Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?


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Gleeden is a very unhappy place, contrary to its name! We regret wasting our time on this site.

Though it pains us to admit this, it is POSSIBLE that somewhere in the world, is a top cheater dating website.

It’s not PROBABLE, but it’s possible. In the U.S., however, this is totally and completely not true. The site is bad and broken, the terms & conditions are frightening, and you will just see the same fake women over and over again as you try to make something work. will turn you into a desperate, bitter, angry guy who will NEVER get his money back.

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Gee, think we hate this site or something? is awful, and only the fact that a few other sites are worse keeps it from being in VERY LAST PLACE on our list.

We really don’t like anything about From the second we joined this site, we were pretty sure it was a scam-and after so long looking at cheater dating sites, our Gleeden review wasn’t much of as surprise.

When we look at whether or not sites are scams, there are a lot of factors to consider. For one thing, we have to make sure and see whether there are a lot of members versus how many members they say there are, and whether there are a lot of complicated profile-

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We’re just kidding. We do look at that stuff, sure, but the most important thing is that the site gets you laid. A site that doesn’t get us laid is NEVER going to make it into our Top Sites. didn’t get us laid, won’t get you laid, and has probably never gotten ANYONE laid. This site is a total failure on every level, including design, transparency, and content. There’s nothing we liked about it, and we’re POSITIVE that Gleeden is a scam.

What We Discovered About Using For Cheater Dating

During our time writing the Gleeden comparison, we made sure to send out 240 emails, each one to a different girl.

It was TOUGH finding girls who were actually in the U.S.! We were a little wary of the site right away, as soon as it promised that we could “meet someone international for sex.”

Okay, maybe the people behind have the cash to fly to Norway for a booty call, but most of us down here on earth are lucky to get over to the next city for a fling. Sure, we can make it work on the occasional business trip, but that’s a far cry from wanting to meet people internationally.

In the U.S., has almost no members. The girls that it DOES have are fake profiles, repeated over and over with no signs of remorse. We sometimes found the same girl, in the same picture, listed in the same city four times!

We only got SEVEN responses to our 240 emails. That’s a pretty sad amount, and we’re definitely not going to go back to using this crappy site any time in the future.

Is Worth Your Time At All?

We’re honestly not sure if anyone at has ever used a real cheaters dating site. We’re pretty sure they don’t know what they’re doing-and worse, they don’t seem to know how crappy they are.

Honestly, it seems like they didn’t even expect anyone to TRY to use their website! The fact that they didn’t seem to think that we’d notice if the same girl showed up on the same page three times just makes us think that we got further than they expected anyone to get, and they didn’t bother making it look at all believable.

We Reviewed Here’s Our Verdict is a failure of a website on every level. It’s bad-looking, gross, complicated, and doesn’t help ANYONE get laid. It doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves or our decision to cheat, and it doesn’t get us in the mood for a hookup.

Maybe in Poland (or wherever is actually based), there are people who can get laid with this crappy site. If you’re actually in the U.S., you’d be better off sticking to, which actually has girls that might be in your time zone.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. when i think about this site i just have to cringe. i can’t believe gleeden is as popular as it is when it is so INACTIVE. that’s why i had to leave a review, it’s just scary!

  2. this site in comparison to other sites has left me with absolutely no messages. i can’t believe that it actually exists and that i can’t get a single woman on here to talk to me!

  3. El Waterbuck

    probably a scam. i can’t say for sure but i doubt most of the women on here are real. at least some of them are i guess but i still can’t have much success with those numbers

  4. i was really hoping that gleeden was legit but i am starting to think that isn’t the case. there’s just not much activity on here and that makes me worried

  5. when i am looking for a good site that i can actually have an affair on this one really doesn’t seem to deliver. i can’t get past the fact that people seem to LIKE this site!

  6. El Dromedary is NOT a good cheating site. you won’t get laid on here. you’ll be lucky if you get an e-mail to be honest, but most of the time it’s just silence.

  7. i want to give this site my lowest rating. it’s obvious for the reason; there aren’t any women on here that will actually sleep with you so there’s no way you will actually get laid!

  8. Rusty Hidden Toad

    you aren’t getting what you are paying for on this website…that much is certain. still i think that this website has some promise, it just won’t ever be utilized properly

  9. for an affair site this just falls flat. i can’t make gleeden work for me because none of the women on here will talk to me. it was pretty disappointing!

  10. Jefferson Oppenheimer

    hate sites like this. they’re all the same; scams with fake profiles or empty ones with a loooot of inactive members that have moved on. pass on this one!

  11. there is nothing on this site to review in a positive light. i HATE GLEEDEN. i have wasted a lot of money on a site that i thought was good, turns out it REALLY isn’t!

  12. wow if i try to think of a comparison to this site i might just kill myself. it’s really awful and bad. to think there is more of this crap is really sickening.

  13. Hungry Eagle

    i just don’t trust this site and think it’s a scam. it’s a little sad and scary for me to think of so many people that wasted money here. i hope that it isn’t that big of a scam.


  15. Jospeh Clark

    i think this has the potential to be a good site but it just isn’t and can’t be. i really was disappointed with that and hope to see more from it in the future but ah well.

  16. Golden Duckie

    honestly the worst cheating site i have ever used is gleeden. i can’t get a single woman on here to talk to me. i don’t think any one is even around on this site anymore.

  17. a total waste of money and for that it gets the lowest rating from me. i can’t believe people still sign up here. it’s OBVIOUSLY empty now that i look at it!

  18. this website is a giant mistake on my part, that’s for sure. i wish i had never spent money on this place but at least some of the old profile pics are hot lol

  19. this affair site kind of missed the mark for me. seems like it would be hip and trendy and fun but it’s anything but. no active members on my side…

  20. Lucius Catlay

    i can’t believe that sites like this are still allowed to suck money from the pockets of unaware customers. it needs to be shut down if it’s going to be so inactive!

  21. Vital Cult Rebel

    when i left a review on this site i couldn’t believe it. it’s really that bad now. is really awful and made up fo nothing but fake profiles now!

  22. in comparison to every other site i have ever used, this site has absolutely failed. it can’t get me a single message let alone a bunch of different lays!

  23. Heavy Mole

    i hate scams sites and so i really ended up hating this one. mostly it was just a waste of money but it was also a waste of time which…ugh. i mean at least the pics are hot?

  24. seemed like a nice site but now i am questioning if it is legit or not. we will see and i hope that it is but who knows, i can’t get responses very easily

  25. Paris Sauter

    nothing about this site is any good and that’s painfully obvious. i wish i had never signed up here. if i had looked harder that would have been clear from the get-go.

  26. nothing compared to a cheating site that doesn’t help you actually CHEAT! gleeden is really disappointing for this reason and i regret ever spending money on this one in general

  27. this site deserves a REALLY low rating. i can’t believe it’s still in operation to be honest, i wish it would be taken down after all my failed attempts to actually get women to talk to me on here

  28. Phys Lamhold

    i think this website is proooobably a rip off but i gave it a shot anyway. kind of disappointing to see that no one responds to messages but whatever, it was an experiement

  29. for an affair site, i really was not impressed. i think that gleeden has a better purpose as a general meeting spot for affair lovers lol. it just doesn’t work otherwise.

  30. Clemente Flick


  31. New Torpedo

    rarely do i leave a review but is bad enough that i need to. one look shows you that it’s inactive as heck and that should be an immediate thing to scare you away!

  32. when i try to find a site in comparison to how bad this one is i am at least glad that it’s a struggle. this site stole a lot of money from me and i didn’t even get laid!

  33. Dirty Rocky Craw

    for me this site is an obvious scam. not the textbook version of the word but still pretty awful. i can’t believe it’s still up and operational to be honest!

  34. not sure there is anything legit about but i did get a few messages returned. i think they were real so i will keep pursuing the women on this website.

  35. Lemuel Lord

    this site could be good but it just ISN’T. the harder you try to actually get women on here the harder it seems to actually make it happen. a real waste of my time.

  36. Rare Detective

    i think this fails miserably as a cheating site. doesn’t actually help you meet anyone; it just takes your money and you’re lucky if you get spam mails

  37. 0 out of 10 rating on this one. i can’t stand this site because it deliberately lies about active members and just takes all your money in the process. a waste of time and cash!

  38. The Tired Frostbite

    this website is an obvious scam and one that makes me want to bang my head into the wall. the only good thing about it is looking at hot pics after you are fooled!

  39. i think that this site is an okay affair site but pretty slow moving. if could actually get some active members it would be a very different story!

  40. Kraig Elizabeth

    when i look at sites like this i am immediately critical. there is just not much going on here and that’s pretty obvious from the get-go. give this one a try only if you don’t value money.


  42. this site has no comparison to how crappy it is to be honest. i don’t think there is a single live, active woman on this website any longer and that’s just pathetic.

  43. Stormy King

    probably a scam on every level but eh at least some of the pics are hot. for me i didn’t mind signing up to give it a try but others will really be upset.

  44. there are few legit affair sites out there and gleeden tries to be one of them but i’m not sure if it actually succeeds or not. i did find a few fake profiles so far.

  45. Russell Casteel

    nothing good to say. i hate this site and people that actually use it are really wasting a lot of time and effort on absolutely nothing. none of the women are actually here!

  46. Chipmunk Color

    this is a failure of a cheating site for one reason and one reason only: gleeden is full of FAKES and EMPTY PROFILES and there aren’t any women to really have sex with!

  47. F- rating and i will never change my mind after spending money for months and not getting a single message returned. i should have learned faster!

  48. Sheep Brave

    what a crappy website. to be honest the layout put me off immediately but what can you do, some of the pics were hot! i will not be renewing though…

  49. one of the more prolific affair sites out there so i expect a lot but so far gleeden has been slow going for me. i will keep at it though because the women are lovely.

  50. Milford Haile

    sites like this just need to be shut down. it’s an obvious scam and it has nothing but inactive members nowadays. don’t spend your cash on a place like this


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