Perfect Halfway Date: Meeting Your Long Distance Girl

Long distance relationships can be rough. Sure, there are phone calls, texts, exchanging pictures, emailing daily, and Skype, but that’s not enough. It’s not the same as taking your girlfriend out for dinner and then home and into bed. It’s not even as good as taking her out so she can shop for shoes. That distance-whether it’s a state away or across the Pacific-creates an emotional and mental distance in your relationship. By the time you’ve been a couple for a few months, you’re probably itching to meet each other. Where? When? How does it work? Who does the traveling? As it turns out, the answers to those questions aren’t so difficult.

Where to Meet?

“Hug her tightly”
Picking the “where” is probably the most difficult question for both of you, but her especially. She hasn’t physically been with you, and women have to worry about potential rapists more than men ever will. There’s also the fact that neither of you knows if the other is secretly a serial killer. So you don’t want to meet at a private area; you should pick a public place. If you’re flying to her area, she’ll probably pick you up. An airport is public, sure, but you’re not going to spend a lot of time there. A good place to go once you’ve arrived is out for a meal and to watch a movie. Your luggage can fit in her trunk. (If you take a cab, you probably do have to stop by her place to drop it off, but don’t stay there.) While you’re out, you can get a better feel for each other, and not just physically.

When to Meet?

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“Make sure you have met her face to face on a video chat before you meet her in real life”
The “when” of meeting can be difficult. Sometimes you live a couple of hundred miles apart, and one of you can drive to see the other in a day within a month of meeting. Sometimes, though, one of you lives in California and the other in England. That’s not exactly a weekend trip. For that kind of distance, you probably want to wait at least six months. You’ll cement your relationship better in that time so you don’t waste a couple thousand dollars in plane fare. Wait until your relationship feels solid before spending any real money to meet someone, even if that takes a year or more.

How Does It Work?

Like any other date, there are guidelines to meeting your lady face-to-face for the first time. You should plan the whole thing together, down to the time your flight will arrive and what you’ll do once you meet. If she lives with her parents, you might need to prepare for the guest room or even book a hotel (assuming you’re doing the traveling). When you first see her, don’t kiss her unless she clearly wants it; saying, “I want to kiss you,” is a good way to find out if she wants you to. Be respectful of her. You haven’t physically been together, so tone down the groping in public.


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