LonelyHousewives.com Review: Why Didn’t LonelyHousewives.com Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?



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LonelyHousewives only seemed to have desperate men on the site and we didn't meet ANY women. Waste of time.

LonelyHousewives.com is a sad attempt to cash in on a pretty pathetic fantasy. Hey, we’re not saying that there aren’t lonely housewives out there looking to get pleasured by a dashing stranger-hell, if that were the case, we’d be pretty lonely ourselves!

The problem isn’t with trying to cash in on this. The problem is that LonelyHousewives.com does it in a really gross way, making guys think that there are a bunch of ladies waiting to cater to their every whim and making them pay to try and meet them.

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Look, there are a LOT of unsatisfied women out there looking for love. Don’t get hoodwinked by a site that makes you think they’re just blow-up dolls. If you want to meet someone just so you can bone them and walk away, there are hookers for that. If you actually want to connect with a woman so you can satisfy each others’ fantasies in a romantic, fulfilling way, we have LOTS of tips for cheaters like that.

Either way, you’re not going to meet either a fantasy or a blow-up stereotype on LonelyHousewives.com. This site is EMPTY.

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LonelyHousewives.com appears to cater to the more “mature” crowd. Yeah, we like a cougar as much as the next guy, but there’s a time and a place-and for LonelyHousewives.com, that seems to be EVERY time and place. Every single woman’s profile we found on here was of a woman of…what do women say when they’re old and want to sound like they’re not that old? A woman of a “certain age.”

As long as that age went out with the Stegosaurus, that is.

While the women on this site are all old and kind of broken down, here’s the kicker: they’re not even real! All the women we talked to were empty profiles at best, and outright scams at worst. These lonely housewives are only lonely because they got walked out on by a collection of 1s and 0s.

What We Discovered About Using LonelyHousewives.com For Cheater Dating

During our time on LonelyHousewives.com, we sent out 240 emails to 240 different women. If you’re wondering how to tell whether a site is fake or not, here’s the answer: we only got 18 emails back!

Sadly, not even those 18 emails were real. They were just as fake as the profiles, and each of those “responses” was nothing more than garbage. We got the exact same response each time:

“Hi cutie! Thanks for checking out my profile…u have any questions for this lonely housewife? Lol.”

First of all, we’re not sure they know what “lol” means. Second, that’s a pretty sad attempt to convince us that the site is full of women, by sending the same stock response back every time.

Is LonelyHousewives.com Worth Your Time At All?

Lonely housewives are usually not as sexy as the ones on Desperate Housewives, but at the rate of fake profiles we got, they could have just put those actresses on the profiles. Hell, that’s about as believable as the actual responses we got, and at least then we’d get to look at some sexy ladies!

The sad thing is that this site doesn’t seem to care how much you spend, at least not in terms of giving you anything in exchange. We spent more on AttachedPeople.com than on almost any other site we’ve used for online cheater dating, and the site still had almost no people on it!

We can’t even recommend that you hang out in the chat, video, or audio rooms at all. There’s just no content worth looking at. Hell, we’re pretty sure you stand as good a chance of meeting someone on ChatRoulette as you do on AttachedPeople.com.

We Reviewed LonelyHousewives.com: Here’s Our Verdict

When it comes down to it, the only reason you should ever go on AttachedPeople.com is if you’re some poor asshole who’s writing a review of a bunch of shitty cheater dating sites. Hey, never say we didn’t do anything for you, okay?

If you want a site that was our PLEASURE to review, check out EroticAffairs.com, which was our absolute favorite

50 Responses to “LonelyHousewives.com Review: Why Didn’t LonelyHousewives.com Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. Rat Screaming

    first of all in this review, let me just say…all the women on lonelyhousewives are OLD. that’s assuming they’re real of course because there are private investigators everywhere!

  2. private investigators eeeeverrrywhere. you won’t find any other site that comes close to that in comparison. really scary to use so don’t risk it! save your money and go elsewhere!

  3. Dead Vegetable

    lots of old ladies that’s for sure. not sure if it’s a scam or not but it just was disappointing for the most part. i probably will not be back to this site for the long run

  4. I think that lonelyhousewives.com has SOME legit women but just not very many of them. For that reason it’s pretty hard to actually take one of them home with you!

  5. not many good things to say about a site like this. it’s mostly a waste of money and time unless you like really old ladies and that’s just not my thing

  6. El Gargoyle

    not sure about this one as a cheating site. there’s not really anything redeemable about lonely housewives because they really are just a bunch of sad old women!


  8. Captain Bill Ravenbeard

    this website ISN’T good. that being said it’s not the worst, it’s just really kind of meh and i didn’t have a lot of luck finding women to chat with on here at all!

  9. if you are looking for an affair site that will actually get you laid, lonelyhousewives.com MIGHT do it if you are super patient. just keep that in mind, i’m not the mot patient, so…

  10. Billie Gearhart

    hate sites like this. they give all the other affair websites a bad name and it makes me want to punch a wall. there’s nothing about this site that merits you spending money on it!

  11. when i think of this site is just makes me want to turn my nose up. that’s why i can never give lonelyhousewives a good review, it’s just full of scams and private investigators.

  12. honestly a bad site and there are few comparison sites that are as bad as this one. it will steal your money and give you absolutely nothing in return!!

  13. Chimpanzee Flaming

    if you are looking for a scam then this one probably is a good one lmfao. you will NOT get laid on here, it’s just empty of REAL women, and the ones that do exist are OLD.

  14. kind of a joke if you think this is legit for the most part. lonelyhousewives does have real women on it but they are really old, it’s kind of freaky to be honest!

  15. Darrin Ream

    not much is good about this site and so you are just looking for a nightmare waiting to happen if you think this site will actually get you laid, stay away from it

  16. Rare Liquid Iron

    not a good cheating site! lonelyhousewives.com will just make you waste money and time and worst of all you could get caught so really STAY AWAY

  17. for me this gets my lowest rating, a 0 out of 10. i cannot believe sites like this are allowed to STAY ALIVE on the internet, they just scam and steal money!

  18. Surreal Breeze

    this is a really bad website but at least it’s pretty obvious about it. i mean i guess if you like old chicks this site will do it for you but it’s a miss for me

  19. I was looking for a good affair site and stumbled upon lonelyhousewives.com. I don’t think it’s the worst out there but it certainly could be improved upon!

  20. Maxwell Warner

    hate sites like this because they really do just steal your money. don’t waste time here any more if you actually think you are going to get laid you are WRONG

  21. Scarlet Weasel

    this site is a serious example of what NOT to do with a site and that is why i had to leave a review. don’t spend money on lonelyhousewives.com if you can help it!

  22. few sites some close in comparison to how bad this one is. i can’t even get a single woman to respond to my messages on here, what a waste of my money

  23. Minimum Judge

    this site is probably a scam but at least it’s an eyerollingly bad one. it’s so obvious because it’s COVERED in fake profiles and really gross, just stay the heck away

  24. NOT SURE IF THIS SITE IS LEGIT OR NOT. that’s my biggest worry and concern with lonelyhousewives but at the most i just am trying to see if i can get a woman to talk to me…

  25. Rodger Bicknell

    can’t think of anything good to say about this site. it’s mostly a waste of time and money and you definitely won’t get laid. if you are lucky maybe you won’t get scammed!

  26. The Frog

    if you’re looking for a good cheating site this one ISN’T it. stay the heck away from lonelyhousewives.com, they are all old and ugly anyway! not worth the cash

  27. this site is really deserving of my lowest rating. i can’t think of a worse site to be honest, this one not only has ugly real chicks but it’s full of private investigators!

  28. The Tapir

    this website is a real crapshoot. if you’re lucky maybe you’ll find one girl on here that is decent but probably not. just pick and choose carefully if you decide to use it.


  30. Ricardo Osteen

    when i use sites like this i am always careful but this one is just impossible. you will get caught if you use this site, trust me! just spend your money and time elsewhere.

  31. Tasty Empire

    when i went to review this site all i could think of is how much lonelyhousewives is a total rip off. not only will you not get laid, but you’ll be lucky if you don’t get SCAMMED.

  32. Christoper

    no comparison, i’ve NEVER seen as many private investigators in one place. what a mess of a site, this place will never be good again after all of that!

  33. definitely a scam and one that makes me roll my eyes at that. it’s just so obvious! if you spend money here that’s your own fault because these profiles are obviously fake.

  34. while i think some of the women on here are legit i mostly think they are ugly and old and not worth the cash. lonely housewives is really a disappointment

  35. Jefferson Baskett

    not much about this site can be called good. in fact i would hazard to say NOTHING about it is and you would be better off flushing your money down the toilet!

  36. Mole Small

    i have been on a lot of different cheating sites and lonelyhousewives really is far below the bar. i cannot believe people still use this site. what a mess of a place.

  37. first of all you will not get laid. second of all you won’t even get a message returned! what kind of rating does this one get? a big fat F!

  38. Foxy Rainbow Star

    when i picture this website, i just kind of have to cringe. that being said at least it’s AN OBVIOUS scam so you won’t get taken for too much money hopefully!

  39. an affair site should not be like this one. it shouldn’t move this slow! i should be able to get laid a lot faster and that is why lonelyhousewives is kind of a disappointment in general

  40. Dallas Weinstein

    kick all sites like this off the internet. just do it. there is nothing redeeming about a site that just steals your money. the women on here aren’t even worth it anyway.

  41. few sites are more deserving of a bad review than this one. lonely housewives is really kind of scary to use! there are a lot of PIs on here and soo many fake profiles aside from that.

  42. this site has no comparison to how bad it is, it’s just full of fakes and you really have to be careful not to let them scam you. not worth the money at all!

  43. i wish i could get my money back because i am pretty sure this is a scam. not sure if i have ever gotten a legitimate reply to a message and the women aren’t even that hot.

  44. at this point i’m just convinced that this site is not legit and am moving on but seriously maybe lonelyhousewives can work for others? some of the women do seem real.

  45. Cyril Jewell

    it’s a good site if you like having your money stolen and never having sex. that’s what i think at any rate lol. this site isn’t good and will never be good.

  46. an awful example of a cheating site. run screaming from this place if you know what’s good for you! you will NEVER get laid on this site anyway, lonely housewives is awful.

  47. these housewives can just stay the heck away from me. it deserves a really solid 0 out of 10 and it will never be able to redeem itself after i ran into 5 private investigators.

  48. an awful website honestly. that being said…there ARE real women on here you just really have to look and it’s just kind of scary to try and find real people…

  49. I’m not sure this even qualifies as an affair site. It’s kind of a touch and go site lol. lonelyhousewives.com seems like a good concept but it hasn’t worked for me.

  50. not much to say about sites like this except stay the heck away from them. an obvious scam and a really bad one at that. just don’t spend money on women that aren’t real.


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