Using Multiple Cheater Sites Will Net You Better Results

One is good, but more is better-it’s basically the cheater’s manifesto!

Yes, you can get laid a LOT with one good cheater dating sites. But hell, if you were satisfied with just one, you’d just stay with your wife.

We used many, many sites at once when we were writing our guide, going the extra mile to get you all the info we possibly could about these cheater dating sites. Yes, we still went to our jobs, yes, we still slept plenty (and rarely alone!).

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We kept track of each and every email, date, and experience. None of our numbers were fluffed-it does us no good to inflate our numbers, so you know you’re always getting the best results from us when you look at the website data we put together.

We will show you why online dating sites ROCK for cheaters!

So, how come we have such good experiences with these sites when so many guys think they’re full of crap? We can tell you-and better yet, we can SHOW you.

We got our results for several different reasons. One of the biggest ones is that we are awesome, of course. You can tell that we know what we’re doing just by our results, which speak for themselves. However, a really big reason that we have had such awesome results is the fact that we don’t limit ourselves to just one cheater dating site at a time.

More is better.

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A lot of guys think that the best way to meet girls and hook up with them online is to find a great website, and go after the girls on there aggressively. While this is true, we want to add another step-it’s a lot better to find a FEW websites and go after the girls there!

You can spend a few hours a day on each dating website. You can go through the list of girls in your area, read through their profiles, see which ones you like, spend some time messaging, flirting, and setting up dates. You can do this every day, and be sure that you’re getting the most for the money you paid for membership.

OR, you can put in 10-30 minutes on two or three websites every day, and get laid about as often.

We only sent out two new emails per day on any site that we tested. We wanted to be absolutely sure that our results weren’t influenced by how much time we spent on each website, so we limited ourselves severely even on the sites we really liked. That ensured that our results were accurate, and that you guys at home would be able to replicate our results, as long as you have our methods (which we go over in these guides).

Yes, two emails a day netted us THAT much sex. How?

We used our time efficiently.

Girls don’t want to hear back from you every minute for hours. Women who go after married men especially want to know that they have lives and obligations beyond simply catering to a woman’s whims. Most of the time, they’re not looking for a guy that’s available to them 24/7. If they wanted that, they could date the kid who works at Pizza Hut.

Women like a man with a little mystery.

No, we do NOT condone being one of those douchebags who wears a freaking top hat and cape to get laid-yes, we’ve seen those pick-up artists, too. If they were that successful, they’d be too knee-deep in girls to have time to scam dudes out of their money. Besides, do you really want to bang some girl who will put out for any guy in a top hat?

The best way to get LOTS of girls (and QUALITY girls) is to use multiple sites. This will enable you to get your hands in the whole pie, instead of just a single piece.

Lots of girls just use one site.

While guys use many sites, a lot of girls think that they just need to use one. Maybe they’re too shy to put themselves out there, or maybe they’re more afraid of getting caught. Whatever the reason, women are MUCH less likely to use multiple sites than men are.

This means that when you use multiple sites, you’re opening the pool up to many more women than you could ever meet on just one site. Even the BIGGEST married dating sites only have a pool of a few million members-while that’s more than enough for any man (even us!), that’s a lot of girls who aren’t in your zip code, who aren’t hot enough for you, and who just plain aren’t what you’re looking for.

Using many sites at once drastically increases your chances of getting laid. What more do we need to say than that? Pick a few sites from our Top 4 List, and let us do the work for you.


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#1 Site: EroticAffairs
#2 Site: AffairsClub
#3 Site: AshleyMadison
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached


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