Online Profiles: 3 Things to be Sure to Include

So you’ve decided that rather than deal with the hassle of chatting up the hot secretary at your office or trying to get with the cute little cardio bunny at your gym, you’d rather look online for that special, sexy lady to hook up with behind your wife’s back. Hey, it’s easier than talking in person, and much easier to back out of a potentially awkward situation if you find yourself in one! There’s a lot to be said about that. Instead of checking your phone and making up excuses once you’re already face-to-face, it’s all too easy to just exit a chat room, or sign off an instant messaging program. If you’re letting an online profile speak for you, though, then you have to make sure it says exactly what you want it to: that you’re interested, worthwhile, and above all, desirable. You can be any woman’s dream guy to sleep with and a bad online profile can still manage to ruin it for you, so make sure you have the three essentials.


“Mentioning your age will result in a good number of responses”
By far the most important part of any cheater’s online profile. Since most women (and you, too, don’t lie!) start their search for a partner by looking for someone who’s a specific age, it’s no wonder why this should be the most visible aspect of your online persona. Next to your picture, the most crucial aspects are your name and age. Many websites don’t force you to list your exact age, and offer an age range option instead, which is great for those of you out there who might be a little sensitive about your age. If you’re going to lie, make sure it’s a convincing one and that it matches your picture. Don’t shoot for much lower than five years below your actual age or she might see right through you.

What You’re Looking For

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“Don’t forget to mention your preferences”
The easiest way to make sure there’s no surprises with any relationship you undertake, whether it’s just casual cam sex or meeting up with your lady to hook up a few nights a week. Are you cheating on a wife or long-term girlfriend? List that in there. Make sure it’s known that you’re not looking for a serious relationship, and you probably won’t receive any messages from women looking for one. Are you looking for a lady who’s into any particular fetishes? If they’re not too outlandish, put them in an extra section on your profile. It’s that easy to find a lady who’ll be into the same things as you, so don’t skimp on descriptions of what it is you’re interested in. You know what you want, now it’s time to let your prospective partners know.


This is especially important if you’re looking for someone to meet up with. Listing a location, even a ballpark estimate, so to speak, means that you won’t receive messages from women halfway across the world. If you’re not into phone sex or fooling around with a cam girl, listing a location makes sure women know where you are. You probably aren’t going to want to drive too far just for a booty call, so why bother baiting yourself with a woman halfway across the country? As unimportant as it sounds, it’s a time zone issue too. She’ll know exactly what times she can expect you to be alone for the next time you can talk or more!


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