Sound Sincere Even if you Aren’t Always

“Women love sincere men”
Have you ever heard one of your friends joke about how women seem to be able to smell insincerity like fear? Well, it’s true. If you give a woman a compliment that you don’t mean, she’s bound to see through it. The same goes for if you lie. If you let yourself tell a girl you’re oh, say, five years younger than you are (even if you look it) you will be found out. If the extent of your flirting with a woman that you’re trying to pick up to have an affair with consists of a series of lies, you’re probably not going to go very far. Your goal should be sincerity when she asks you a question; even if it isn’t something you particularly care about, you need to sound like you do. Yes, unfortunately that does mean you might have to answer a few of those dreaded “does this make my butt look big” or “how good do my boobs look in this dress” questions. If you act like you don’t care and she can tell, though, you’ll lose any chance you might have had at getting a better look under those clothes she’s wearing. Don’t ruin it for yourself!

Offer the Occasional Opinion

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“You’ll have to act smart to get her attention”
If it helps, you can pretend she’s talking about something else. Maybe she’s ranting about her new clothes and what kind of styles she’s torn between wearing out for your hot date tonight and all you want to think about is what order you’re going to take those clothes off in later. If you find yourself stuck in this situation, sometimes all it can take is a little “uh huh” here and a “yeah, you’re right” every so often. These are the types of things that women will expect and might throw in a question here and there to trip you out to find out if you’re really listening. It’s best to offer an opinion every now and then, but not one that she might consider rude.

Compliment Her Assets

The easiest way to make sure she thinks you care about those superficial things is to associate them with something you DO care about. Focus on things that you like about her and flip them. Turn them into a compliment that she’ll appreciate! If you think her boobs or her butt look great in that new dress, spin it nicely by saying that you really think it flatters her figure. If all she can seem to talk about is her friends and how fake they can be (who you might not even be able to stand, even though they think her relationship with you is just the greatest, most daring thing), take that opportunity to throw in a compliment about how real she is. You might be able to throw in a racy little remark, too; tell her that you love how real she is and how open and honest she can be when trying new things. Then you can bring up that new position you’ve really been wanting to try in the bedroom!


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