Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?


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LikeToCheat was a total bust and it wasn't even worth the time to fill out the profile. is a gross, upsetting, boring website that obviously has no idea what the people on it are looking for.

This is also a site you should avoid at any cost for your own safety and well-being. This site might as well be re-named “,” since all it does is make a great place for con men to play their favorite tune.

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If you don’t get it yet, is FULL of private investigators. While we can help you learn how to shake a tail if you’re being followed, we still recommend that the best defense is a good offense-and it’s an offensively bad choice to go on!

Let’s take a look at why we hate so much, and why you should stay away.

In case you don’t know, the Badger Game is an old con man’s trick. It’s the old standby where a woman (or a man, but let’s just open one can of worms at a time) lures a man into sex, then makes sure they get caught in the act. The blackmailers threaten to tell his wife (or the woman’s husband) if he doesn’t pay up, and he has to make the choice between paying up or getting found out forever.

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Of course, this was a lot more popular back when cheating on your wife was an offense punishable by law instead of something that we just assume everyone is doing.

Still, you can find versions of the Badger Game everywhere on crappy cheater dating sites-like!

This site is a little different, because the Internet has been a godsend for con men and Nigerian Princes. The con man is also the bait in this case. He pretends to be a hot lady, gets the mark to say that he’s really excited about cheating on his wife, then promises to send that correspondence to his wife unless the guy pays up. Some P.I.s are good at finding out a guy’s real name and information, and some of them suck at it. Since you’re never sure which one is which, a lot of guys think it’s safer to just pay up than risk their wives finding out they’ve been trying to cheat. is FULL of these guys. After all, it makes sense. Why wouldn’t you try to catch a guy on a site as obvious-sounding as

What We Discovered About Using For Cheater Dating

During our LikeToCheat review, we sent out emails to 240 women. While we only got ONE back (we think she was lost…and kinda dusty…), we did get a LOT of emails from unsolicited women.

Yeah, that’s the thing. Quality women just don’t write to guys on cheater dating sites. They have their pick of men, so they can afford to wait to be approached. In general, 99 percent of the unsolicited emails you get on any dating site, PARTICULARLY a cheater dating site, will be spam or a scam.

Is Worth Your Time At All?

Some guys get a boner from getting caught. Hey, that’s why public sex is a thing (an awesome thing). The thing is, there’s a big difference between knowing that there’s a possibility you’ll get caught and KNOWINGLY trying to get caught. It’s the difference between going swimming in the ocean and going swimming in a shark tank at feeding time. Yes, you COULD get bitten by a shark both places, but one of them is just frigging stupid.

In other words, this isn’t the kind of site you should spend time on if you want to keep your money. Extortion runs rampant here, and it’s just a matter of time before it’s LikeToPayAlimony.

We Reviewed Here’s Our Verdict

Don’t waste your time or your money with This site is FULL of private investigators, and has few to no women. The P.I.s are good at not getting caught, and reporting them to customer service does absolutely nothing. These guys are pros, and they’ve gotten rich off of guys who don’t guard their information. For more tips on web safety, check out our guide to keeping yourself safe online.

The BEST way to keep safe is to stay on a safe site, like That way you’ll keep your information secure, AND you’ll get laid!

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. Crimson George Davis

    there is nothing about this site that is good. from the bad name to the bad attendance record of all the women, just DESERVES a bad review.


  3. Tiger Seriously

    definitely a scam. i can’t find a single real girl on this site and you’ll be lucky if you don’t end up getting an inbox full of spam bots. oh well, not too much of a waste.

  4. i wish this site was legit but i really think is pretty questionable. no luck on my end so far in getting girls to reply to me that’s for sure

  5. Edmund Osteen

    there is nothing GOOD about this particular site and i think it’s mostly just a giant cluster and there is nothing good about it. stay away and save your money for real sites

  6. THIS IS AN AWFUL CHEATING SITE. YOU WILL NOT GET LAID ON LIKETOCHEAT.COM… these women aren’t even real, it’s just a mess of a site

  7. if you like a cheesy crappy site then by all means hop on this one and give it a great rating. i guarantee you won’t end up with a chick on this site and you’ll just be angry and frustrated

  8. Donna Darkmoon

    this website is really awful. not only will you not get laid but you’ll probably get scammed. at least this site isn’t the worst i’ve been on but still!

  9. really pricey for an affair site but i gave it a shot anyway. i haven’t had a lot of luck on liketocheat so far but i am holding out to see if it actually works for me

  10. Deangelo Altmann


  11. Stupid Maxi Knife has every reason to get a bad review. there is honestly nothing on this site that will help you get a hot date. don’t waste your time with this one.

  12. i can’t think of a SINGLE comparison for this one because it’s really that bad. there is no chance you will meet a woman on a site that is this run down.

  13. really inactive and that is the worst part of this scam. this site just won’t help you get laid at all. the women on here aren’t around anymore and wont’ respond if they are!

  14. i can’t figure out if like to cheat is legit or not but i hope that it is. the women on this site are slow to respond but i am hoping that will pick up in time.

  15. Richard Pycroft

    NOT MUCH ABOUT THIS SITE IS GOOD! i think this site makes a lot of excuses but mostly it just lies about how many women are around here and active!

  16. Furious Warrior

    this is a pretty crappy excuse of a cheating site. i think is really not a good site at all because it doesn’t deliver on any level! pass on this one…

  17. if you want to know my rating then you will just have to cringe along with me. this site is a real 0 out of 10, just a bad example all over for getting laid!

  18. Cute Weasel

    this website is NOT good but i guess it could be worse lol. these women are at least hot to look at but the site itself is impossible to use because it’s so dated.

  19. not a good affair site or so i’ve found. i think this site needs a lot of help but for the most part you can get around it and meet a few women if you REALLY work at it, liketocheat is just eh

  20. Valentin Watson

    when i get on sites like this i always am wary. this one is obvious empty of any women and that in and of itself makes it impossible to actually talk to someone!

  21. Fast Ocelot

    NOTHING but bad review for this one. i hate because i literally can’t talk to a single woman on this site and get them to reply back to me!

  22. FOR ME I CAN’T THINK OF ANY OTHER SITE THAT IS THIS BAD! theres just no comparison and for that i’m not sure this this should be proud. don’t look forward to getting laid on here!

  23. Meaty Monkey

    definitely a scam. i find it kind of laughable at least because they aren’t good at hiding the fact that they suck at all. don’t spend cash here and you’re fine.

  24. liketocheat is one of those sites that makes me nervous because i’m not sure if it’s legit or not. that being said i am still giving it a try because some of the women are hot

  25. Felix Blatenberger

    can’t say that this one is good at all. don’t expect to get laid on here; the women here don’t exist or are just fakes or spam bots. what a waste.

  26. Finger Swift

    this is a really bad cheating site. i can’t imagine anyone actually being able to get laid on because it’s nothing but inactive women and empty profiles!

  27. 0 OUT OF 10 RATING FOR THIS ONE!! there is nothing good about this site and that should be obvious with just one glance. stay the heck away from this one if you actually want to get laid

  28. Runny Sapphire

    this website has absolutely nothing on it as far as i have seen. i have seen a lot worse but honestly this one just isn’t doing it for me! nothing on this site really helps you hook up

  29. falls flat as an affair site. i’m not sure if works better for anything else but so far i haven’t had a lot of success in this one so far

  30. Donn Stewart

    i hate sites like this! there’s nothing redeeming about this one because the women are looong gone and you can’t get a single hook up because of it

  31. when i leave a review i usually TRY to find something good to say but with liketocheat there just isn’t anything at all. what a waste of a site.

  32. very few sites can come close in comparison to the trainwreck that this one is. don’t spend money on a site like this, there is absolutely NO CHANCE that you will get a woman

  33. Hungry Serpent

    probably a scam. i haven’t found a site that is this bad in awhile but at least the fake profiles on here are kind of hot to flip through if you’re bored!

  34. wish i could find a legit site that actually was good but unfortunately seems like it’s falling short for me yet again, but i guess all i can do is keep trying

  35. Derek Duncan

    there isn’t much good about this site. i think overall it’s mostly a waste of time and money to even consider it so just try any other site out there

  36. Lamb Young

    REALLY falling short for a cheating site. there isn’t much to ask for when you make a site like this but this one apparently is the worst thing that could possibly happen… stay away from like to cheat!

  37. 0 out of 10. i hate this site and that’s why it gets such a bad rating .if you really want to give it a shot and see why it’s so bad, get ready to be scammed and lose all your cash!

  38. Froglet Beauty

    this website just makes me want to say yikes. i can’t think of anything on this site that will ACTUALLY make me get laid and wow that is more obvious the more i look at it

  39. is a really crappy excuse for an affair site. that being said, i think if you are just DATING, maybe it will be better?? i’m just no sure

  40. Ferdinand Busk

    when i look at sites i try to see their potential. i’m not sure sites like this have any after a certain point though. it’s not exactly difficult to make a successful dating site!

  41. Chest George Blackman

    like to cheat deserves not even a smidgen of a positive review. there are no sites like it that are actually good and this one is no exception to the rule.

  42. failure failure failure and there is NO comparison to that. good luck trying to even talk to a woman on here, let alone get anything other than spam mails!

  43. The Orange Ruby Flea

    pretty close to a scam as far as i have seen. i wish that this site had more redeeming qualities but mostly i have found everything on it falling flat.

  44. when i want to find a legit site it’s nigh impossible. like to cheat has nothing of the sort on it as i’m finding out, good luck with this one because it’s been slow for me


  46. Trooper Cute

    for a cheating site to work it just requires active members. this one doesn’t have a single one. that’s why is a really bad site and not worth a dime.

  47. i think this site deserves one of the lower ratings that i have ever given. just stay away from this one if you actually want your money to be good for something

  48. not only is it a bad affair site but it’s just a bad website in general. have fun with bugs and fake profiles and a lot of spam messages in general!

  49. for an affair site i’m not so sure this site does the trick. doesn’t sound discreet and that’s the most offputting thing, what a shame!

  50. Ethan Breitenstein

    i think sites like this all should be taken off the internet. seriously it’s just stealing money from people by being a total mess and not active at all!


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