Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?


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AffairConnect didn't connect us to anything. The few women we heard from seemed crazy and weren't attractive.

If you’re paying money to based on what they’ve said about their membership details, you’ve already been ripped off.

This failure of a website claims to have over 40 MILLION members. However, the actual numbers according to NetSource and SiteJabber put the membership numbers at just over 300,000.

That would be bad enough-that’s barely enough people to have an interesting Civil Rights demonstration-but only ONE THIRD of those are women! That means that there are two men for every woman, so good luck fighting over those ladies!

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Is that not bad enough? How about the fact that of those 90,000 women, 65 percent of them are NOT IN THE U.S.? They’re located in SouthEast Asia and Eastern Europe-two places that are famous for importing brides and scams to America.

There’s just no reason to use for married singles dating. When we were putting together our guide of tips for cheaters, we wanted to make sure that every guy out there in an unfulfilling marriage had the same access to awesome married dating sites that we do.

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Because of that, we take our job as your mentors very seriously (kind of), and we really want you to know that you do NOT have to use scammy sites like There is help for you! We can show you GOOD sites, where the women are actually women instead of broken algorithms.

We never met a real woman on We’re not sure there even ARE real women on, instead of just messed-up computer programs horny for a date.

What We Discovered About Using For Cheater Dating

During our AffairConnect review we sent out 240 emails, and what a waste of time that was.

We only got back four emails, and we can’t say we were surprised. There just aren’t really any girls on this site. We tried contacting a bunch of women, only to get absolutely nothing in return-and in case you’re wondering, no, that’s not typical for us.

For perspective, look at our review of got laid DOZENS of times on that site in the time it took us to get four responses on, and none of the responses on this site even got us a single date!

Is Worth Your Time At All?

If you want to hook up with a girl from the Bloc (that is, the Soviet Bloc), there are lots of sites and services for you to do that-and is one of them. If you want to hook up with a girl from Chinatown (that is, in actual China), there are sites for that-and is one of them.

If you actually want to hook up with a real girl who lives near you, like a sane person, we’re afraid you’re completely out of luck on this shitshow website. We tried as hard as we could, but we just couldn’t get any quality out of

There’s no getting blood from a stone.

You can email fake girls all day, but you can also buy flowers for statues and porn models. No one is listening, and you’re the weirdo putting on a condom when you jerk off.

We Reviewed Here’s Our Verdict

The fact that ANYONE would consider using kind of freaks us out. That’s the biggest reason for us to let you know about AffairConnect scams, to be completely honest. We want to make sure that you’re not getting ripped off when you’re only looking to get laid on a cheater dating site, and we want you to know that there are WAY better sites for pulling that off.

For example, you’ll have a way better chance of getting laid on, our number one site for hooking up with super hot married women. The girls there are local, DTF, and more than ready to hook up with a married guy who knows how to charm them.

Or you could waste your time on Up to you.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. Orange Lost Sinner

    an expensive waste of time! affair connect has absolutely nothing new to offer and that’s why i have to leave it with a bad review. honestly this site was a waste of my time!

  2. fake profiles everywhere. i haven’t found another site on the internet that comes close to the number of them in comparison! i really don’t like this site!

  3. Temporary Dagger


  4. i was hoping that would be legit but it’s really nothing of the sort. i haven’t had any luck with these girls on here so far and that’s really disconcerting overall

  5. Randal Pittman

    wish that this was good but it really isn’t. i can’t get a single woman on this website to talk to me which drives me nuts. it’s a waste of my time and energy!

  6. Sweet Canary


  7. this gets my lowest rating and with good reason. none of the women on here actually want to talk. how are you supposed to have an affair without talking first?

  8. The Digital Moving Lieutenant

    this website is a definite waste of everyones time but if you have already joined you can always at least enjoy the hot pics of the fake profiles on here lmfao

  9. try another affair site. i have had a lot of mixed signals from affair connect and so far it has been slow. i will keep persevering but i do not have high hopes

  10. Neil Hawkins

    when i look at sites like this, i just want to give myself an easy and quick death. it’s all the same scams over and over and over again. stay away from it if you can manage it!

  11. Skilled Tough Chick

    i would love to give a site a good review for once but affair connect is not that site. it’s just bad. you won’t get laid, you won’t even get to talk to a single woman!

  12. waste of money. in comparison to other sites you might actually NEVER get a message response. this is kind of pathetic and ridiculous to think about.

  13. Boiling Slimy Dingo

    when i think of a scam site i don’t immediately think of this one but it still isn’t very good so good luck with this one. i think at least the pics on here are hot!

  14. when i want a legit site i wish it could be it’s just not that so far. i haven’t had a lot luck so far and that’s really kind of disappointing

  15. Preston Wilkins

    THIS SITE IS NOT GOOD. first of all you won’t get any message responses. you won’t even get a single e-mail! this one is really ridiculosly awful.

  16. Queen Reborn

    this is a baaaad cheating site. has no redeemable traits because it’s empty and only has lingering old profiles or fake ones these days!

  17. Christoper

    0 out 10 rating on this one. i can’t believe that this site is still up and running. don’t even bother spending your money on a site this bad when youc an’t get laid.

  18. Circus Duck

    when i look at this website i just sort of have to cringe. stay away from this one unless you enjoy just looking at a lot of hot pics and getting nothing else

  19. this is a really weird affairs site, affair connect doesn’t do much for me, i can’t get a single woman on here to actually reply to my messages and that’s just weird

  20. Florencio Ironmonger

    sites like this are really bad. i think they give every other affair site out there a bad name and that’s really depressing, i just wish i could get a single woman on here!

  21. Dust Angry Knight

    there are very few things i can say that are GOOD in this review. mostly i think that affair connect is a giant scam and should be avoided at all costs. don’t spend your money here!

  22. there are no comparison sites that can be as bad as this one. i think this site is just AWFUL because it doesn’t do anything like it says it is going to do!

  23. Brutal Poseidon Wizard

    this site is probably a scam lmfao. i think this site could have a lot of potential but right now it really just falls flat and i think it is just a waste of time…

  24. affair connect is MAYBE legit but i have yet to really see a good message returned lmfao so i am not sure. i think this site could be good but right now it’s just sort of eh.

  25. Simon Fiddler

    i wish this site was good but it honestly just isn’t. i can’t get a single girl on here to reply to me let alone go on a date with me so what even is the point??

  26. Left-handed Trustee

    when it comes to a cheating site i want only a few things. but… affair connect can’t even get a single one of those! i will not be returning to this one.


  28. Beaver Orange

    for a website that is so obviously crappy there are a lot of members. i think they probably lie about that too to be honest but i’m not sure.

  29. i wish i could find ONE affair site that actually does what it says it will. just doesn’t help me meet a lot of women so far…

  30. Darius Pawle

    sites like this are really hit and miss and this one is a total MISS. it’s not good at all. you won’t meet a single woman on here because they are all fake…

  31. Boiling Desire Beaver

    when i review a site i usually TRY to find something good but there just isn’t ANYTHING good about this was a huge disappointment for me!

  32. you can’t even think of a comparison of this site because it’s so bad. there just aren’t any active women on this site, they’ve all left, and i’m about to join them for sure!

  33. Rough Pink Puppy

    probably a total scam and i don’t even care lmfao at least if you join the pics are kind of hot? i’m not sure it’s worth all that money but for the most part it’s just not good…

  34. when i went looking for a legit site i stumbled upon affair connect. i’m not sure if it’s legit or not but so far i just haven’t had a lot of luck getting message responses, so who knows.

  35. Lyle Coveney

    this site is really one of the worst i’ve used. that mostly stems from the fact that the good women on the site are gone and there are only ugly women that think they’re great!

  36. Jackal Tough

    good luck finding ANYONE on this particular cheating site. affair connect boasts so many members but there really isn’t anyone around at all. it’s a total joke!

  37. 0 out of 10. i hate this site and i can’t help but give it a rating that low because of how bad it is. they steal your money and don’t help you meet a single woman!

  38. Modern Dreaded Ox

    when i gave this website a try i had high hopes. they were immediately dashed by fake profiles and ugly women that long left the site. a waste of my time and money.

  39. i think this affair site has potential but honestly needs to make a LOT of changes before i renew my membership. just sort of mediocre! hopefully that will change.

  40. August Filby

    sites like this are a total waste of your time and money. at one glance you should be able to tell how bad they are. it’s full of fakes and scams and you WILL get caught!

  41. so much for discretion. i can’t help but leave a review when a site like affair connect is that bad. it’s just full of fakes and private investigators that don’t even try to hide!

  42. i wish i could find one comparison to this one just for laughs. then i won’t feel so dumb for falling for this site’s horrible tricks. it’s honestly that awful!

  43. Stoned Hot King

    it’s an open and blatant scam because it KNOWS its members are not active and around but it still advertises having them. what a waste of my time.

  44. TO BE HONEST i was sure this site was legit until the messages just stopped. i’m not sure if affair connect had spam bots or what but now i am skeptical and a little worried

  45. Milo Roberts

    there isn’t anything good on this site. just stay the heck away if you value yourself and your pride, otherwise you are just going to have a waste of everything

  46. one of the worst examples of a cheating site that i have seen in awhile! won’t get you laid, it will just make you sad and unhappy!

  47. for my rating it’s a really solid F. i can’t think of anything good about this site other than a few hot pics but that isn’t worth the membership and not meeting any women!

  48. Turtle Chicken

    this website is kind of a joke. it’s obvious that it’s empty so that should be the first clue to stay away. hopefully you won’t get roped into its grasp!

  49. i just want ONE affair site that gives me some fun! i was hoping affair connect would be that site but it’s slow going as of now. hopefully it will pick up soon!

  50. Sergio Howard

    nothing like sites like this to remind me how difficult it is to actually have an affair online legitimately. this site is really not good and will take your money for nothing!


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