Protect Yourself: How to Avoid Scams and Spot Private Investigators

First things first; with cheater dating, it’s absolutely imperative that you watch your ass.

Yes, wives can sometimes get wise. And yes, that’s pretty much the end of playtime for any guy getting a little something on the side.

Any guy who signs on to a site that requires money knows that there WILL be some scams. Dating sites in particular are notorious for being full of scams, if you get the wrong site. You have to know how to protect yourself and your money from unscrupulous people-or worse, from those who would want to blackmail you.

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There are a lot of private investigators out there.

A lot of guys think that as long as they don’t act suspicious to their wives, they’ll be in the clear. Unfortunately, this is pretty far from the truth! Private investigators on cheater dating sites are rarely on the clock-they cost too much money, and that’s a really boring job to do for just one person.

Instead, what they do is wait in cheater dating sites, looking for guys that don’t protect themselves very well, and set them up for blackmail. If they think they can get your information, they’ll try blackmailing you to keep your information safe from your wife. If you don’t pay up, they will sometimes go to your wife and offer her information about her husband-for a fee, of course. They have dozens of guys going at any one time, which makes this a hugely profitable, successful scheme for them.

If you don’t know how to cheat without danger, you’re setting yourself up for failure-and blackmail!

However, a lot of guys let that fact dominate their minds, until they’re SURE they’re going to get caught-and as a result, they get wracked with guilt. Others let the idea of the bust haunt them until they never cheat at all, even though they still feel guilty!

One of the things that freaks guys out the most is the thought of being caught cheating by a private investigator. Yes, there ARE some private investigators on dating sites for cheaters, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to cheat without danger!

It’s not that hard to shake a tail.

Hiding Woman


If you think you’re being watched, or if you just want to know how to lose a P.I. in case you ever DO get watched, we can teach you how to cover your online tracks.

The first, biggest, and worst mistake guys make when they decide to step out on their wives is in choosing convenience over safety. This is a HUGE issue-guys think that just because something takes a little extra work, it’s not worth the time, and they wind up causing themselves way more hardship than they needed to in the long run.

Yes, it’s inconvenient to clear your browser, to set up a separate bank account, and to only meet your girl on the side at certain times-but divorce is a lot more damn inconvenient. Which would you prefer, the inconvenience of managing two bank accounts, or the inconvenience of your wife cleaning out one of them with alimony payments every month?

The first thing you have to do is mask your online presence.

Fortunately, this is as easy as cleaning out your browser history every time you finish browsing a dating site for cheaters. If you aren’t sure you’ll remember each time, set your browser to automatically clear itself every time you quit, and you’ll be home free!

If you can keep your wife from becoming suspicious, you’ll at least avoid any issues that come from your wife actively trying to find out what’s going on. Independent private investigators are another matter, so make sure you do the following:

1. Never use your real last name online. Real first names are good (you’ll turn and look when she calls it), but real last names are a bad idea on every level.
2. Never admit that you’re lying. If you act like you’re being shady or untrustworthy, any P.I. who IS sniffing you out as a possible mark is going to smell blood (and guilt) in the water.
3. For safety’s sake, use a different browser than normal.

If you use the same browser you normally do, you’ll probably (if you’re like the rest of us) have passwords and login information stashed in your browser’s cache. A good private investigator can use that information to find out your real name, credit card info, and pretty much anything else they could possibly want to know about you.

We live in the information age, and the best way to keep yourself safe is by being careful. These scam artists make their living by poaching on guys just like us, so we’ve spent a LOT of time figuring out how to fool them. Just don’t make yourself the lowest-hanging fruit on the tree. These guys go after the easiest prey.


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