DiscreetAdventures.com Review: Why Didn’t DiscreetAdventures.com Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?



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DiscreetAdventures definitely didn't result in any adventures for us! A boring site with no women on it.

Did you ever go to the pool and dip your toe in the water? Did that count as swimming? If you answered “No,” then you know more about what is and what isn’t commitment than all the women on DiscreetAdventures.com.

The website DiscreetAdventures.com is FULL of women who are just “looking.” These women have no intention of stepping out on their husbands. In fact, they’re totally rude if you offer to actually, we don’t know, have an affair with them?

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We were really surprised to find that the women on DiscreetAdventures.com were so picky, since…let’s be honest, the women on here are NOT that hot. They’re certainly not hot enough that they should be turning us down, not when we’re so good at presenting ourselves (for more on making yourself look attractive on a cheater dating site, check out our guides to making your profile pop).

So, how sure are we that you won’t get laid on this site? How sure are we that the next Pope will be an elderly white dude? Let’s take a look at the things that make DiscreetAdventures.com so very, very unadventurous when it comes to providing quality services.

Main Page for DiscreetAdventures

The thing you need to know first about DiscreetAdventures.com is that it’s about 85 percent MALE. This website actually has real members, unlike most of the sites on our naughty list.

Unfortunately, this site is pretty much devoid of women who want to get down! We found that more often than not, the women on this site are not actually looking to step out on their husbands. Usually they’re throwing temper tantrums over something and want to know that they COULD get laid again if they wanted to.

Yeah, that’s probably lead to a lot of blue balls around DiscreetAdventures.com. We’ve tried smooth-talking and charming and being generally pretty adorable, but nothing works on the women here. Our DiscreetAdventures review was an exercise in patience, and we definitely don’t want to repeat it any time in the near future.

What We Discovered About Using DiscreetAdventures.com For Cheater Dating

During our time writing the DiscreetAdventures comparison, we made sure to give it a fair shake. After all, we had nothing against the website. We WANTED a great place to go to get laid!

We sent out emails to 240 different women. There were some pretty attractive women on here-not GREAT, not like the women on a good site like AshleyMadison.com or anything, but some decent lonely housewife type ladies.

Unfortunately, we only got 13 emails back! All of those were apologies, too. We got a lot of emails like, “Thank you for your nice words! However, I think I’m going to try and make it work with my husband. You made this happily married lady blush!”

Woman, we don’t care if we made you blush. We’re here to have affairs, not to stroke your ego while you dance us around like puppets on a string.

Is DiscreetAdventures.com Worth Your Time At All?

If we wanted to stroke the egos of unhappily married women, we’d call up our mothers and tell them they’re pretty. This site is USELESS for finding affairs, because none of the women on here actually want to have them!

There’s also a DISTINCT mathematical disadvantage. Why would you want to waste your time on a website where you’re just one of the 85 percent of the site that’s male? That’s a terrible statistic for any guy looking to get laid on DiscreetAdventures.com.

We Reviewed DiscreetAdventures.com: Here’s Our Verdict

Anyone that can get laid on DiscreetAdventures.com is a miracle worker. We’ve been getting laid on affairs sites for years, and we’ve NEVER had the kind of problems we have on DiscreetAdventures.com.

If you want to have a sexy fun time with other married people, you need to get the very best in married dating websites. There are no cheaters that can get laid on crappy sites like DiscreetAdventures.com. All the SUCCESSFUL cheaters find much better, less crappy sites, like EroticAffairs.com. If that one isn’t your cup of tea (and it should be), try AffairsClub.com instead. Better yet, use them both at the same time!

50 Responses to “DiscreetAdventures.com Review: Why Didn’t DiscreetAdventures.com Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. ToddlerToddler

    this site is really full of private investigators! it’s obvious from the start and that is why i have to give discreet adventures a really bad review. scary, scary site!

  2. very few sites can be THIS BAD. that’s why there’s no comparison to how bad this one is lol and why i will NEVER be back to use this site again.

  3. Morbid Python

    when i am looking for an affair i am not going to get on a scam site like this, that’s for sure. stay the heck away from it and maybe you will actually get laid

  4. ehhh i am not sure if it is legit or not. discreet adventures is pretty questionable tbh but i do like some of the ladies on here. i can only hope they answer my messages soon.

  5. Kristopher Campbell

    nothing good about a site full of prostitutes and PIs. you will get caught here and it’s honestly just a mess and a trainwreck. take your money elsewhere!


  7. this site is very much deserving of the worst rating i can give. it’s really not good. first of all you won’t get laid. second of all all these women are actually scammers!

  8. Eastern Hurricane

    i can’t imagine this website as anything good at all…that being said at least some of the women on here are kind of hot? i don’t know, it may be worth someone’s money

  9. kind of a scary example of an affair site but i held out and hoped that discreet adventures would be better soon! let’s see if that happens in the near future

  10. Michael Rowe

    i wish sites like this would get taken off the internet. it’s pretty bad. the women on here are probably prostitutes for the most part, not someone to actually have an affair with!

  11. man i don’t USUALLY leave a review but discreetadventures.com is SO bad that i just have to. a real waste of time and money, stay away from this one!

  12. for comparison i have always gotten responses on other sites. this site is just nothing but spam mails or no mails at all! no money should be spent with these people.

  13. eh i can’t call it a scam but i can’t call it good either. stay away from this one and just kind of roll your eyes and move on if you know what’s good for you

  14. if you want a legit site then i am not sure that discreet adventures is really it. it’s kind of questionable at times, but some of the women are hot so i’m still trying it out.

  15. Quintin Zadovsky

    not good at all. there’s NOTHING about this site that’s good actually and so with that in mind i really wish i could get my money back and never find this site.

  16. Strawberry Vulture

    for a cheating site you have got to be kidding me. this is just a really crappy excuse of a site. discreet adventures is NOT going to do you any favors, spend your money elsewhere.

  17. whooo prostitutes and private investigators, my FAVORITE. this site WILL NOT get you laid and honestly you just won’t find anything on here to satiate your urges lol

  18. Hungry Seriously Genius

    when i go on this website i just have to sigh long and hard…really not good… there’s not much on this site that is good for anyone but some people really enjoy it i guess

  19. For an affair site, it’s not good at all. I think it might be more fun for just random hook ups but whatever. discreet adventures isn’t my cup of tea but it might be yours.

  20. Basil Sanborn

    hate sites like this. they give us all a bad name. i will never get on this site again after losing so much money and just not getting a single lay, it’s BAD

  21. Nasty Tainted Panda

    few sites get a bad review like this from me. discreetadventures is one of them, it’s REALLY not discreet for one! it’s a waste of time is what it is and i just have to bang my head into a wall about it

  22. trying to think of a comparison to this site is like whacking yourself in the face with a board. just don’t do it. it’s bad enough already, don’t make it worse!

  23. Man Modern

    i’m not convinced this is a SCAM per say but that doesn’t mean it’s any good at all. it’s just kind of lackluster for me and i really think this site could do better

  24. whether it’s legit or not, discreet adventures hasn’t done much for me so far. i think that i will have to send out a lot more messages to actually get results

  25. Denis Weisgarber

    not good. when you consider how full it is of prostitutes and the like it’s not exactly a surprise. there are private investigators too, what a mix!

  26. Rockhard Agent

    when it comes to a cheating site this one doesn’t take anything but your money. it’s just bad. discreet adventures is a nightmare waiting to happen!

  27. the only rating i can think to give this site is a big 0 out of 10. it’s just that bad. the women aren’t even real and if they are, they’re prostitutes. who wants to take that home??

  28. this is one of the more pathetic examples of an affair website that i have seen around. that being said, i guess it could be worse?? i didn’t get THAT much money taken lol


  30. Elvin Hunter

    mostly i think sites like this are just out to steal your money when they lie this much. it’s sooo obvious that these women are fake, they don’t even try…

  31. Quote Zamkix

    generally unimpressed with this site and that’s all i can say about this one in this review. discreet adventures has nothing on it that is different and it’s just a scam…

  32. when i try to think of a comparison there is REALLY nothing i can think up. it’s just bad. it’s probably for the best that there aren’t this many bad sites around.

  33. Stony Llama

    took one look at this one and saw it was a scam so i’m not that far out of my money. it’s just a shame because some of the pics are kind of hot lol

  34. wish i could find a site like discreet adventures that was actually legit! there’s not much about this site that is actually discreet and that is what worries me…

  35. Harold Kanaga

    not particularly good. i wish this site would hurry up and drop off the face of the internet. it’s sad and stealing money from a lot of people with its scamming.

  36. this isn’t a cheating site, it’s more like a whore house! discreetadventures.com is BAD, it just has a lot of prostitutes and private investigators, really not good

  37. 0 out of 10 rating. this site is BAD. i hate this site and think that it is just asking to steal more money from you the moment you look at it! scammers in spades!

  38. Ruthless Stud

    this website isn’t good at all and i think that’s obvious. that is its only saving grace because it helps you realize early on that you won’t get laid on here!

  39. not a really good affair site at all! discreetadventures.com isn’t good at all because the women are all fakes or prostitutes. you have a good chance of getting scammed on here… so be careful

  40. Allen Jackson

    sites like this are just WORRISOME. take this one and throw it out the window before you think of hopping on here and spending any more money!

  41. Captain Bill Davis

    when i give a review it’s only because the site is awful. discreet adventures is REALLY the case of bad here. it’s just awful, you won’t get laid, you are paying money for NOTHING

  42. i think trying to come up with a comparison for this site is like throwing yourself off a cliff. i hate this site and think that it’s a total waste of money

  43. Grub Jack Moonship


  44. there aren’t many legit sites out there but discreetadventures unfortunately seems questionable to me. haven’t had much luck so far but i’ll keep trying to make it work

  45. Adrian Finlay

    maybe this site is good for some people but it just doesn’t work for me! this site hasn’t gotten a single message answered for me, so what a waste of money…

  46. REALLY not good as a cheating site. i think that discreet adventures just falls flat in every aspect, so that’s a big shame when it comes to actually meeting women

  47. 0 out of 10. i can’t stand this site and think it really deserves that low rating! i can’t even get women to talk to me on here and i think most are private investigators anyway!

  48. William Gold Scarlet

    not sure about this website. sometimes it’s ok other times it’s really bad and right now i think it’s mostly just bad. what a crappy site this one is

  49. discreet adventures really isn’t a good affair site. maybe it’s better for just randomly meeting people, i dunno, but it DOESN’T work for my purposes overall

  50. Alvaro Gongaware

    not sure about sites like this. i can’t find anyone on here to really chat about ANYTHING let alone actually having an affair! this was a waste of my money


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