Steps to Clear Chrome and Cover Your eTracks

“Remember to delete your Google Chrome browser history after your cam sessions”

No one among us can claim a browser history free from embarrassment or shame, a browser history that they would be happily willing to let their grandmother take a peek at. While there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with having a few dirty secrets in your browser history, there is something wrong in being willfully heedless and negligent with clearing it, allowing anyone and everyone to have a peek at what you’ve been doing during your time online. Are you worried that your girlfriend might see who you’ve been chatting with? What sites you’ve been looking at? Maybe what porn you’ve been watching and what you’ve been downloading? Thankfully, Google Chrome is a browser that makes it easy to clear your history and cover your tracks so that no one will ever know what you’ve been up to.

The Steps to Take to Clear Your History

The first step is obvious, of course; open Google Chrome on your computer. Then click on the “History.” You can find this either near the middle of your tool bar or by opening “Customize and Control Google Chrome” on the top right and then clicking “History” from there. After this opens, click “Show Full History” and select “Clear Browsing Data” which is on the top left of the screen. You’ll need to choose a range of time that you specifically wish to clear. If you want to clear your entire browsing history, then your best option is to choose “Since the beginning of time.” Then you need to modify your options, such as clearing the cache (which is highly recommended), deleting cookies, clearing the browser history, clearing the download history, clearing autofill, clearing save passwords, and so on.

Why You Should Clear Your History

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“Deleting your browser history will reduce your chances of getting caught”

There are lots of reasons to clear browsing history. Specifically, clearing your autofill stops Google from automatically finishing search requests or urls with previous things you might have entered but don’t want others to know you searched for. Clearing your saved passwords keeps anyone with access to your computer from logging on to any accounts you may have, be it for a social media site, a bank account, or any other kind of site with a user account. A cookie is something placed on your computer by a site you visit so that it can remember your preferences, and clearing the cookies keeps this from occurring on your computer. It’s a good idea to clear your download history so that no one can easily see what you might have downloaded, no matter the reasons. And of course, it’s a good idea to clear your browser history so that no one has the ability to see what you’ve been doing online, what sites you’ve been visiting, or have any clue as to your activities. Deleting your browser history is a good idea beyond just keeping your partner or parents from seeing the scandalous things you’ve done, but also to help protect your personal information if your computer is ever stolen or hacked into.


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