The Difference Between a One Night Stand and an Affair

"He is here just for one night"

“He is here just for one night”

Sex is great. We know this, you know this, and every dude who’s ever banged a chick knows this. However, we have to admit it, it’s easy to get confused. We’re not super emotional dudes, but keeping your eye on the prize can be hard, whether it’s with a girl or a life goal. Here’s a primer that we all found useful about the difference between a hookup, an affair and the stuff to watch out for.

One Night Stand

It’s good to remember what you’re looking for if you’re operating on the DL. If you’re creeping around, you can’t afford to make a mistake. One night stands are designed to be just that: one night. When you go hunting for a one night stand, don’t assume you’re ever going to see the girl again. Make it hot, make it good, but don’t get her number and don’t give her yours, unless you want to take it to the next level outside of your monogamous relationship. We recommend doing the opposite here, since you weren’t originally choosing this girl for her interpersonal attributes. Once a chick has your number, it’s a totally different game.

An Ongoing Affair

"Meeting more than once is definitely an affair"

“Meeting more than once is definitely an affair”

Also known as taking it to the next level. This can get really complicated, because if you want to see a chick on the side regularly, you probably like her. Well, that’s cool, because you can really like a girl because she’s good in bed. It’s great if you also have stuff in common. Having a good time in the bedroom is often synonymous with having a good time together, and even if you don’t LEAVE the bedroom a lot, you don’t want to be doing some chick who you realize you can’t stand. If you’re taking the risk of HAVING an affair in the first place, you may not be ready to leave your wife, but you at least like the lady enough to see her more than once. But be careful, because if you get in too deep, things can get really confusing.

Danger, Will Robinson!

This is where you hit critical mass. The point of a fling is to have fun and get a sense of release. If you’re looking to cheat, there’s obviously something you’re not getting in your LTR. We say sex on the side should be FUN and stress free. Meeting up with your girl on your lunch break for some hot and heavy afternoon fun should be the highlight of your day, not the dilemma of your life. If you start feeling like you owe the girl something, things have gotten out of hand. A few of us have gone down the road, though, of meeting someone we thought was a shallow fling that developed into something more. As in, we left our wives for the other woman. Some of us didn’t, though. The point here is that it’s your decision, but be conscious of what you want and what you’re getting into, and don’t get blindsided by not being honest with yourself.


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