Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?


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This site seemed promising, but then was a nightmare to use and had barely any attractive women on it! Beware false advertising!

If you’re looking for a married dating site because you really want to give away all your money, you MIGHT have some luck with Of course, none of the girls are hot, and you’re probably not going to meet even an ugly one because they’re all inactive.

But if you’re one of those guys who has to have the most expensive of EVERYTHING, then you’re in luck! You found one of the most expensive websites online.

hookup site scam alert img

Unlike most things where you get what you pay for, you’re not going to get anything out of this money pit. is a lemon through and through.

Why are we so sure that there’s nothing worth buying on BESIDES the name? Let’s take a closer look at why you shouldn’t get attached to this mess.

We weren’t expecting much from That’s fortunate, because we didn’t GET much.

As soon as you go to, you see the exact same scam website that you’ve seen a hundred other places-at least, you’ve seen it a hundred other places if you make it a habit to go to scammy sites to expose them the way we to.

AttachedPeople Hover Image

You’ll see the same white background and thumbnails of unattractive women, claiming that all of them are from your area. Just for fun, one member of our group pulled up in his hometown while he was home for a visit. It’s a hometown of about 500 people, all of whom know each other, and the website told him that there were “hundreds of women” in his area, showing him pictures of women who were supposedly in his town, none of whom he’d ever met before. A week later, he signed on

What We Discovered About Using For Cheater Dating

During our review of, each of us four dudes sent out an email to a new girl every day for a period of four months. All total, that makes 240 reviews. We only got back a paltry 21 responses, which is…yeah, pretty much nothing. We never got laid, we never hooked up, and we didn’t even get to refine any part of our cheating strategy.

This dating site for cheaters is a TERRIBLE waste of time. You’d have better luck randomly grabbing the asses of all of your friends’ wives-not that we recommend that (and anyone who says we did is lying and we were drunk anyway).

Is Worth Your Time At All?

All right, is NO ONE going to talk about the name?

The entire time we were doing our comparison to look for AttachedPeople scams, we were dying to ask the guys in the chat rooms-did you REALLY think you were going to get laid on a site with a name like It’s one of the worst sites we’ve ever heard of, and we’ve heard of a LOT of crappy cheater dating sites.

The image it conjures up is one of a bunch of Siamese twins wandering around-which is wildly inaccurate, because the actual won’t set you up with anyone, attached to your hip or not. This site is so empty and barren we WISH we could have gotten a Siamese twin.

Or not. Come to think of it, maybe it’s for the best if we didn’t. Then again, for the price we paid on this over-expensive website, we could probably have afforded the surgery to separate a pair of Siamese twins.

We Reviewed Here’s Our Verdict

There is NO REASON to waste your time and money on You’re not going to get laid, you’re not going to hook up and find a sexy affair, and you’re not going to meet the (new) love of your life.

All this site is good for is sucking up your hard-earned money without giving you anything to show for it, and occasionally for snickering at when you see it in the toolbar. Compare that to some of the BEST sites out there, like and, which were our two favorite cheater dating websites. Those are actually going to get you laid with attractive married singles, unlike

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. Forsaken Endless Chick

    there is nothing nice i can say in this review! is a total waste of time and space. you will NOT get laid on here because the women aren’t even real!

  2. padded all to the sky with fake profiles. there’s no comparison for it, really…this site will just steal your money and laugh in your face while it does it.

  3. Color Goldbeast

    a total scam. the only real bonus part to this site is the fact that it’s OBVIOUS. if you do end up spending money here, at least look at the hot pics while you’re at it lol

  4. not sure this site is legit or not but it’s ok i guess. attached people just hasn’t done a lot for me so far. the women don’t really answer my messages very quickly.

  5. Antwan Cable

    there is NOTHING good about this site! it should be obvious at one glance that it’s a total scam but if it isn’t then at least get out quickly and don’t spend a ton of money

  6. Indigo Warm Llama

    for a cheating site, i at least expect SOME integrity. has none of that. it’s a waste of time and not discreet at all! don’t waste your cash here!

  7. this site deserves a really low rating. i cannot believe people actually spend money here. it’s FULL of obvious fakes and that’s really scary! dont’ spend your money here!

  8. Sweet Canary

    when i go to this website, i just kind of have to wince. it’s pretty obviously a scam but at least it’s obvious and easy to hit the back button on. just keep away from this one.

  9. For an affair site, it just falls flat. I think has a good concept but it just isn’t easy to use and you will likely find yourself having a slow time of it.

  10. Willis Rader

    when i think of sites like this, i just have to wince. there is NOTHING good or redeemable about this one, it’s all a mess, and you will definitely not get laid!

  11. Homeless Flapper

    this is REALLY not a good site and deserves a low review. attached people is a total scam and you will get ripped off in a heartbeat on this one. stay the heck away.

  12. very few sites come close in comparison to the TRAINWRECK that this site is. really watch out if you sign up on this one, you will get your money stolen and maybe more!

  13. Lefty Rabbit

    for me i am always worried about a site being a scam so i rarely get taken at least. that’s good on this site because it’s really sketchy and i’m not sure most of the women are real.

  14. is pretty questionable as to whether or not it is legit. i am kind of eh about it for the most part, it doesn’t seem that bad, but i just haven’t had a lot of luck.

  15. Noah Gibson

    if you think this site is good, you’re an idiot. seriously, don’t spend your money here. it’s OBVIOUSY a scam, full of fake profiles everywhere, you will get more money stolen at this rate!

  16. Silver Agent

    this is a baaaad cheating site. attached people has private investigators, fake profiles, and fake e-mals sent all the time! it’s really one of the worst i’ve seen.

  17. 0 out of 10 rating for sure. there is NOTHING redeemable about this one. you will get money stolen and you will DEFINITELY not get laid so don’t even try!

  18. Gutsy Empire

    this is the pinnacle of a bad website as far as i am concerned. if you want to look at hot chicks i guess this will do, but just know you won’t hook up with them!

  19. attachedpeople is a really kind of questionable affair site lol. i think it’s not very good overall but maybe that’s just me, i just can’t get the girls to talk with me.

  20. Ronny Napier

    when i think of sites like this i just shake my head and move on. they’re really bad and obvious about it. at least in that sense you won’t get too much money taken from you!

  21. Strong Wolverine


  22. Guillermo

    ugh, i can’t think of a comparison because it’s so bad. this site won’t get you laid that’s for sure, so don’t even think about that. think about how not to get scammed!

  23. Sunny Bunny

    an obvious scam and one that makes me want to tear my hair out. really gross site… but hey at least some of the women are hot so you’ve got that to look forward to lol

  24. pretty sure that attached people isn’t legit but i am still giving my hand at it. it could be worse, overall it just seems kind of slow and lame and the women aren’t that good looking

  25. Bart Summy

    this site isn’t good at all and it should be obvious to you just at first glance! there are a LOT of fake profiles on here and that makes me want to just bang my head into the wall

  26. Screaming Rolling Moose

    attached people is a really poor example of a cheating site. STAY AWAY FROM IT. that’s the key here! just stay away and don’t spend money because you WON’T meet women!

  27. F- rating. i cannot stand this site and i cannot believe it is still doing business. it’s just stealing money from guys that aren’t doing anything wrong on here!

  28. Mandrill Golden

    for this website to still be around is pretty funny. it’s not good at all. you won’t get laid but at least you can stare at all the fake pics which are pretty decent

  29. when i joined this affair site i didn’t have very high hopes. a good thing because reallllllyyy misses the mark. i will keep at it to see if it gets better though!

  30. Dane Elder

    when i join sites like this i really expect there to be SOMETHING. as it is there really isn’t anything going on here, the women are fake, so it’s a waste of money!

  31. Fast Ocelot

    NO SITE deserves as bad a review as this one. is just an honestly bad, rip off site and you WILL get scammed on here! run away while you still can!

  32. i can’t think of any comparison to this craphole. it’s that bad! you will not get laid on here and if you are lucky you will only get some spam e-mail. pass on this one

  33. White Nathan Redblade

    a very obvious scam but at least you can see that clearly and run away. at least that’s the smart thing to do. don’t be the one guy that sticks around!

  34. while i am unsure as to whether or not attached people is legit or not, i think it has potential. i just think that i haven’t been able to talk to enough women on here yet

  35. Tad Christman

    nothing about this site is good and that should be REALLY clear just by looking at it. stay the heck away from it and don’t answer any of the e-mails you get.

  36. Dreaded Solid Panda

    cheating sites get a bad name because of sites like attached people. they are total scams, full of fakes and private investigators, and that makes them SCARY!

  37. there are a lot of sites that get a bad rating from me but this one takes the cake. i’ve never seen so many fake profiles in my life. it’s a real waste of your time AND money!

  38. for a website to look like this should be criminal. the layout is bad and it’s just hard to use. there’s not much redeemable about this site except maybe there are some hot girls?

  39. when i think of affair site i definitely don’t think of first i think that this site could have been done well but it just isn’t so oh well!

  40. Gus Osterwise

    sites like this make me sick. i wish this one would get taken down because of all the money it obvious scams from people. really a bad site and not one you should spend money at.

  41. rarely do i review a site this bad. is barely even worth a second glance because it’s made of nothing but FAKES. really a giant waste!

  42. few sites are as bad as this one! i can’t even think of a comparison to how crappy it is. this is just a bad site and you will DEFINITELY not meet women on here.

  43. Angry Microphone

    don’t expect to get laid, that’s for sure. it’s probably a scam but mostly it’s just a load of crap, eyerolling fake messages, that sort of thing. just don’t spend cash here.

  44. i’m all but convinced that isn’t legit but who knows, maybe it’ll surprise me and be actually good. that being said it hasn’t delivered yet!

  45. Cedric Keppel

    this site isn’t good and there is nothing good about it EVER. i can’t imagine anything about this site improving because they’ve just built up so many fake profiles!

  46. Strawberry Vulture

    really poor example of a cheating site. it’s just sad that sites like exist and more or less ruin the affair community by existing! they scare away all the fun folk!

  47. this is a really low rating for me, probably a 1 at the absolute most. i can’t shake the feeling that this site is an accident waiting to happen and i will never use it again.

  48. this website is SOOOo full of fakes. it really obvious and that’s its only saving grace! if you are lucky you will not get scammed out of every penny on this site!

  49. when it comes to finding a good affair site, you should probably not give attached people too long to work for you. it just hasn’t for me yet and that’s disappointing.

  50. Mohammad Eggbert

    when i think of sites like this i mostly want to throw them off cliffs and wish that the internet police or whatever would take them down permanently. a real money waster.


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