She’s a Fox: How to Deal With Furries

“Do you like furry women?”

Everyone’s been there: you meet a cute girl, she seems like a decent person, she knows how to handle herself. You ask her out, and she agrees. You date for a few months before you change your Facebook statuses and officially agree not to sleep with other people. It’s all good. You don’t even fight much. One day, she asks you if she can tell you something. She makes you promise not to freak out or make fun of her. You’re probably thinking this is something like she likes getting tied up, and that can be hot, so it’s cool. You promise.

And she goes, “I’m a fox,” then elaborates with, “I’m a furry.”

How You Shouldn’t React

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“Don’t make fun of her”

You promised her you wouldn’t make fun of her or anything, and besides, it’s been good since you two started dating. If it wasn’t, you probably wouldn’t be having this conversation. So the first thing is to not make fun of her. Do whatever you have to so you won’t laugh or anything: cover your face, stare at the floor, subtly pinch yourself as a distraction (which is also a good way to be sure this isn’t all a crazy dream). And don’t get up and walk out; that completely breaks a relationship, and if things have been good, you probably don’t want it to end like this. Besides, what are you going to tell your bros? “I dumped her because she’s a furry.” Imagine the shit they’ll give you.

How You Should React

Once you’re sure you won’t laugh, look at her. She’s probably nervous, especially if you’ve taken a long time to respond. She might be blushing, biting her lip, twisting her hands together, or whatever else she does when she’s silently freaking out. This is where you have to step up unless you want to lose her, and you’ve been pretty committed to this relationship for a while. So what should you do?

Meet her eyes. Ask her, “How long have you been a furry?” Talk to her about when she started. Ask her if she has one of those giant fursuits that come with a huge head. If she does, ask about how hot they get. Be engaged. Ask where she wears the fursuit (if she does) and what goes on at those events. You’re probably going to be uncomfortable with some of it; after all, you saw that “CSI” episode. But she’ll tell you all the ways it’s different and why she likes it. That last part is most important.

Be Supportive

We’re not saying you have to go to a furry convention. If you’re going to be uncomfortable, stay away from them. But spend time with your lady before and after, just so she knows you aren’t too weird out by her going to these things. Ask her if she wants to do anything when she leaves the con. When she’s back, ask her about how it went, how much fun she had, and all that stuff.


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