Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

“Telling lies on online dating sites is not something new”

On the internet, it’s only too easy to lie to girls you want to pick up. Honesty might be the best policy, but when you’re trying to snag a honey on the side, a few lies here and there can’t hurt. A lady’s more likely to be into you if you’ve got some good stories and a good career behind you, so it’s time to make up something awesome. Ever wanted to be a doctor, or maybe a lawyer? Well, now’s the time! Keep in mind, though, that you have to do your research to make it convincing.

What Kind of Doctor Are You?

“Do some research on your job to make people believe your lie”

Okay, so as far as she’s concerned, you’re a doctor. But which kind are you? You can’t just say that you’re a doctor in general, because that can mean a number of different things. Before you tell this lie to catch a babe on some dating site, make sure you figure out which sort you are! Maybe you’re a podiatrist, or a pediatrician, or you can go big and be a brain surgeon. Chances are she doesn’t know too much about brain surgery, so spouting off a bit of mumbo-jumbo about what you do will convince her, no problem. Being a rich doctor has its perks, money and a harem of ladies included, just make sure you don’t give yourself away by not reading up on what sort of doctor you are.

The same goes for lawyers – you have an endless supply of money, a trophy wife, a big house, and everything you could ever want…except your pretty little fling. The money and the big house is sure to impress, but knowing what kind of lawyer makes the big bucks is important. If you’re a disabilities lawyer or a traffic lawyer, odds are you aren’t too rich. At least, you’re not rich enough to impress a cute girl. Not to mention disability and traffic lawyers have a crappy connotation, being what’s advertised during trash T.V. programs. Make sure to steer away from things like that – really get her interested by telling her that you work in criminal investigations and things like that.

You Gotta be Able to Talk About Your “Job”

It’s also important to be able to give her the basics of your job, but not too much. Providing too much when she asks about your occupation is a one-way ticket to getting caught in your lie. If for any reason you do get caught, just back out of there and pretend like it never happened. Don’t stress over it – there are a million babes who’ll go for a rich lawyer or doctor. Consider it a practice course in nabbing a sexy online mistress. Don’t give out actual personal information, either. The last thing you need is her looking you up and finding you out – she might even be so mad that she rats you out to your wife. Playing pretend is fun if you can pull it off, not to mention can get you so many girls it’s crazy, so just make sure to do your research and keep reeling them in with how rich and successful you are!


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