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This site was second best out of all the cheater dating sites we reviewed, and it delivered! We met some gorgeous women who we closed the deal with and didn't get caught!

Affairs Club is run by the massive (and excellent) dating website – and if you know anything about THAT site, you’ll know that you’re in for a treat with this one!

AffairsClub brings everything that a great married dating website should bring to the table. This site is the whole package-elegant, interesting, charming, private, and FULL OF WOMEN.

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We always felt like our needs were being met before we even had a problem on AffairsClub. But is it right for you and your needs? Let’s take a look at what AffairsClub has to offer, and you can see just why this awesome site belongs on our Top 4 List.

AffairsClub is the kind of site you would tell people about…if you didn’t mind people knowing that you were stepping out on your wife. We don’t recommend that, obviously, but if you DO find yourself with a confidant, you could do worse than recommending this site in particular.

Everything about AffairsClub is very posh, very sleek, and very competent. This is a site that reminds us of a really fancy and expensive room, where you don’t want to touch the furniture-except it turns out all the furniture is a lot more comfortable than your old overstuffed sofa.

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AffairsClub is legit.

We never found escorts, P.I.s, or fake profiles in our time on AffairsClub. That’s a great track record-we’ve found those things on almost every website we’ve been to, over the last several months.

Instead, AffairsClub was just full of women, horny and lonely and desperately waiting to meet us. Hey, who are we to deny them exactly what they want?

You Won’t Believe Our Results From AffairsClub Over 3 Months: Is AffairsClub Worth Your Time?

During our time on Affairs Club, we sent out emails to 240 women-one email per day, from three guys, over two months. During that time, we got back an amazing 156 responses!

For comparison’s sake, while this isn’t our BEST number (that honor belongs to, this still puts Affairs Club firmly in our top websites-none of the websites below this one even compares. With a 65 percent success rate, we’re calling this one a magnificent success.

Of course, everything gets REALLY good after the emails stop and we meet in person. During our AffairsClub review, we set up dates with 18 girls, all of whom we were REALLY excited to meet-and only ONE of them was a no-show! We wound up going home (metaphorically-we usually went to a hotel) with 13 of them, and wow. We don’t (always) kiss and tell, but we can just say that the girls on AffairsClub are above average in just about EVERY WAY you can think of!

Basically, these are the kind of reviews we were hoping to get from a dating site. AffairsClub met our expectations and surpassed them, the way an awesome site should.

Top 3 Emails We Used At AffairsClub To Get The Best Responses

Here are some of the emails that we used at Affairs Club. Each of them got us at least a response, usually a date (and a hook-up!).

Email 1: “Hi, Carla. I’m not psychic or anything (though you’re welcome to try and tell what I’m thinking), but as soon as I saw the way you stood in your profile picture, I knew you had to be a dancer. I was hoping I could take you out and show off a few moves, but your profile says you’re a salsa dancer! In that case, there’s a great band that does salsa playing next weekend. I’d love to step on your feet until I figure it out.”

Email 2: “Hi, Bebe. I tried to scroll by your profile-you’re a few miles outside of my usual haunts-but as soon as I saw that smile on your face, it was almost impossible. Then as soon as I clicked on your profile…well, thank god for your smile! I noticed that you’re into fishing; there’s a bass tournament about 20 miles away next week. I’m already planning on attending, if you’d like to meet up and have a bite.”

Email 3: “Hi, Serena. Wow, it’s not often you see a girl all done up like a grease monkey! I think you just gave me a new fetish, whoops. I do a little work on classic cars myself, and I’d love to show off my new baby if you’re free next week. There’s no picnic in the backseat yet, but that can be remedied.”

Oh, Yeah, Baby-Read What We Loved About AffairsClub!

AffairsClub has a LOT of features-it’s hard to tell where to start! We love the fact that you can filter members by a lot more than just age, sex, and location. You can search by what they’re looking for in a partner, by how long they’ve been an active member, and by about a dozen other features as well, which makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in your first cheating date.

We also LOVE the fact that on Affairs Club, we can browse as much as we want without worrying about private investigators. Customer support is very aggressive about weeding them out!

Want To Succeed Over The Competition On AffairsClub? Our Secret Cheat Dating Tactics Exposed!

The most important thing you can do on Affairs Club is to put up LOTS of pictures. Most of the guys on this site just put up one good picture and leave it at that, but girls really respond to guys with several pictures.

Another thing you can do to make sure you’re ahead of 99 percent of guys on here is not whine about your wife in your profile. Women on cheater dating sites don’t want to see that, and AffairsClub is FULL of guys who make that mistake!

Nobody’s Perfect: Things We Didn’t Love About AffairsClub

If we could change something about AffairsClub, we’d actually slim down the menu a bit. The algorithm is perfect, but we don’t need to chat AND flirt AND wink AND use a hot list AND message AND email. We can make do!

Another thing is that sometimes the extremely comprehensive menu leads to slower loading times. As much as we love AffairsClub, we don’t love waiting!

Our Final Verdict On AffairsClub: Should You Use AffairsClub To Find Cheat Dates?

We LOVE Affairs Club. If it weren’t for having the edge, this would be our top pick. As it is, it’s an extremely solid second place!

50 Responses to “Review of AffairsClub (by Find Out Why We Ranked AffairsClub #2 For Cheater Dating”

  1. Grotesque Rabbit

    an amazing review for affairsclub and for good reason: this site REALLY delivers. you will not find another site out there that helps you hook up with married women as easily as this one does!

  2. THERE’S NO COMPARISON. i absolutely love this site and all the women i have met on it so far. seriously these ladies are smoking hot and a ton of fun!

  3. Ruthless Stud

    for me this site was pretty good and i was mostly relieved it wasn’t a scam. i think this site is good at what it does but i wish it had a more discreet name!

  4. affairsclub might be legit but i’m still not impressed with it. it’s hard to get women to reply to my messages on here and that can be pretty disappointing…

  5. a really good site! consistently helps me hook up and find some hot ladies to spend my time on the side with so to speak lol. i will not go anywhere else as of now!

  6. affairsclub is THE best cheating site i have ever used. i have never found another site to find hot affairs on than this one, it’s my absolute favorite and nothing tops it!

  7. really deserving of a 10 out of 10. i love this site and think that it’s the best site i have ever used to meet women. seriously these girls are HOT!

  8. Bloody Brutus Digger

    for a cheating website, you can’t beat this one. THAT BEING SAID… it is not without its flaws. this site does have a few issues and those are mostly with the name! not discreet!

  9. probably the BETTER affair site out there but still misses the mark for me. i don’t think it’s the best because i just haven’t had that much communication with the women on here.

  10. Santos Margaret

    i wish i could find more sites like this. it’s awesome and frankly put helps me meet ALL the women i could ever want to meet, in and out of my area. awesome site.

  11. Moose Honey

    the only thing i can say in my review for affairsclub is…WOW. this is a great site and you WILL get laid on this site! i have met so many hot women, having an affair was SO easy.

  12. there are few sites that come close in comparison. i think this site really hits it out of the park and helps me meet all the women that i like… awesome affair site.

  13. Well, I don’t think it’s a scam but it’s not my FAVORITE. even still, it’s a great site, i have met awesome women on here! no real complaints, just nothing new.

  14. while this site is legit, i don’t think affairs club is THE best site. this is really just an ‘okay’ site, it does what it’s supposed to do if you really work at it, just not my favorite.

  15. Devin Byers

    nothing but good things about this site! i love this site, i have had so many affairs thanks to this site and i will be back for more because of it!

  16. THIS IS THE BEST CHEATING SITE BY FAR. i will NEVER go to another site other than affairs club by now. really if you want to have an affair, this is the site to use!

  17. A+++ rating. i LOVE this site and will never use another one. well worth the money because it does what it says it will: it helps you find hot ladies to get in bed with!

  18. Captain Peter Sangre

    this is THE website that i usually recommend to people but it still isn’t the best out there…i wish it were easier to hide the name or something lol it’s just not the most discreet

  19. affairsclub is a decent affair site though it could be better. it’s harder than you would think to get these girls to actually talk to you.

  20. Jewel Otis

    wish i could find more sites like this! this is a great site to have an affair on and i love the women i’ve met on here, i will keep coming back to meet more of them!

  21. Boiling Slimy Dingo

    no better review for this site than a simple AMAZING. affairs club is the site that helped me actually realize i could enjoy myself again. an awesome site!

  22. very few sites come close in comparison to this one. i will never go anywhere else if i am looking to have an affair, this is the site that has been a blast for me.

  23. Donkey Loose

    while it isn’t a scam i don’t think this is the BEST site out there and so i’m a little bored when i hop on here sometimes. that being said…some lovely ladies for sure!

  24. affairs club might be legit but that doesn’t make it that good. i haven’t met THAT many women on here so i am usually a little skeptical. might keep trying.

  25. Florencio Bauerle

    a good site and one i will ALWAYS come back to. this site REALLY helps me hook up with the women i am looking for and it’s amazing to see how many are in my area

  26. Pet Canary

    for a cheating site i really didn’t expect much but helped hit it out of the park. awesome site with amazing ladies and i can’t believe i hadn’t tried it before!

  27. Nicholas

    this is a real 10 out of 10 rating. this site does what it says it will do: help you meet hot married women and WOW have i met some. i will always come here in the future.

  28. Brown Steel

    no other website does what this one does. that being said it is not without its flaws. the messaging system seems buggy at times and i don’t think it’s the most discreet in the world.

  29. for an affair site i expected a bit more. is just not THAT good, comes off a bit skeezy at times, but some of the women are hot so i’m a bit torn.

  30. Dale Mays

    wish i had a million sites like this. then i’d be happy! that being said this site is GREAT. you really do meet women on here that want to have a good time.

  31. Screaming Rolling Moose

    this site deserves a really positive rave review. affairsclub is amazing because you ACTUALLY get to talk with women and meet up with them…unlike every other site i’ve tried!

  32. Marshall

    Is there ANY site that comes close in comparison to this one? PROBABLY NOT. i love this place so much, i have had the best affair of my life thanks to this website!

  33. definitely not a scam though that’s not saying much in this day and age lol. it’s a good site, just not the BEST, though i will admit the women are just hotter here.

  34. is legit and that’s great and all but i don’t have the most success here. i think that overall it could be executed better, but i will probably still keep trying it out.

  35. Cristobal Cowher

    a good site. i have no complaints! the women here are lovely and i have had some wonderful affairs because of this website. well worth the money.

  36. Otter Tainted

    for a cheating site i was BLOWN AWAY. i don’t normally like sites like but this one is really amazing. the women here are hot and i’ve had the time of my life!

  37. A rating for sure! i LOVE this site and you will too. the women here are hotter, more fun, more responsive, and ACTUALLY want to hop in bed with you.

  38. Maximum Bitter Donkey

    i don’t do a lot of website dating but this site was really worth it. it made me happy again. that being said…not the most discreet name, kind of difficult to use at atimes.

  39. for an affair site, it’s okay. you can’t expect much really. affairsclub does a decent job of helping you find women but i just didn’t find that many in my area.

  40. wish i had sites like this in SPADES. i love this place, great time to be had by all, and honestly the women are just hotter. don’t skip this one!

  41. Sapphire Grenade

    would give another amazing review again if i could! affairs club REALLY does the trick. it’s worth the money because you actually get what you pay for!

  42. there is NOT another site that comes close in comparison to this one. i have never NOT gotten an amazing woman to meet up with on here. do not pass this one by!

  43. Bella Darkblood

    i always think sites for having affairs on are total scams. this one, thankfully, was not! a pretty safe environment, though the name isn’t exactly discreet.

  44. while i think that affairs club is legit, i still will probably try other sites out. i just didn’t meet that many women on here and that was the really unimpressive part for me.

  45. Edmond Wardle

    a really, really good site and definitely solid even now. i’ve met a bunch of women on here with several progressing into real relationships and it’s just a good time!

  46. Nervous Alligator

    affairsclub is probably the best cheating site i’ve ever used. i have nothing to complain about, only praise, because wow the women i’ve met on here are amazziiing

  47. for me, this site is a real 10 out of 10. i’ve NEVER been able to give a site that rating before but this one really deserves it. YOU WILL MEET WOMEN HERE!

  48. a great website overall, with only a few flaws. the biggest one for me was the name. really hard to hide a site like this from your wife!

  49. a solid affair site but not the best. affairs club is just kind of eh for me. it’s seemingly focused a bit too much on sex which puts me off. the romantic in me doesn’t like it!

  50. Cory Atweeke

    wish i had a bunch of sites like this that i could just go to all the time to get my fix lol. the women here are smoking hot though and i won’t trade them for anything!


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