Showing Off: How to Look Larger Than Life on Camera

“OMG! You got a big dick”

If you want to have sex on a webcam with hot chicks you find on online dating sites, just know that it’s a whole different thing from having sex in person. Having sex face-to-face involves a lot of keeping your eyes closed and just relying on your sense of touch – too bad for you, you don’t have any of that when you’re on camera. Your looks have to impress your chick…not to mention your size. For a generation raised on porn industry standards, you might not look up to par with your fellow guys. How do you keep from losing her interest in a world of massive bulges?

Size Training

Frequent erections are actually a good thing, because it helps the skin stretch out more and gives you some length. Keep up with a regimen to add onto what you already have, but don’t push it! The penis can be easily injured, and takes a long time to repair, so be careful.

Working Out

If the whole size training idea freaks you out, don’t worry about it! For those guys sporting a bit of pudge, you can potentially add inches to your mini me by hitting the gym and setting up a routine there. Focus your attention on cardio and abdominal exercises – not only does a buff body turn a girl on right from the get-go, eliminating your flab will make you look a whole lot bigger since none of it is hidden in the fat anymore.

Webcam Angle

“That’s the right angle. Now let me take off my boxers”

So, maybe you’re a skinny guy who’s not into the more dangerous size training – that’s still cool! If you can get your webcam positioned right, you’ll look absolutely massive no matter what your actual size! Keep the computer down and level with your bed/couch/wherever you’re laying, and have the webcam tilted up a bit. This worm’s eye view makes everything seem bigger, your junk included. She’ll be totally blown away by your size, and you won’t even have to work at it! Optical illusions are everything, my friend.

Cock Rings

This step is not for the faint of heart, but it’s probably the most effective. On top of being a kinky piece of bondage equipment that she might really enjoy, using a cock ring can really boost your bulge! The pressure makes you swell to unreal proportions while also holding back your orgasm, so she’s guaranteed to love your piece with one of these babies on. Just make sure not to leave it on for too long, or else the lack of circulation can really put a damper on things.

Use Your Fist

No, no, not like fisting. Fist a hand around yourself and pull back any foreskin to make yourself seem bigger than you are. Use this trick, too, to get yourself all the way up without her noticing that it’s taking a while if you tend to have trouble. Playing with yourself is a huge turn-on for her, and will help improve your length and girth at the same time.


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