Tactics For Dealing with a Confrontation if Your Wife Finds Out

"I can't believe you were looking at cam sites"

“I can’t believe you were looking at cam sites”

Your wife finds out that you’ve been banging some dime piece on the side. You can’t deny it – she legit knows. She’s got the evidence: text messages, e-mails, naughty photos, maybe even a private detective. She’s pissed as hell as probably hurt – although that depends on your situation – and is about to wail on your ass. She can sue you, divorce you, and ruin your life in a variety of other ways. The point here is that honesty is the golden rule, and even if that plisses you off and makes you feel frustrated, it’s worth it in the long run. However, what to do when your wife finds out? Don’t get us wrong! We don’t want to ruin your fun, but it can’t hurt to keep an eye out for further fans.

Maintain Eye Contact and Sincerely Apologize

Apologize to her and DO NOT look away. The minute you break eye contact once you’re looking at each other is the moment she eviscerates you, whether through screaming or tears. Just keep eye contact and say you’re sorry. Don’t open your mouth or argue, unless you’re not ACTUALLY cheating on her, but we assume you wouldn’t be reading this if you were actually innocent. Your girl is going to be beyond pissed that you’re doing some other chick, so prepare yourself, and APOLOGIZE. Do NOT field teary-eyed questions about whether or not the chick you’re doing is better in bed – keep your mouth SHUT and go with the flow.

Don’t Speak Unless Spoken To

"Be a good listener and admit your mistake"

“Be a good listener and admit your mistake”

When she starts to interrogate you, keep your answers short, honest, and to the point. Remain aware, though, of what exactly you’re confessing to. Obviously, if she asks whether or not you banged this other girl, the answer is yes. However, if she asks you where, when and why, just say you don’t remember. Even if she knows you’re lying, there really isn’t any reason she’d need to know that other than to possess more ammo with which to scorn you. Either way, keep your mouth shut and let her talk first. She’ll take you through what she’s feeling whether she intends to or not, and then you’ll be able to better understand where she’s coming from. Again, the most important thing here is to keep your cool.

Decide What YOU Want To Do

From this juncture, you can go a lot of different ways. If you want a divorce from your wife, and this was the final straw, TELL HER SO. It’s better than drawing it out and torturing both of you. She’ll get over it and find something else, and you don’t have to feel guilty. On the other hand, if you’re so into this chick that you realize you’d leave your wife, don’t neglect to mention that in the heat of the argument. If you have any vaguely serious notion of leaving your spouse for your girl on the side, you have to address it. One piece of advice we can give you, though, is don’t leave one relationship in order to enter another. If you’re not into your LTR anymore, decide so on your own terms.


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