Online Profiles: 3 Phrases to be Sure to Leave Out

You’ve seen those jokes online, right? The screencaps of dating sites with embarrassing answers to those pre-written questions to help flesh out your profile are all over the internet, and chances are you’ve laughed at one before. You don’t want to be that guy who answers those questions with a series of answers that just get worse and worse as prospective partners scroll farther down in your profile. Make sure no variations of these three phrases appear in your profile.

“If you’re not hot, don’t message me!”

“No one is going to message you if you write that in your profile”
Do not under any circumstances put this in your profile! Everyone knows you’re there to find hot girls to hook up with, that’s a given; just don’t put this in your profile. Many guys list this in the first paragraph where they’re supposed to be talking about themselves. Not only does it distract from what’s important, it just sounds stupid. This doesn’t mean you can’t have preferences and things you find attractive: specific heights, hair colors, and body types are all okay. Putting such a rude sounding message on your profile is going to turn off even the girls that you might find attractive simply because you just sound like such an ass.

“I don’t know why I’m even trying to do this online.”

Insulting the method you’re attempting to use to hook up with hot chicks is probably not going to get you very far. Avoid “I doubt I’ll even get any responses on here…” because it sounds whiny, but makes you sound like a total buzz-kill because you’ll come off as pessimistic in the worst way possible. That’s even more of a turn-off than you might expect, because no woman wants to get involved in any way with a guy who’s going into it expecting it not to work out. Ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecies? If you put this statement anywhere in your profile, you’ll be familiar with them soon if you aren’t already. Jumping into the online cheater dating scene is going to work out best for you if you go in expecting that you’ll find a gorgeous girl to hook up with.

“My ex just didn’t understand…”

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“Don’t mention your ex in your dating profile”
No. Don’t put this in there. Just don’t. It makes you sound whiny, for one thing, which is going to be one of the ultimate turn-offs for women who are looking for a hot guy to hook up with. They really don’t care if your ex didn’t understand, or what your ex did, especially if you’re just looking for a fun, flirty lady to hook up with behind your wife’s back. That’s not important to them, just how compatible you could be in the bedroom. “I’ve noticed that most women just don’t…” counts too. Avoid it, because it makes you sound like a jerk. Until you get more involved with someone, chances are they don’t want to waste time finding out what you’ve experienced in previous relationships. Keep your profile about the now: what you’re looking for, what you aren’t and how willing you are to get it and you’ll get very far with using online sites to find hookups.


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