The Top 3 Messages That Get Us the Best Cheat Dates Every Time

A lot of guys do really well at first on cheater dating sites. They set up their profiles, they find hot girls, and they send out messages…and never get responses.

The problem might NOT be with the dating sites. It’s possible that the problem is with the messages you’re sending! Surprisingly, we’ve found that no matter what profile picture we put up (we’ve done a lot of experimenting to find out the best ways to approach girls on these sites), it’s the first message we send that really makes a difference.

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First of all, here’s what NOT to do in a first email. Any of these messages instantly got no responses-not in the thousands and thousands of emails we sent out:

1. Send a message just one sentence long.
2. Send a message over two paragraphs long.
3. Send a message that compliments a part of her body like tits, ass, etc.
4. Send a message that only talks about your junk.
5. Send a message where you whine about your wife/sad life.

If you do any of these, you WILL NOT get a response.

Instead, here are some of the three best messages we sent, changing names, hobbies, etc. You can feel free to use these templates to get with down ladies that are ready to party with married guys.

Message 1:

“Hi, Carlie. I love the cute pic of you playing with your dog, but the one that really caught my eye is you with the cello. I’ll be in town next weekend, which is when the symphony is supposed to be tackling Mahler. Great cello work in that piece. If you’re interested, I’d love to meet you there.”

Message 2:

“Hi, Julia. Is it too forward of me to say that I think women journalists are sexy as hell? I like a woman who isn’t afraid to say her mind, and it’s obvious you have no shortage of other interesting qualities. I’ll be in town at the end of the week-have you attended the Rutherford installation yet? If not, I’d love to show you some of his work.”

Message 3:

“Hi, Lulu. Boy, you don’t make it easy for a guy to scroll past your profile. First you have that stunning body, then you’re into woodworking? I used to teach shop before I got into business, so I can see you really know what you’re doing. There’s a driftwood exhibition going on at the beach next weekend. I’ll be in town for a conference, but I’d love to stop by with you.”

All of these messages have a few things in common.

Any message you send has to have a few components. These components are absolutely necessary to making sure you have the ability to snag the lady of your dreams with cheater dating messages, which can help you to get more action on these sites.

The three things you have to include are:

1. A compliment.
2. A sign you’ve read her profile.
3. A hook, joke, or invitation.

Compliment: First of all, don’t give her a compliment that only applies to one of her body parts. If you can’t see her face because it’s blurred or blacked out, compliment her photography skills, her fit body, something like that. Don’t just make it about the T&A, girls can hear that from any construction worker they walk by.

A sign you’ve read her profile: This one is very important. Date from OKTrends, which aggregates dating site responses and statistics, reports that about 70% of successful messages include some kind of reference to the person’s profile. In other words, saying “Nice books” will get you laid more often than “Nice tits.”

A hook, joke, or invitation: You need to give this girl a REASON to contact you. Remember, these girls get hundreds of messages, sometimes daily, on these websites. If you want to make sure she contacts you, make sure she wants to. Invite her to something she’s interested in. Tell her a cute or funny little anecdote. Ask her a “test” question.

It’s easy to send a GREAT first message. You can do it, by using the templates we’ve outlined here. It’s not hard, and we’re not messing around when we say that it’s literally the only thing we do-we send messages that we tweak slightly to make them appropriate to each girl’s profile.

Girls are on these sites because they WANT to get laid, and they WANT to hook up with married men. You just need to make sure your first impression gives them a reason to make YOU that married man.


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