Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?


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DatingAffair has two words in the title we're looking for, and yet didn't find any of on the site! We wanted a discreet way to find a date, and this site failed. is not safe.

We try to make our reviews funny, and we try to let guys know that they don’t have to settle for mediocre websites. However, isn’t just mediocre, it’s downright dangerous.

This site is out to get your money-and the people behind it don’t care whether you want to give it to them or not. We always get twitchy when we show up at a dating site and it offers “Free Basic Membership,” because that’s one of the oldest tricks in the book.

hookup site scam alert img

So, how does this oldest trick in the book work? Are you sure you’d recognize it? Why are we so sure that is a scam?

Let’s take a closer look at this crappy website and find out why we hate it so much.

The old dating scam is that you offer a basic membership for free. Then when someone signs up, you tell them that they have a bunch of emails from hot members-oh, but they’re not allowed to contact those members unless they have a REAL membership. They upgrade (expensively), only to find that those “real members” are nothing more than spambots, designed to make guys think they’re going to get lucky when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

DatingAffair Main Page Image does this, and MORE.

We really dislike sites that are so full of scams. This one is especially bad, because it does even more to dishonestly take your money than pretending it has a lot more profiles than it does, or trying to make you think that hot women are emailing you. WILL try to scam your credit card.

Although it seems crazy, this happened to two of the members of our group. They tried the one-month package, then found out on their credit cards that they’d been charged a FULL YEAR. When they tried to get their money back, they were banned from the site and told that there were no refunds available for any reason!

We’ve talked to many guys in chat rooms on other dating sites and in forums, and many people agree that will not use your money responsibly.

What We Discovered About Using For Cheater Dating

There’s no reason to trust a website like with your information when it won’t even get you a date. Come on, that’s kind of Dating Site 101: you can get away with anything as long as you provide hot dates. does not have hot dates. We sent out 240 emails while we were writing our DatingAffair review. Unfortunately, not a SINGLE PERSON bothered to respond to our emails. Yep, not one single, solitary human. We don’t need to say what percentage of responses that is, do we?

Even if we weren’t expecting the 83 percent rating of, we were definitely expecting SOMETHING, even if it was just 10 percent or so. In general, you probably won’t get laid if the percentage is over 40, but we can always live in hope., however, is the thing in the night that kills hope and sells its heart to gypsies.

Is Worth Your Time At All?

We’re not sure we can follow that comment about how kills hope and sells its heart to gypsies. No, is not worth your time at all.

We Reviewed Here’s Our Verdict

If you want to try a fantastic dating site for cheaters, try out That one and our second favorite,, are fantastic for meeting women who don’t mind that you’re married-and in fact, even they’ll even prefer it that way.

Or, you can try, get your credit card stolen, fail to meet any women, and go home to cry in bed alone in your cold, cold apartment. Hey, it’s your choice. If you want to get in touch with us, you won’t have to look far-we’ll be at

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. Invader Serious

    is it for dating? is it for an affair? we just don’t know. deserves a really crappy review just for the bad site name…and the fact you won’t meet ANYONE on here!

  2. there’s no dating or affairs going on on this website. that’s why i’m so mad, it just completely glosses over what it is supposed to do, what a waste of my time!

  3. Wooden Swush

    i can’t imagine this site ever doing anything for anyone. it’s pretty obviously a scam and that’s just the laughable part i guess. good luck with all the fake pics!

  4. i just want ONE legit affair site and i was really hoping would be that. i guess it isn’t so far! i just haven’t had a lot of luck with it on my end…

  5. I WISH I COULD FIND ONE GOOD THING ABOUT THIS SITE BUT TO NO AVAIL. this one falls SO flat for me. not a single real lady hanging around on here at all!

  6. Seriously Bison

    for a cheating site you’d really expect a bit more but takes all that class and throws it out the window. no such luck on this one at all.

  7. Christopher

    0 out of 10. i can’t give this site any more of a rating than that because i was SO disappointed in the quality fo the site and the actual lack of women on here.

  8. Lightning Kangaroo

    fake profiles all over this website so it should be obvious and you should run screaming before you can get caught up and spend a ton of money on this place

  9. one affair site down another to go, i may or may not stick around on this one because actually does have some hot chicks but thats about it

  10. Maxwell Coveney

    not impressed by sites like this anymore. they all look the same and steal all the same fake profiles. i think i will skip on this one and try out something else.

  11. i can’t think of anything in a review that would actually compliment though to be fair, this site deserves absolutely nothing. its just bad all over and you won’t get laid!

  12. for comparison every other site i have been on? dozens of messages. this one? NONE. tell me that’s my fault and i’ll probably smack you!

  13. Rocky Swallow

    while i can’t call it a scam i certainly can just call out false advertising in an instant. this site does NOT deliver what it says it will and that’s why it’s awful!

  14. NOTHING about is legit so i am finding…except for the odd diamond in the ruff. that’s why i stick around, to find those girls in particular!

  15. Alphonso Butterfill

    trying to think of something good about this site and i just cant! there’s nothing on here that speaks to me or actually helps me meet women so it’s a total waste.

  16. Little Cougar

    as far as a cheating site, this one falls SUPER under the bar of acceptable. there are so many fake profiles on that it’s ridiculous! don’t even waste your time.

  17. if you want to give a site a good rating, then go to any other sites out there that actually deserve it. this one has even forgotten what a woman LOOKS LIKE.

  18. Bella Darkblood

    when i hop on this website i don’t expect much. unfortunately i just don’t get ANYTHING. not a single message response in months and i’m ready to throw in the towel.

  19. could be a great affair site but it just isn’t. i haven’t had a lot of luck here because it’s soooo slow to get women to reply to you and actually go out with you

  20. Houston Maclagan

    people still use sites like this and its’ really shocking to me because they are so clearly fake. these sites will only give you scams and spam mail!

  21. Roger Barbarian Grimbeard

    can’t think of anything nice to say in this review so sorry,, i don’t think i will be back. there’s not a chance that i will ever hook up with any of these women!

  22. for comparison i think this site is a total WRECK. every other site i’ve used lately actually helps me TALK to women at the very least but this one is the opposite!

  23. Grub Jack Moonship

    i can’t exactly call it a scam but it might as well be. pay money, get nothing; that’s the essence of it and the obvious reason why you shouldn’t use this site

  24. Cristobal

    while i am sure that a few girls on dating affair are legit, i just can’t get them to reply to my messages which is really disappointing. i guess i will keep trying though!

  25. Jules Wilson

    really not sure what is supposed to be good about this site. it misses the mark entirely for me and for that reason i won’t be renewing my membership at all.

  26. Stony Cutie Mule

    there’s not a single cheating site out there that is worse than datingaffair and i really believe that. whooo boy are there some fakes running around on here!


  28. okay but this website is basically a hub for fakes and private investigators?? how can you get anything done on here. you will just get caught in five seconds!

  29. is not the best affair site out there by far. that being said i am still at it because some of the women are smoking hot so here’s to hoping!

  30. Thomas Sanner

    i am REALLY not into sites like this. they are obvious full of fakes and trying to weed your way through that is a nightmare. don’t spend money on a hassle!

  31. Dromedary Seriously

    trying to review this site was like banging my head against a brick wall. there’s NOTHING about dating affair that is any good. just take your money and leave

  32. for comparison i think i have had more success on every site except this one. LITERALLY EVERY SITE. i have met a girl on at least five other sites by now!

  33. Hamster Rolling

    this site is most likely nothing but a scam. i haven’t gotten a single message returned the whole time i was here which is just ridiculous in the long run!

  34. i went hunting for a legit affair site and came up with not sure how it’s going so far, kind of slow to start, but i am trying to hold out and see.

  35. Neil Little


  36. Color Swallow

    if you want a bad cheating site, here you are! dating affair IS IT! you won’t ever be bored at least because wow, look at all those scam artists you need to avoid!

  37. for me this is REALLY an F grade site. i can’t imagine giving it any greater of a rating because it just goes far and beyond every other awful site i’ve tried out.

  38. Maximum Bitter Donkey

    i get more texts in church than i do messages on this website. not worth a dime and i will not be renewing my membership unless i get bored and want to look at pics LOL

  39. i wanted to get on an affair site just to have fun. unfortunately, has been reeeally slow for me so far so i might just need to try out another

  40. Bennie Mingle

    i think sites like this are the reason most affair dating sites have a bad rap. there’s no reason to have a site full of nothing but fake profiles!

  41. Cute Sad Farrow

    mostly i want to throw this site straight off a cliff every time i try to review it. datingaffair is a jooooke! you won’t get laid on here so why are you even bothering??

  42. thinking of a comparison is like pulling teeth. just don’t bother. there is NOTHING about this site that is good so it’s better if you just sign off and leave it alone.

  43. Sugar Knife

    probably a scam but i’m here now and i guess looking at hot pics will keep me preoccupied until my membership runs out! definitely will not be reviewing!

  44. i can’t be sure if is legit or not but at least some of the girls are hot. there’s that in my favor though not much else!

  45. Clemente Sheets

    i wish i could think of ANYTHING good about this site but there really isn’t anything. it’s just a waste of time and money and you will not get laid on here at all.

  46. Massive Sleepy Fox

    a prime example of what NOT to do on a cheating site. seriously, throw underneath the bus and just run screaming while you’re at it… i can’t believe this site is still up and running!

  47. for me this site needs the lowest rating it possible can have. it just doesn’t deliver on any level and for that reason it needs to be taken down or at least labeled a big fat scam!

  48. KittenKitten

    if you are looking for a website that will do ANYTHING like it says it will, then this is not the site for you. at best you’ll get some spam mail, have fun!

  49. this is kind of a bad affair site as far as i’m concerned. doesn’t do anything in the way of helping me hook up with women but i guess it might improve later

  50. Otha Pickering

    when i get on sites like this i lose a little bit of my faith in the affair community. what a shame overall but i guess i’m glad i didn’t spend that much money at least!


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