"

“Don’t buy something expensive for your girlfriend”

We’re all for multiculturalism here, but let’s be honest about one thing we all have in common: the dilemma of getting girls gifts for the holiday, whatever you celebrate. This one’s a little easier, because most like your LTR is expecting something big – fancy jewelry, some extravagant thing for the house she wants, a dream list item – so give it to her. Your fling, on the other hand, is probably expecting something small but sincere. It’s fine to be personal here, and show her that you think she’s cool, but don’t go crazy. DON’T do jewelry or something expensive, but put a little thought into it, like a book or a movie she likes. It’ll win you points.

Valentine’s Day

This is the most awkward and dreaded holiday for everyone. It’s the only holiday that you can’t go wrong with getting the same stuff for both your significant other and your fling: dinner, fancy flowers and a hot night in the sack.


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