Keeping Your Other Cyber-woman a Secret

Chocolate cake is delicious, and lucky you, you’ve scored a lifetime supply of it! But after a while (days, months, years) it gets old and you’re looking for something new. Maybe German chocolate cake, maybe angel food, or in some cases it doesn’t even matter what it is, as long as it’s not another damned chocolate cake. The same can be said for chicks. You’ve been with your lady for a while now, and yeah, she’s still a cake, but doesn’t seem to satisfy your sweet tooth anymore. After shopping around online you’ve found a sexy babe that gives you more of what you’re looking for, but the problem is you don’t want to get rid of your chocolate cake (it is still delicious, just boring). That’s alright, there’s a way to keep your new cake and eat her too.

Vary Your Time Online With Her

“Keep a special time frame for your online affairs”

It’s important to set up a time frame to meet your new hottie online. Make it wide or varied. This makes it a lot less suspicious (hey, why are you online at 3:34 every day?) If you wake up before your home-based girl, then you can do this before she wakes up. The same goes for if you go to bed later than her. You get the idea, just make it inconspicuous.

You Need an Escape Route

Once you have a time set up, have other windows open on your computer. That way if you are suddenly barged in on, then you can quickly open one of the other windows. Social networking sites, news sites, and forums make for easy alibis…as does porn. Having porn open will probably make the intruder uncomfortable and have them leave without further questioning. Keep in mind, that if she’s not cool with porn then this may cause a rift later. Avoid watching t.v. online since you’d have to start it and click the tab simultaneously. She might also notice that it seems to stay in roughly the same spot if she comes in more than once.

Take Advantage of MMOs

Another awesome way to cover an online affair is to sign up for an MMO, or massively multiplayer online game. These can be free, and tend to take up A TON of time. Also, if she wants to play as well, you can simply say that this is something that you really enjoy playing by yourself because it calms you down, helps de-stress you, lets you zone out, etc. Of course, you aren’t really going to play, and she won’t understand what she walks in on. Just make sure to sort of update it every now and then with new quests so if she creeps it looks like you do actually play, albeit not well.

Leave No Trace

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“I always delete my browser history after watching cam sites”

The most important part of a cyber-affair is deleting it entirely from your computer. Go into your internet browser history, select it, and clear that browsing data! This will take off any evidence of the website you used or saved passwords that could eventually lead to your demise. If you aren’t sure that you’ve done it pretend to be your girlfriend and snoop on yourself. Check your history again, start typing something into the search/address bar and see what auto-fills in, and look at all of the visible folders on your desktop and picture folder. She’ll not find anything.


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