Natural or Photoshop?

In this day and age, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. Sadly, that also goes for the pictures of “hot chicks” you see when you’re on dating sites. There are a huge number of ways for a girl to make herself seem hotter, skinnier, and younger than she really is, so you have to watch out. The number one program used by women to edit their photos is Photoshop, and it allows them to do a ridiculous amount of changes to their own images. Luckily for you, most girls aren’t too good at it, so you can spot a fake with a little detective work.

Is She Fat?

It’s pretty common for a girl to be self-conscious about her weight, and to try and take off a few pounds digitally if she isn’t looking her best. The easiest way to tell if your prospective chick is lying about her weight is to focus on the angle of the photo and the editing around the cheeks and neck. A bird’s eye view in photos shows off a girl’s natural beauty, but it also conveniently hides her chubbier parts. Be especially cautious if the photo is cropped at the neck or doesn’t show her shoulders. If she’s trying to get away with looking skinny, she won’t want to show off any less forgiving areas. Also be on the lookout for blur and soft focus around the face and neck, as well as awkward-looking angles. If you find a weird angle, chances are she went into the program and actually took out chunks of her face and neck to make it seem thinner.

Is She Old?

“Have a close look at her pictures”

This is another one where you want to be on the lookout for excessive use of the blur tool. This tool will smudge wrinkles away from her face, but it makes the entire face look out-of-focus and strange. Too much soft focus on the photo (think 80’s glamor shot) signifies that she’s hiding something. She also won’t want you to see her neck, because it’s harder to get rid of the wrinkles there. She’ll also make use of a bird’s eye angle, because it’ll disguise how much she droops as a whole.

Is She Ugly?

“Shit! I wasted $100 on that ugly bitch”

Photoshop is great at making a girl’s face seem more symmetrical. She’ll achieve this by using the clone stamp, which is a tool that duplicates patches of the photo and puts them in new places to cover up anything unsightly. With this, she can cover up ugly moles and blemishes, strange facial hair, and anything else she doesn’t want you to see. It can also be used to even up things that might be a bit out of whack, like her nose and eyes. Girls who want to make themselves look hotter will also often add a smoky eye effect on the program and enhance the eye color so that you’re drawn to that instead of the rest of her face. Don’t be fooled! She might look tempting, but a closer look will give her away every time.


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