Good Times of Year to Begin an Affair Online

Believe it or not, there are times of the year where it’s better to try and start up an affair. If you have the opportunity for great sex outside your committed relationship, though, don’t pass it up just because you’re waiting for the right time. Who does that? That will never get you anywhere, man. Whether you’re a veteran cheater or this is your first time getting back in the dating saddle since you married your wife, aiming for the spring or winter can get you everywhere. If you’re looking to dive into the world of having an affair, especially if you’re looking around on cheater websites to try and find your other woman, try and aim for the these times and you’ll be over the moon with how well it goes for you.

Green Light During Spring

“Spring is the best season to start an affair”
Spring cleaning happens with relationships, not just houses! Many people who stayed in a sub-par relationship over the winter will rid themselves of it come spring, which is where your good luck comes in. It’s a sense of rebirth thing for a lot of women, and they’ll flood to online cheater sites seeking a committed guy who won’t want one hundred percent of their time. Spring is a great time to try and start an affair because there will be plenty of women fresh out of committed relationships, many wanting no more from you than a casual hookup to blow off some extra steam. If you’re looking for an actual relationship as opposed to just sex, you’ll find those too; just make sure you cover your tracks so your wife doesn’t find out what sites you’ve been on!

Winter Works, Too

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“Be romantic and kiss her in the snow”
For some people, starting up an affair over the winter holidays isn’t something they’d recommend, but it can actually work in your advantage. You might think that you’re probably going to be too busy to pay any attention to her over the holidays because of your wife and her family, right? If your family has a low-key winter holiday it’ll be easier, of course, and can also work in your favor if the holidays are hectic. If you’re missing for a few hours, someone will probably just think you’re doing last minute shopping and you’ll be off with your other woman! Many women are looking for someone to hook up with over the winter, and it’s no secret why. Women will flock to online sites, especially if they’re college girls on a winter break, or women who are a little lonely that their workaholic husband works over the holidays. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to find that sexy other lady to roll around with. What better way to spend the long, cold winter nights than under the covers with your lady? Sex is a great way to increase body temperature and a great workout for those days it’s too cold to go into the gym. Uh, you MIGHT want to hold off on telling her that second part, or she might think you’re telling her she needs to go. Instant disaster for you, so don’t do it.


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