Reel in a Gamer Babe

“Wow! She is cute”

Usually, when a dude hears the word “gamer,” he thinks of a guy who spends hours playing “World of Warcraft” or rolling dice in a game of “Dungeons and Dragons.” Maybe he thinks of Xbox 360 style gaming, first-person shooters where he can sneak up behind his opponents and trash-talk them every time he kills them. The point is, you probably think of gaming as something mostly guys do to make up for the fact that they don?t have girlfriends. It?s also the reason that most of them don?t have girlfriends since those self-professed hard core gamers are online 24/7.

The fact is, though, there are plenty of girl gamers, and they’re not all on “Farmville.” We’re talking real games, “Call of Duty” and “Halo” and “World of Warcraft.” You might even know some girls who can totally kick your ass in Smash Bros games. There are also, of course, the ones into LARPing and tabletop games and stuff, but you probably won’t even know they do it until she has somewhere to be every Thursday night from 6-9. They’re a pretty cool bunch, usually. You run into some girl gamers who aren’t much, socially or otherwise, but you’ll also run into some truly awesome babes. The question is, how do you get those babes interested in you?

Don’t Belittle Her

When you run into a girl in voice chat in your games, don’t trash talk her just for being a girl. You have no idea what she’s like in real life, and she knows your handle. She can and will spread the word that the dude who goes by your handle is a jackass no girl should date; blogs and Tumblr are far-reaching. Instead, treat her like you would any dude. She’ll appreciate it, especially since she’s probably heard, “Go make me a sandwich,” enough times that she’s figured out how to reach through the Internet and strangle the guy who says it. You could find out her general location, too, and you might even get to set up a meet. Just think, you could meet an awesome girl with at least a couple of the same interests, all because you decided to treat her the same as the guys.

Lure Her to You

“Grab her attention and make her want you”

See what we said above about girls spreading the names of jackasses through blogs and Tumblr? You can totally use that. Most of us don’t bother with Tumblr outside of looking for porn, but we hear some people use it as a way to communicate. Blogs, of course, are purely for that. Look for some chick-run gamer blogs and Tumblrs. Pick a handle for yourself that you’ll use in all your comments, and make a Tumblr with the same one. Comment on posts, reblog stuff if it’s more interesting than a picture of the hound dog-looking guy on “Supernatural,” and be a decent person. Combined, you’ll end up able to meet pretty much any local girl who knows your reputation.


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