Reduce Your Risk of Getting Caught – Use Non-Personal Computers

“Watch cam sites when you are alone at home”
Carrying on your affair online isn’t easy. It requires no small amount of effort as well as quite a bit of finesse. Above all, you need discretion and you need to know how to cover your tracks, especially in today’s age of social media and constant internet usage! If you have a nosy wife who knows all your passwords to your social media sites, resorting to other sites that she isn’t aware of your profiles on might be your only option! Using a shared computer is just as tough, unfortunately. It can be hard to remember to delete your browsing history every time you’re on there, and most men that carry on affairs where they communicate mostly through the net say that’s the quickest way to get you caught if you’ve been on any online cheater dating sites.
The easiest solution to this is to use a computer that your wife probably won’t ever use! If there’s a library anywhere near you, you can use those computers if you don’t mind the possibility of people reading over your shoulder. Hopefully you have a job where you have net access, and if you do, talk to your other woman on there!

Work E-Mail Is Your Friend

“Use your work computer to watch cam sites”
If you’re a veteran cheater, no doubt you’re used to discussing specific times when it’s free to contact you and you’ll actually be available to talk, like those short periods when you’re driving to and from work, and the short hour your wife spends at the gym each night. If you can use your work computer for personal use as well, then you’ll probably be able to get into those chat rooms you use to talk to women, enabling you to continue your hunt if you haven’t already found the perfect girl. If you’ve already got a mistress, well, then, you can use your downtime at work to send her messages back and forth that your wife won’t be able to trace. A work e-mail or chat rooms you only log into from the work server are going to be your best friends in avoiding getting caught.

Don’t Get Yourself Fired

In addition to giving you that extra, racy thrill of doing something you shouldn’t be doing at a time you probably shouldn’t be doing it, having the comfort of your wife not seeing your browsing history will be a definite load off your shoulders. You don’t have to worry about your wife catching you in the act of cheating, or even looking for someone to cheat on her with. Unless you’re downloading viruses onto the work computers, the chances that your frequent visits to chat rooms during the downtime are going to raise any red flags is really slim. It’s important to still be professional, though! You don’t want to get yourself fired for using the company’s computers for inappropriate uses. That means no watching porn at work, and no hooking up with your other woman on company property during your lunch break. Getting fired for something as stupid as that would just be embarrassing, and then what would you tell your wife?


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