How to Attract a Date While Keeping a Low Profile: Our Tips

There’s an art to cheating. Yes, guys have been cheating on their wives forever, but a lot of guys get CAUGHT, too. There’s an art to doing it well, and we can help you learn how to make the MOST out of every minute you spend with your “other woman” having fun. There are three times you need to watch what you do and say to make sure you’re not caught by your wife. They are: while setting up your date, before your date, and after your date.

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Setting Up Your Date Safely: When setting up a date with a woman who isn’t your wife, you’ll need to make sure of a few things.

1. You’re not skipping out on plans with your wife.
2. You’re incorporating it into time that’s easily explained.
3. You’re having a date that’s within your means.
4. You’re meeting somewhere that’s not suspicious.

First, make sure you aren’t skipping out on plans with your wife. Yes, even if you usually skip out on plans with your wife, it’s NEVER a good idea to do it in order to meet your mistress.

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When you cancel a plan with a woman, she feels very vulnerable, which can lead to jealousy-especially if you look at all like you’re excited to spend time with someone else. This can lead to her finding out EXACTLY what you’re doing, if she gets suspicious enough. The easiest way to hide an affair is by keeping your wife from ever getting jealous!

Second, make sure you’re working your date in to time that can be explained away. If possible, try to cheat on business trips, or when you’re out of town for some pre-arranged reason. Cheating in another zip code makes everything so easy that it’s basically a free pass.

Third, make sure you’re having a date within your means. Even if you’ve gotten smart and made a separate bank account to fund your extracurriculars, you’re still going to have to pay for it somehow. If your wife isn’t able to buy the things she wants and you can’t tell her why, she might get suspicious.

Fourth, make sure you’re not planning to meet somewhere suspicious. That means NOWHERE that you’re likely to run into anyone you know. Nothing kills the mood faster than having to introduce your lady as your “cousin from out of town,” and you still can’t guarantee that everyone will accept that explanation at face value.

Before Your Date: Before you head out on a date with a secret lady, make sure to check a few things:

1. Have all the “equipment” you need.
2. Don’t act excited or wear anything special.
3. Don’t act nervous around your wife.

First, you should have a bag with everything you might need-and don’t keep it in the house! Make sure to have contraceptives, condoms, lubricant, a change of clothes if necessary, cash, and anything else you think you might need for a night with your special girl. If you can NOT be bothered to pack a bag, at least make sure you’re stashed up on condoms.

Second, don’t act too excited or wear anything special. You don’t want your wife to even make a joke about you being more into your work than your date night with your wife. Remember, a vulnerable woman is a suspicious woman, and we don’t want that.

Third, don’t act nervous! You’re just heading out for a routine occurrence. If you act nervous, she’ll automatically know that something is up, even if she isn’t sure yet.

After Your Date: After any date with your other woman, make sure of a few key things before you head home:

1. Clothing check
2. Smell check
3. Alibi check

First, check your clothes. Does your other woman have a pet? Does she wear perfume? You might want to wash, dry-clean, or ditch your clothes.

Second, make sure you smell appropriate. If she thinks you were going out to the bar with your buddies, don’t come back smelling like girl’s lotion. Avoid garlic breath on your dates!

Third, double-check your alibi. If a buddy was covering for you, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK WITH HIM BEFORE YOU HEAD HOME. If your wife called, you want to know before you walk into that hornet’s nest.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to cheat with peace of mind. It takes time and skill to become great at cheating.

Make sure to follow this guide to get the MOST out of your online married dating life. If you need tips for cheater dating, there’s no better place to get them than by reading this guide.


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