Your Cheater Dating Profile Is Your First Impression-Make the Right Impression

If you’re taking a journey to get laid, this site is your treasure map, the full close is the X that marks the spot…and your cheater dating profile is the very first step you’re going to take.

You can use this to catapult yourself into the arms of girls who are all over you, or you can use it to fall flat on your face. If you need profile help, we’re here to lend our expertise.

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If you want the action, you have to put some time into the way that you present yourself.

Girls aren’t just going to fall into your lap-but they ARE out there, and they DO want to get laid with guys like you. They just want to go with the guy that presents himself the best.

You wouldn’t want to hook up with a girl who has a terrible profile, a blurry low-res picture, and nothing listed about herself. Girls are MUCH more paranoid than guys are, and earning their trust is all about presenting yourself. You have to make yourself look like a good catch, and like someone they wouldn’t mind spending some time with.

First of all, you want to make sure you list some specific interests-but this can also be a trap. Keep your list of interests between three and five. You want to make sure you look like a real, fleshed-out person, but not include so much that it looks like you’re lying, bragging, or looking to get caught.

Good example:

  • My hobbies are swimming, playing the guitar, and working on my motorcycle.

This guy looks interesting, he looks like he has his shit together, and he looks like someone a girl would want to spend time with.

Bad examples:

  • Hobbies….idk I guess I like reading….
  • Haha if I tell you that you might tell my wife who I am!
  • Being cool, being sexy, being fun….
  • Swimming, biking, cycling, guitar, oboe, extreme trampolining, skiing, boating, jazzercise, reading, singing, acting, writing, attending classes, cooking, cleaning…

You’re not writing a novel about your life, and you’re not meeting in a dark alley. If you’re really worried that someone will see those three hobbies and know it’s you, have two of them be your actual hobbies and one of them be a complete fake. That way, anyone who’s on your trail will be thrown off the scent if they only know how to search for you that way.

Pay extra attention to detail if you don’t want to get caught.

Girl Liking Cheater's Dating Profile


You are going to have to put up pictures of yourself. That’s just a fact of cheater dating sites.

However, there are some things you can do to avoid being caught. If you’re very worried about your wife finding out you’re cheating, blur or crop out your face in all your profile pictures, and don’t wear any unique or easily-identifiable clothing in them.

If a woman really wants to see what you look like before you meet her, talk to her for a few conversations. Make sure she’s a real girl, and then decide if you’re SURE she’s not a private investigator. As a rule, don’t tell a girl both your real name AND show her a picture of your face before meeting her, or you’ll be more likely to fall prey to P.I.s.

One of the ways guys usually get caught because of their photos is actually NOT because of their faces! Instead, what happens is that people see the landmark you’re standing in front of, and from there it’s not nearly as difficult to find out who you are.

Make sure you’re not standing in front of anything or anywhere people can recognize.

Hobbies are awesome for photographs. Make sure you’re showing off one of the cool things you do-as long as it can’t be traced back to you.

Not everything about your profile has to be a lie! You can talk about some things you’re really interested in, because you DO want to be able to find girls who want to meet up with guys like you. Everyone has a few hobbies they never really do much with-just make sure that you put in a little extra something to throw off any P.I. (or wife) that happens to be snooping around.

Stupid mistakes are the most common, and the most likely to get you caught. By making sure your profile is true to at least most of yourself, you’ll be able to find the right girl and shake any tail!


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