Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List? is not safe. We try to make our reviews funny, and we try to let guys know that they don’t have to settle for mediocre websites. However, isn’t just mediocre, it’s downright dangerous. This site is out to get your money-and the people behind it don’t care whether you want to give it to them or not. We always get twitchy when we show up at a dating site and it offers “Free Basic Membership,” because that’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. So, how does this oldest trick in the book work? Are you sure you’d recognize it? Why are we so sure that is a scam? Let’s take a closer look at this crappy website and find out why we hate it so much. The old dating scam is that you offer a basic membership for free. Then when someone signs up, you tell them that they have a bunch of emails from hot members-oh, but they’re not allowed to contact those members unless they have a REAL membership. They upgrade (expensively), only to find that those “real members” are nothing more than spambots, designed to make guys think they’re going to get lucky when it couldn’t be further from the truth.… Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?

Though it pains us to admit this, it is POSSIBLE that somewhere in the world, is a top cheater dating website. It’s not PROBABLE, but it’s possible. In the U.S., however, this is totally and completely not true. The site is bad and broken, the terms & conditions are frightening, and you will just see the same fake women over and over again as you try to make something work. will turn you into a desperate, bitter, angry guy who will NEVER get his money back. Gee, think we hate this site or something? is awful, and only the fact that a few other sites are worse keeps it from being in VERY LAST PLACE on our list. We really don’t like anything about From the second we joined this site, we were pretty sure it was a scam-and after so long looking at cheater dating sites, our Gleeden review wasn’t much of as surprise. When we look at whether or not sites are scams, there are a lot of factors to consider. For one thing, we have to make sure and see whether there are a lot of members versus how many members they say there are, and whether there are a lot of complicated… Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?

If you’re paying money to based on what they’ve said about their membership details, you’ve already been ripped off. This failure of a website claims to have over 40 MILLION members. However, the actual numbers according to NetSource and SiteJabber put the membership numbers at just over 300,000. That would be bad enough-that’s barely enough people to have an interesting Civil Rights demonstration-but only ONE THIRD of those are women! That means that there are two men for every woman, so good luck fighting over those ladies! Is that not bad enough? How about the fact that of those 90,000 women, 65 percent of them are NOT IN THE U.S.? They’re located in SouthEast Asia and Eastern Europe-two places that are famous for importing brides and scams to America. There’s just no reason to use for married singles dating. When we were putting together our guide of tips for cheaters, we wanted to make sure that every guy out there in an unfulfilling marriage had the same access to awesome married dating sites that we do. Because of that, we take our job as your mentors very seriously (kind of), and we really want you to know that you do NOT have to use scammy sites like… Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List? is one of the saddest attempts to make a cheater dating site that we’ve ever seen. For one thing, they don’t seem to know exactly what we’re on these sites to DO. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this copy from their actual front page of their website: “Friendship and even a little flirting can be the start of something fun for both of you!” Now, we’re not as gross as a lot of the guys we know. We don’t tweet pictures of our junk, we don’t catcall, and we don’t refer to babes we like with derogatory names (where they can hear). But we’re not going to pretend we’re on a site called to make friends. This isn’t My Little Pony, and friendship isn’t magic. Here’s a tip for guys that think they’ve been friendzoned: DON’T BE A FRIEND. If you’re only hanging around a chick to get your dick sucked, don’t pretend you care about what TV show she’s watching. is for women who are intrigued by the idea of having a “naughty flirt,” but are never, ever going to want to hook up. There’s no way in hell a site like could ever make our list of Top Cheater Dating… Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List? is a gross, upsetting, boring website that obviously has no idea what the people on it are looking for. This is also a site you should avoid at any cost for your own safety and well-being. This site might as well be re-named “,” since all it does is make a great place for con men to play their favorite tune. If you don’t get it yet, is FULL of private investigators. While we can help you learn how to shake a tail if you’re being followed, we still recommend that the best defense is a good offense-and it’s an offensively bad choice to go on! Let’s take a look at why we hate so much, and why you should stay away. In case you don’t know, the Badger Game is an old con man’s trick. It’s the old standby where a woman (or a man, but let’s just open one can of worms at a time) lures a man into sex, then makes sure they get caught in the act. The blackmailers threaten to tell his wife (or the woman’s husband) if he doesn’t pay up, and he has to make the choice between paying up or getting found out forever. Of course, this was… Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List? is one of the STRANGER websites we’ve ever been on. This site doesn’t make it easy to write a good TheAffairSite review, so we’re not going to try. THE SITE IS BAD. There’s a weird thing going on with where they have a whole bunch of stuff on the first page about how adultery is bad and everyone should feel really sorry for husbands and wives whose spouses step out on them. Um, aren’t you making money off of exactly that? That’s like WalMart saying on their front page how sad it is that there are no Mom & Pop stores around these days, it just doesn’t make sense. Once you’ve got over feeling bad about all of your life choices, tries to lure you in by showing you sexy pictures…of pretty un-sexy ladies, in other countries. We’ve logged in several times, and each time it tried to show us singles in a different country, usually the U.K. We’re not really sure what this marketing tactic is about, but it sure didn’t make us want to try out any longer than we had to for our comparison. If you’re curious about, first of all, don’t be. This site is terrible, and it’s an obvious scam… Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?

If you’re looking for a married dating site because you really want to give away all your money, you MIGHT have some luck with Of course, none of the girls are hot, and you’re probably not going to meet even an ugly one because they’re all inactive. But if you’re one of those guys who has to have the most expensive of EVERYTHING, then you’re in luck! You found one of the most expensive websites online. Unlike most things where you get what you pay for, you’re not going to get anything out of this money pit. is a lemon through and through. Why are we so sure that there’s nothing worth buying on BESIDES the name? Let’s take a closer look at why you shouldn’t get attached to this mess. We weren’t expecting much from That’s fortunate, because we didn’t GET much. As soon as you go to, you see the exact same scam website that you’ve seen a hundred other places-at least, you’ve seen it a hundred other places if you make it a habit to go to scammy sites to expose them the way we to. You’ll see the same white background and thumbnails of unattractive women, claiming that all of them… Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List? is a sad attempt to cash in on a pretty pathetic fantasy. Hey, we’re not saying that there aren’t lonely housewives out there looking to get pleasured by a dashing stranger-hell, if that were the case, we’d be pretty lonely ourselves! The problem isn’t with trying to cash in on this. The problem is that does it in a really gross way, making guys think that there are a bunch of ladies waiting to cater to their every whim and making them pay to try and meet them. Look, there are a LOT of unsatisfied women out there looking for love. Don’t get hoodwinked by a site that makes you think they’re just blow-up dolls. If you want to meet someone just so you can bone them and walk away, there are hookers for that. If you actually want to connect with a woman so you can satisfy each others’ fantasies in a romantic, fulfilling way, we have LOTS of tips for cheaters like that. Either way, you’re not going to meet either a fantasy or a blow-up stereotype on This site is EMPTY. appears to cater to the more “mature” crowd. Yeah, we like a cougar as much as the next guy, but there’s a… Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?

We found one kind of woman and one kind of woman ONLY on single women looking for sugar daddies. Now, we’re not against the whole concept of a married woman looking for a sugar daddy. Honestly, we don’t care. That’s just NOT why we signed up for a cheater dating site. We’d much rather spend our time with a person who loves spending time with us than try and appease some young bimbo’s wallet and her luxury apartment. If that’s what you’re into, we guarantee there are websites where you can find a hotter sugar baby. If you’re looking for a married woman to hook up with, however, you’re going to want to keep looking. This site is NOT what you want, and it won’t get you laid. Why are we so sure? Let’s take a closer look at the dishonest mess that is The biggest reason we think is a SCAM is because they advertise to have “millions of members,” but we couldn’t find any active profiles in the whole New York area! Sorry, but if you have “millions of members” and only two active profiles in the whole area that has dozens of millions of people, there’s a serious problem. The four of us are… Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?

Did you ever go to the pool and dip your toe in the water? Did that count as swimming? If you answered “No,” then you know more about what is and what isn’t commitment than all the women on The website is FULL of women who are just “looking.” These women have no intention of stepping out on their husbands. In fact, they’re totally rude if you offer to actually, we don’t know, have an affair with them? We were really surprised to find that the women on were so picky, since…let’s be honest, the women on here are NOT that hot. They’re certainly not hot enough that they should be turning us down, not when we’re so good at presenting ourselves (for more on making yourself look attractive on a cheater dating site, check out our guides to making your profile pop). So, how sure are we that you won’t get laid on this site? How sure are we that the next Pope will be an elderly white dude? Let’s take a look at the things that make so very, very unadventurous when it comes to providing quality services. The thing you need to know first about is that it’s about 85 percent MALE.…


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