Online Role-Play: The Cheater’s Scapegoat

“Indulge her into role play”

It’s not technically cheating if you’re not the one doing the act, right? Right. In case this concept is a little confusing for you, think about it this way: would you consider a sexual conversation between two characters cheating? You probably wouldn’t, and therein lies the perfect loophole for you to use in your next affair. I mean, don’t go out of your way to show off to your woman that you’re roleplaying with a cute girl on the side, but a little chat now and then can’t hurt.

You Gotta Like the Character You Pick

Your first goal is to pick a character that you like, and feel comfortable acting as. The whole point of roleplaying is to personify someone else, making the encounter even more interesting than your daily life. Once you choose, get inside the character’s head so you can role-play them well with your girl – what do they like or hate, what turns them on or off? If you don’t have an already established character that you relate to, go ahead and make one of your own! He can look like anything or do anything – you have COMPLETE freedom here, my man. Not to mention you can give him whatever personality you like best, and when you get to the dirty talking, you can even feed a few of your own kinks into there and she’ll be none the wiser.

How to Find Others Who Like the Same

“Search for women who like the same kinks as you”

To find someone with similar interests as you, go on sites like Omegle and customize your chat function so that you only get connected to girls who like the same things you do. If you’re an artsy kind of guy, you can also browse the forums on places like DeviantArt to find like-minded girls, and let the sparks fly from there. Getting girls to role-play is super easy – just invite them to chat sometime, and more often than not they’ll agree right off the bat. At least have the tact to wait a bit when you first start talking to get to the nitty gritty of the conversation (girls like a lot of build-up). Once you get down to it, though, you can get out all the dirty talking your old lady won’t let you do in bed, and without technically cheating too! Since it’s out of a lot of dudes’ comfort zones, most won’t try this method of letting out some frustration. Take advantage of that and nab yourself some babes (while also improving your story-telling abilities). If your wife finds out, well…you’re just talking in character! Explain it like a sort of “Dungeons and Dragons” thing – she might think you’re nerdy, but not a cheater.

Roleplaying as someone else for a while can be super relaxing, not to mention it’s a great way to get your sexual frustration out. Go ahead and spend some time online chatting up hot babe characters as your hunky soldier character – it’ll do you good. Not to mention you can feel great about yourself by having an affair without actually going out and cheating! You go, dude!


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