Non-creepy Ways to Meet Your Online Lover

Things have been getting more and more serious with your online honey and you want to break that cyber barrier to get to know her a little more physically, eh? It sounds like it’s time to meet up, but there are some things you might need to think about before buying that ticket or inviting her over.

Have You Actually Seen Her?

“Go for a face to face video chat before meeting her”

First thing is first: have you seen this girl? Not just a picture, but proof that she isn’t just some burly man named Gerald who wants to make you his love monkey. If you haven’t, invite her to chat through a webcam. Most laptops come with them nowadays and they tend to be pretty cheap to buy separately. If that doesn’t seem to be possible, get one of those free apps through your phone that let you chat “face to face.” The video evidence doesn’t have to be in high definition, it just has to exist. There are many possibilities to achieve this, and if she outright refuses then you know to tell Gerald good-bye.

Make Sure She’s Not Crazy

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“Don’t meet her in real life if you find her crazy online”

Alright, so you’ve maybe used the webcam or phone to actually see video of this girl. She’s still hot and definitely a lady, but you still don’t want to just have her come barging into your house or vice versa. There’s a lot you don’t know about a person right off the bat. What if she’s a slob (mold does not count as a pet)? What if she lives with her family (or you do)? What if she hates your chewed gum ball (some chicks will never understand)? Instead of opening someone’s home, scout out a hotel or hostel near the location of the destination. This way there is some alone time to figure out if you really do want to roast your hotdog in that campfire and make sure she’s not crazy. For her it will also make her feel so much safer having separate housing as opposed to inviting essentially a stranger to her bed. And honestly, she would probably much rather have you come to her than the other way around, that way she’s still among familiar people and it feels less dangerous.

Let Her Ask to Meet in Person

Finally, do not under any circumstances suggest meeting each other in person first. Yes, you can hint at it, but if you let her be the one to say it then it’s more likely that she really digs you and she trusts you. If she’s on that level, then you know your gateway to poontang is wide open. Plus, it’s creepy for the guy to buy a ticket and show up at her house if it’s not her idea. It’s sexist, but true. Men seem scarier than women in society because they are stronger and, therefore, can murder/rape easier. The whole idea here is to put her at ease and get close enough to get your mack on without having to resort to cybersex. Once you get the go ahead from her, then you can honestly treat it like a first date situation. It’s up to you from here on out if you want to hit it and quit it or keep her around for the long term.


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