Pulling Off the Perfect Webcam Date

“Go for a face to face webcam date”

So, you’ve got yourself a lady on the side, and you want to treat her right (you’re a cheater, but you’re still a romantic!). But…here’s the catch. You two are long-distance, and there’s no way you can sneak out to her for a fun weekend alone without your wife catching on. Your anniversary with your mistress is coming up, so what do you do to make it really special if you’re not even there? The solution is simple: treat her to a webcam date. Yeah, it might sound lame, but if you pull it off right, it definitely is anything but.

Let Her Know You Have Something in the Works

Make sure she knows you have something planned! Send her a sweet e-mail or even a hand-written letter inviting her to join you at a specific day and time for your anniversary date. She’ll love that you went out of your way to plan something for her, and giving her an invitation gets her excited while giving you some time to think of ideas!Girls love the little things, so don’t go too extravagant with her -not to mention, spending a ton of money on stuff for her will be a tip-off to your wife that something’s going on. But her some flowers; get to know her favorite kinds (it’s a girly detail, but it’ll make ALL the difference) and have them sent to her on that day so she has something to remind her of the fun night you two will have later. Top it off with some chocolates and buy two bottles of wine – one for you, and one to send to her.

Make It Romantic

“Play guitar for her”

Make sure you’re alone for your date – can’t have your wife barging in on you two lovebirds, right? Once you get her on the line, dim the lights and burn a few candles to really set the mood while you drink glasses of the wine you bought. The wine is a nice personal touch to link you two, while making it seem more like a real date. Talk about everything and nothing; flirt back and forth with each other like you normally – just communicating like this for an extended amount of time will make her happy as a clam. If you send her any presents, have her open them…bonus points if you sent her some sexy lingerie to wear under her clothes for the date. If you went the extra mile and did that, make sure she gives you a little show! You deserve it for buying her such a nice little lingerie set. When the date is over, give her a digital kiss goodbye and wish her a good night!

Long-distance relationships can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible to pull off having a far-away mistress and keeping her happy. Remember how you dated your wife, and do the same for her! Keep in touch, have tiny dates like this, and don’t leave her wondering how you feel. These perfect little moments will keep her loving you for as long as you could ever want.


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