Three Signs Your Affair Is Becoming Too Serious

"Control your emotions before you get into trouble"

“Control your emotions before you get into trouble”

Sometimes marriages or LTRs get mad boring, and you have to go get some action on the side. Mostly, we don’t want to hurt the feelings of the girl we’re with, and if you’re sneaking around, you probably don’t want to lose her. We can talk about this openly since dudes are different than chicks, but there is a deadly pitfall that you can end up in, and that is getting in too deep with a girl you’re banging on the side.

Your Wife is Number One

Your wife isn’t satisfying you for whatever reason. We’ve all been there, especially if you’ve been dating or married for a long time. One thing you can be sure about, though, if is you start to take bigger risks of being found out to please your fling at your wife’s expense. If your main girl is having a big event, like a birthday or job promotion, and you blow it off with a lame excuse to spend time with your other woman, that’s danger territory. It’s one thing to beg off dinner on a week night to go bang your extra lady at a motel, but it’s totally different to take a legitimate risk of being found out by blowing off something important. At this point, it’s time to reassess. We’re not advocating one way or the other, but just keep in mind that you definitely can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Women don’t’ work that way.

Buying Your Fling Flowers

"This bunch will be fine"

“This bunch will be fine”

Getting the babe you’re seeing on the DL flower is cool; but getting her some super specific type of plant she once referenced in a story about her travels abroad is different. If you’re getting sentimental about FLOWERS, we can only imagine what else you’re feeling. Moderate your gift-giving and flower-buying, and figure out what it is you’re really into. Again, if you’re so into this girl that you want to spend extra time thinking about her obscure stories and indulging her personal interests, that’s your business. The point we’re trying to make here is to know your desires and weaknesses, and take them in stride.


This is the final nail in the coffin of, “your fling is your new girlfriend.” If you take the girl travelling, you’re done. You’re into her and it’s not just one night. Please note, though, this does not apply if you’re FRIENDS with her beforehand. If you’re banging a girl who you already hung out with, that’s different. The significant in the traveling scenario is that you met a girl, you hooked up more than once, and now you’re willing to spend so much time with her that you travel somewhere TOGETHER. Not only does traveling require a lot of time, it also requires a lot of patience. Trust us, if you are okay with your fling handing you a vomit bag on the plane to some remote place you’re visiting together, your affair has become too serious. What you do after that is your business, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you can have two wives.


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