Good Picture Ideas to Send Your Long Distance Babe

“Stay connected with your long distance girlfriend by sending her some cool selfies”

It always sucks when you and your lady don’t live near each other. Maybe you separated for college but wanted to stick together, or maybe she left to get her MD while you work to build a career so you can help pay off her debts if you get married (and your own loans at the same time). Maybe you just met her online, and you haven’t moved closer together yet. Whatever the reason is, you’re not seeing her, you’re (probably) not getting laid (unless you have an open relationship), and you’re not spending time with her except on Skype. While you’re apart, pictures are a good way to remind one another of each other, and they’re a good way to share things you think might interest her.

Try an Anthony Weiner

Let’s face it: You miss sex, and that’s a big reason you miss her. (If it’s an open relationship, you miss sex with her specifically.) You’re going to want to see things like cleavage shots, her bare boobs, her ass, her completely naked, and probably more. She’ll also want to see things from you. One way to surprise her with a picture she’ll probably like is to take shots of your dick. Naked and hard is good, but one to tease her is to take a shot of your hard dick with underwear on. Briefs or boxer briefs are better, since they show the outline while still keeping your dick covered. It’s bound to turn her on, since it makes it look like you’re turned on just by thinking about her. Try taking the picture in the restroom of where you work, so it implies you want her even while you’re busy. Just make sure you send it to the right person. Pick the wrong phone number or email address, and you could be in serious trouble.

You Don’t Need to Just Try Sexy Shots

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“Send her pictures of your meal”

She doesn’t just miss sex, and neither do you. You miss each other’s company, whether that means going out for dinner, hiking, hanging out with friends, or anything else you’d normally do together. So why would you just send sex-related pictures? If you’re flying over to see her, take a picture as soon as you’ve boarded the plane and send it to her. When you’re out for dinner, take a picture of your meal and tell her you’re going to go to that restaurant next time she’s in town. If you’re just out for shopping and walking, keep an eye out for things that would make a good picture. You don’t have to be an expert photographer to snap a picture of a Stingray or a little kid jumping in a puddle. All it takes is keeping your smartphone handy so you can take and send the pictures practically at the same time. She’ll love the idea that you’re keeping her in mind and looking for things she’d like, which will pay off as soon as you see her.


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