Get Ahead of the Rest: How to Stand Out Against Your Dating Site Competition

When you go to a bar, a club, or anywhere else that people go to hook up, do you ever feel like girls always go home with some other dude rather than with you?

You don’t have to feel that way on a dating site. There are PLENTY of girls who are ready to go with the guys that present themselves the right way-and we can teach you how to stand out from the crowd and get ahead of 99 percent of the guys on these sites.

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First, play to your strengths.


  • Talk about how you’ve failed in previous relationships.
  • Talk about something you’re bad at.
  • Put up a photo of your dick

These are all things that highlight one thing and one thing only: why you are not a good prospect for dating. No one wants to hang out with a guy that can only talk about his own issues. No girl wants to date a guy that thinks the most attractive thing about himself is his junk.


  • Focus on what you’re GOOD at.
  • Talk about what you want from your next relationship.
  • Put up a photo that shows your body, but not too much of it.

By focusing on the good parts of yourself, you’re setting yourself up much more for success than by focusing on the things you’re not so good at. Girls love a confident guy-just don’t go overboard by being more of a douchebag than a confident guy.

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Another thing a lot of guys do wrong (and a GREAT way to get ahead of them) is by taking stupid posed photographs.

Be natural.

It’s the best advice we can give to you. Being natural will keep your wife from suspecting anything’s wrong, it will keep your girlfriend from getting weird, and it will ensure that your photos don’t look stupid and posed. You know those girls who take all the photos with the weird duck lips? That’s what you look like when you pose for photos.

Another easy way to get ahead of 99 percent of the competition on cheater dating sites to find cheater dates is to watch the way you write. This includes writing on your profile, in your emails, and in pretty much any tag line or message you send.

This might seem kind of odd, that it’s such a big deal. However, it’s very important to a lot of women, and we’re not just talking about the way you talk to the girls you want to hook up with.

The two things you can do that will turn babes off to your charms before they even get to experience them are:

1. Have bad grammar and spelling.
2. Use curse words.

It might not make sense, but watching these two things WILL get you laid over the vast majority of guys on cheater dating sites.

For one thing, girls want to see that you’ve put some time into your profile-real time, not just the time it takes to jot something down. If you look like you don’t care, she’s not going to care how great your hobbies and pictures are. You want to be this woman’s fantasy, not just something else she feels like she has to put up with.

With the curse words, yes, a lot of girls don’t mind. They’d find it cool and edgy. However, there are a bunch of girls who DO mind, and who will just gloss right over your profile if you use them.

NOT using curse words doesn’t offend anyone.

Why would you deliberately piss some girls off? Yeah, if they’re offended by cursing they might not be as fun in the long run for some guys, but is being able to say “shit” really worth not banging several girls?

Besides, a lot of girls don’t mind if you curse in person, they just want to see that you are a literate, interesting person before you get there. As a rule of thumb, wait until she does it first. If she drops a curse word in an email, consider it open season. Otherwise, wait until she stubs her toe and see what she uses as an expletive.

The vast majority of the guys on cheater dating sites are CLUELESS. If you’re even a tiny bit clued-in, you’re already ahead of almost all of them-and we’ll get you the rest of the way there.


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