Three Types of Sites That (Surprisingly) Have Chatrooms

Okay, you’re not the kind of dude who goes into those sexy chatrooms in his free time, but you want to hook up anyway. Totally understandable, but for the guy who wants to meet his honey online it’s tough to get a girl, right? My friend, you are completely wrong there! Almost every popular site these days has some sort of chat function, so you can find a chick you can relate to without going through those awkward mainstream chatrooms. These three types of sites are some of the oddest places to have a chat area, but can be a huge asset to you.

Fitness Sites

“You can easily find women in the chat room of a fitness website”

Yeah, you read that right. If you’re a total fitness nut and expect the same from your girl, you can meet a sweet honey right on the sites you frequent. Learn about the latest diets, exercises, and equipment while chatting up babes by registering to the site. Make sure to choose a macho username so the ladies know you’re too hot to handle. If you’re not a total beefcake, that’s fine too! Ladies are more than willing to help you out deciding on a workout routine – a girl loves a man she can take care of. Go ahead and ask her what sorts of stretches she likes…a flexible girl can only mean good things, and she’ll still think she’s teaching you!

Video Streaming Sites

“You can even find girls on video streaming sites like YouTube”

On most movie streaming sites these days, off to the side there’ll be an open chat window that you can join in on. Log in with Facebook or make an account on the site (most of the time you have to anyway to stream videos!) and introduce yourself! You might have to search around for a bit in here to make friends, but once you do it’ll be worth it. Once you meet a girl on there, exchange email addresses and chat on there for a more…private conversation. It’s easy to make a connection, seeing as the people you’re chatting with are the same people currently viewing the film you’re watching. Bounce favorite movies off each other and go from there – you never know how far it could get you!

Porn Sites

Okay, this one isn’t too far of a cry from the sexy chatrooms…but it does have its benefits. If you’re watching porn, you’re probably going to have to sift through your share of horny guys, but you’ll get to the girls. Believe it or not, chicks watch this stuff all on their own! Once you find her, you two will already have a starting point for your conversation, and you’ll both be in the mood to do some pretty raunchy flirting in the chatroom. Talk about the video, ask her if she’d like a guy to do that to her…if she’s watching it, she probably would. Go wild from there! Tell her all the things you want to do to her…who knows, you two might even wind up having a sexy webcam date that rivals the porn you just watched.


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