How Young Is Too Young? College versus Career Ladies

We love some fine ladies, but you really have your pick if you’re just having a fling, and you’ve got nothing to lose. You’re out to find a girl to have some fun, and you’re not looking for perfection. Sure, we get it. That’s all well and good, but bear in mind that there are pros and cons to certain types of women, the obvious attributes and drawbacks aside. One of the MAJOR ones that always seem to crop up, though, is the “young versus mature” debate. Younger chicks have the reputation of being hot and eager, whereas older babes know what they want and aren’t dramatic. Obviously we’re talking college versus hard ass career woman. Who’s really better in the sack, though? We asked some of our friends, and based on those stories and our own experiences, here’s what you can expect.

Older Chicks Know What They Dig

Older babes have been around the block and seen the sites. They’re not going to settle for bullshit, but they also know how to have the most fun. If they’re working professionals, they’re also independent and down for honesty. You can be rest assured that if some hard ass hottie says she wants an NSA night, she actually does. That’s the charm of older women, but at the same time, maybe you’re looking for someone a little more naive. Maybe YOU’RE younger – all of us range in age here, at least by a few years, but are united by hottie credentials – and you feel more comfortable with someone your age. Either way, you can expect older chicks to know what they want and not be afraid to take it.

College Girls are Game But New

"College girls are not much experienced in bed"

“College girls are not much experienced in bed”

When we say college girls, we also mean chicks that just busted into adulthood and are still figuring out what they want from the opposite sex. Younger babes that just became legal to drink are complicated, and sometimes dramatic. But the upside here is that they’re HOT and open-minded. If you’re a younger dude, going for a college girl (or younger girl) can be great, especially if you’re both in the same place. The thing about college girls, though, is that they are also emotional and inexperienced with going through the ups and downs of relationships. Be careful you don’t lead her on, and make clear what you’re looking for. We mean, spell it out and say it to her face, once it’s established that she’s into you. College girls don’t require finesse, so much as brutal honesty delivered in a candy-wrapped nugget.

Ageless Babes

"She is hot but can you guess her age?"

“She is hot but can you guess her age?”

These are the girls you see in the club whose age you can’t even guess at. Trust us when we say: these babes are the BEST around. They’re so unconcerned with the bullshit around them that they just hang out, and they’re hot. We’re not talking questionable plastic surgery… we’re talking about a hot babe with a bangin’ body who looks like she must have arrived with several male companions. So that’s cool, but feel free to approach her. Most likely she has male attention all the time. The worst that can happen is she rejects you, but if you play your cards right, remember to be polite and make clear what you want, you might score.


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