EliteFling.com Review: Why Didn’t EliteFling.com Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?



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EliteFling didn't offer us any flings at all. We didn't get any response to our messages, and the profiles were hard to search.

Wow, we haven’t seen a site anywhere near as broken as EliteFling.com in a long, LONG time.

This site is absolutely NEVER going to get you laid. There’s very little good we can say about it, and so much bad that it’s kind of painful to watch, to be perfectly honest. The girls on the site are mediocre, the guys are horny and grabby-and did we mention that this site is broken as hell?

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EliteFling.com stands as a testament to why you shouldn’t buy a website that’s basically a self-assembly kit for janky websites. There’s almost nothing RIGHT about this stupid site, and it’s certainly never going to help you cheat on your wife for a sexy affair.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes EliteFling.com one of the worst choices you can ever make as a cheater looking for love.

We had a just plain terrible time on EliteFling.com. We always give it our all on cheater dating sites-if you don’t, you’ll never have good results, even on great websites like EroticAffairs.com. On EliteFling.com, we found nothing that was…how should we put it? “Elite.” There was nothing we hadn’t seen on more pedestrian websites, and honestly, even THOSE had more female members than EliteFling.com.

EliteFling Main Page

This is a pretty empty website. All the profiles are obviously fake, but the worst part is that you will hardly even get to SEE the female profiles. Most of your time on this cheater dating site will be spent trying to get it to work. Pages crashed constantly, or just refused to load, or took us somewhere other than the page we’d tried to click on.

Basically, our entire attempt to use EliteFling.com was stopped by… EliteFling.com. This site is its own worst enemy when it comes to helping guys meet women!

What We Discovered About Using EliteFling.com For Cheater Dating

During our time on EliteFling.com, we sent out emails to 240 women. Let us tell you, that wasn’t exactly a labor of love. On most cheater dating sites we go to, we wind up spending about four hours doing all of that. We have email templates that we use to get women interested at first (check out our guide to email templates on cheater dating sites if you want to copy ours-we don’t mind). That means that sending each email only takes about a minute.

On EliteFling.com, it took us EASILY five times that long. We spent so much time wrangling the website that each email took us at least five minutes-that’s 20 hours over the space of a month!

And what did we get back? 11 emails, and that’s it. We literally spent 20 hours doing absolutely nothing worthwhile, wrestling with a terrible website and not getting anything out of it.

Those 11 emails weren’t worth our time. That’s barely a four percent rate of response, which is so much worse than on ANY of our favorite websites that it’s not even worth mentioning. We had no dates, and we never managed to hook up.

Is EliteFling.com Worth Your Time At All?

Listen, we don’t need to pay for a crappy broken website to get ignored by women. We can get ignored by women just fine for free, thanks very much. Getting ignored for free doesn’t crash on us, or make our wives mad when they see the site in the browser history (check out our guide to keeping safe online for tips on how not to be a freaking idiot and leave up websites like EliteFling.com in your browser history).

There’s nothing on EliteFling.com worth coming back for. Our entire EliteFling review was an exercise in futility, and in seeing how long we could wait for a single page to load before punching a wall.

We Reviewed EliteFling.com: Here’s Our Verdict

Do NOT use EliteFling.com and expect to get laid. There’s no way anyone can get laid on a site as useless as this, and you’re just going to wind up finding out what everyone else knows: EliteFling.com is a SCAM.

For websites that AREN’T scams, try out EroticAffairs.com, our number one pick for a cheater dating site. Or try out AffairsClub.com if you want a little variety in your life.

50 Responses to “EliteFling.com Review: Why Didn’t EliteFling.com Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. fuuuull of fake profiles. elite fling is really messy and bad, and that’s why i have to give it a really bad review! nothing good to say about this one.

  2. when i try to think of a comparison to this site i just come up flat. it’s REALLY honestly bad. i can’t believe more people actually pay for this site! stay away from it

  3. probably a scam, i think this site will just take you for everything if you let it. that being said at least the fake profiles are kind of hot? make use of that if you’ve already signed up lol

  4. I can’t be sure if elitefling.com is legit or not and that’s kind of troubling. I hope it is as the site really does look promising but it’s just sort of questionable right now.

  5. Andreas Arthur

    not good. there’s really NOTHING about this site that is and that’s the worst of all. i wish that i had never found it, a pity that anyone actually spends money here

  6. Southern Gangster

    faaaake profiles everywhere. i can’t imagine this cheating site as EVER being any good. elitefling.com promises a lot but you just don’t get anything! take your cash elsewhere.

  7. for me this site has to get my lowest rating. i can’t think of ANYTHING on this site that is actually redeemable. it just drives me nuts and nothing about it is good.

  8. Screaming Rolling Moose

    NOT a good website. not only will you not get a woman on your arm but you probably will get scammed. if you just don’t sign up though that solves all your probems!

  9. for me this falls flat as an affair site. just kind of stay away for that purpose unless you like elite fling for, well, really short flings. maybe that will work better.

  10. Isaiah Endsley

    sites like this are such obvious scams. there are nothing but fake profiles on here and it makes me want to bash my head against a wall. pass on this one for sure.

  11. i can’t STAND this site and that’s why i had to give it a review! NOTHING about elitefling is really good to me and i think that anyone that spends money here is wasting their time.

  12. wow, good luck trying to come up with a comparison for this crap hole. the women aren’t even real! it’s just fake profiles and a lot of PIs, so steer clear.

  13. William Wormwood

    do you want to get found out? because this scam site will make it happen. lol. don’t spend money here and you’ll be fine, otherwise you’ve got a target on your back.

  14. this site has a great concept but i’m not sure that elite fling is actually legit. good luck actually hooking up with anyone on here, it’s hard to get them to chat!

  15. Denis Porter

    when i think of good affair sites unfortunately this one misses the mark. it’s a shame because it could be fun but it isn’t and it just steals all your cash!

  16. just doesn’t work as a cheating site, plain and simple. i really think that elite fling needs to just be taken down entirely so it can’t mess with anyone anymore

  17. 0 out of 10 rating. i hate this site, it really doesn’t do anything that it says it will, and the fake women aren’t even nice to look at. a total waste of money for anyone!

  18. Green Eagle

    this website just doesn’t commit and with that is the reason why they have to pad with fake profiles. really not good and mindnumbingly gross and bad..

  19. i think elitefling.com COULD be a good affair site, but i have a hard time getting women on here to reply to my messages. not sure if there is a trick to it or not!

  20. Joesph Watson

    when i use sites like this i always try to keep an open mind but this one is so OBVIOUSLY bad that i just can’t. i won’t be back to use this one again!

  21. Dangerous Leather

    honestly i hate leaving a review on any site but this one is just so bad that i kind of have to. elite fling is just a trainwreck! it has sooo many fake profiles that it’s impossible to use.

  22. when i try to come up with a comparison for this one… i just can’t. it’s SO BAD that the women on it are fake AND ugly and also probably scammers waiting to pounce!

  23. Stud Dangerous

    wish i could find a site that isn’t a scam for a change! unfortunately this one isn’t that. it’s just fake profile after fake profile. at least it’s an obvious one to avoid.

  24. i can’t figure out if this one is legit or not but it would be nice of elitefling.com actually was. the women generally are pretty good looking but just won’t reply to messages.

  25. Blair Swain

    not much good to say about this site. i think that in general it’s just a mess and that people spend a lot of money on absolutely nothing!

  26. Moose Quality

    for a cheating site i really do expect more! unfortunately elitefling just misses the mark entirely. you won’t get to talk to any women here so don’t get excited.

  27. when it comes to giving a site a rating, i can’t help but give this one an F. it’s just bad. the women on it don’t talk and WON’T sleep with you so what’s the point?

  28. Iron Square

    fake profiles all over this website. they’re pretty easy to spot at least so that’s a plus but your chances of actually finding someone to have an affair with are slim.

  29. i really want my affair sites to be discreet but unfortunately elite fling really isn’t all that and a bag of chips. i was hoping it would be better!

  30. Elton Sloan

    when i use sites like this i am always wary. that being said i think that this one isn’t THAT bad but it’s still one of the lesser ones i have tried, just no success.

  31. Dreaded Space

    can’t think of anything nice to say in this review at all. honestly elite fling doesn’t deliver at all, none of the women on here will respond to a single one of my messages!

  32. very few sites are this bad. i can’t even think of a comparison to it to be honest! you just WON’T meet women on here and that’s the big crux of it all!

  33. this site is definitely a scam and that’s the problem lol. it’s so obvious that i guess that’s also kind of a blessing? as long as you don’t spend a lot of cash here…

  34. when i was looking for a fun affair site i was hoping that elite fling would be legit but now i am suspicious. all i can do is hope at this point i guess!

  35. Douglass Lazzo

    don’t throw your money away on a site like this. there is NOTHING good about it and you won’t get laid. the women on here won’t even look sideways at you.

  36. Silver Temporary Peasant


  37. when i give a site a rating i really do try to be fair but this one is deserving of the lowest of the low. it is honestly awful because it denies you exactly what you’re paying for.

  38. Rainbow Scissor

    a pretty crappy website but a kind of hilarious dating affair site. you just can’t get through to any of these women…betting they’re fake to be honest!

  39. questionable as an affair site. i just can’t get women on elite fing to talk to me! it’s really disappointing but i am holding out and hoping that i see something in my inbox soon.

  40. Jarrett Dale

    when i look at sites like this i just…have to scratch my head a little. what is going through anyone’s mind on these things? they’re just not good.

  41. when i think about this site i just CAN’T give it anything close to a good review. THERE’S NOTHING GOOD TO SAY! elite fling just won’t get you laid and that’s the whole POINT OF IT.

  42. there are few sites that are THIS bad. i can’t even think of any to hold a real comparison to! don’t bother with this one if you want to actually put your money to use.

  43. Toughsillight

    probably a scam and at this point i think it’s safe to say that it’s OBVIOUS. the women on here are fake profiles, pics snatched from other sites, so just run!

  44. ehhh this site is really kind of questionable when it comes to being legit! i think elite fling could be a good site but it just doesn’t deliver at all. what a shame.

  45. Edgardo Schreckengost

    no good site would do the things this one does. at least clear out all the empty profiles! but no they won’t because they want to pad everything up!

  46. Red Francois Darkmoon

    elitefling.com really just fails as a cheating site. you won’t get a single message returned on here so how can you EVER expect to start an affair?

  47. not even close to some sort of good so there’s no point in even talking about what rating i gave this place it’s really awful and the women on here just won’t talk!

  48. Black Turtle

    fakes fakes fakes, that’s all this website is. it’s at least a pretty easy thing to spot so spare yourself and don’t spend any money on these idiots

  49. elite fling tries to be a good affair site. it just fails miserably. i spotted a lot of fake profiles but i am attempting to wade through them and see what i can come up with.

  50. Millard Appleby

    throw all sites like this off the internet. just do it. then we will have a much easier time of getting women to talk to use because we won’t have to tiptoe around bots!


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