Mood Music: Should You Play Music During Your Cam Hookups?

“I like the background music being played by you”
It’s no secret that playing music in the background is one of the easiest ways to enhance your sex life. No doubt you’ve rolled around under the covers with a fair few women over the years to the tune of some mood music. For nice, slow and sexual sex you can turn on the iconic R&B or soul, or for dirty, rough, fast-paced hookups there’s always the bass-heavy techno or trance, or some heavy rock guitar riffs or the beats or some rap. Now that you’ve started up an affair online, you might be wondering if you should turn on some music in the background for those times you have video chats to get off with each other. You’re probably wondering what sorts of music are good, or if it’s even worth it. Well, the answer is yes; as long as it’s the right kind of music and will enhance the mood rather than distract from it, you can definitely turn some on even for those cam-only hookups!

Coordinate With Her Ahead of Time

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“Ask her what type of music she likes”
You can’t go wrong with music to heighten the mood no matter how you’re planning to get off. For online hookups, it’s especially great if you have other noises in the background for any reason. Busy city streets outside your house or noisy upstairs neighbors in your apartment building can totally kill the mood, turning a sexy, lighthearted hookup into a failed, flop attempt at getting off. Playing a little music when you’re having cam sex with your other woman can cover up these extra noises and will also work to set the scene for the both of you. If you coordinate it with her beforehand and both have the same beats bumping when you’re getting busy, it can really help you to envision that you’re in the same room as opposed to miles apart, and we don’t have to tell you twice why that’s going to be good! Playing the right kind of music will really make it seem like a two-person event, as opposed to the solitary feeling that webcam sex can sometimes bring.

Pick Non-Distracting Lyrics

As for what types of music are the best for situations like these, it differs a little from your standard music you might choose for a hookup face-to-face. Whereas the best choices for things like that are songs with heavy beats and lyrics that you might want to let speak for you (a few dirty raunchy rap lyrics or dirty rock combined with guitar riffs, when well-placed, can add to a hookup) it’s different for webcam hookups. Since you want to be able to hear anything your lady is saying (assuming she’s saying anything) you’ll want music with beats that turn you on, but have non-distracting lyrics. Techno, trance, or dubstep if you’re into it will really help to get the two of you to a heightened, euphoric state which will just up the pleasure more. Make a playlist and send it to your girl to put on her iPod for background music the next time you chat. She’ll love that you’ve planned ahead and she’ll thank you for it later!


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