Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?


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We had no responses to our messages on this site, and it was a complete waste of time. MarriedCafe is a total scam.

We found one kind of woman and one kind of woman ONLY on single women looking for sugar daddies.

Now, we’re not against the whole concept of a married woman looking for a sugar daddy. Honestly, we don’t care. That’s just NOT why we signed up for a cheater dating site. We’d much rather spend our time with a person who loves spending time with us than try and appease some young bimbo’s wallet and her luxury apartment. If that’s what you’re into, we guarantee there are websites where you can find a hotter sugar baby.

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If you’re looking for a married woman to hook up with, however, you’re going to want to keep looking. This site is NOT what you want, and it won’t get you laid. Why are we so sure? Let’s take a closer look at the dishonest mess that is

The biggest reason we think is a SCAM is because they advertise to have “millions of members,” but we couldn’t find any active profiles in the whole New York area!

Sorry, but if you have “millions of members” and only two active profiles in the whole area that has dozens of millions of people, there’s a serious problem. The four of us are all in major metropolitan areas, and none of us found many girls worth noticing on We ended up sending messages to girls outside our areas and with inactive profiles, just to make sure we were giving a fair shake when it came to our review.

MarriedCafe ALT Image

That’s in a nutshell, really. You can try your hardest, lower your standards, try harder, lower them some more, and you still won’t get anywhere with an affair.

What We Discovered About Using For Cheater Dating

During our MarriedCafe comparison, we sent out emails every day for two months. Since there are four of us guys, that means we sent out 240 reviews total. As we said in our guide for cheaters, we keep track of every single message and the response it gets. That way, we know whether we’re making progress on each website.

We didn’t need to keep track on We knew from the start that we weren’t going to make any progress. This site is impossible, because there are no women worth meeting that have active profiles.

We will say that we stayed AWAY from the single girls on here. Way too many of them advertised things like, “Looking for a married guy! Gonna give him a wild time. PS: Baby needs new shoes!” or “I loooooove hooking up with sexy older married men, rawr! Just don’t be some poor asshole who doesn’t know how to treat me the way I’m worth ;)”

We had no time for these girls when we were frat boys, and we have no time for them now. If you’re into that, go ahead, but don’t blame us when your wife is asking why you wrote Chrysler a check for some bimbo.

Is Worth Your Time At All?

Look, if we wanted to be somewhere that we could get laid in exchange for being really nice and buying a lot of stuff, we’d stay home on Saturday night. Hell, our wives probably put out a lot cheaper these days than these girls-all that sets us back is a pair of earrings and maybe taking out the trash.

We’re not on to try and find some girl (any girl) to bang. We’re here looking to recapture a great romantic feeling, to have a wild hookup, and to generally have a lot of fun with women that we’re not married to. That’s all, and that’s what does NOT deliver.

We Reviewed Here’s Our Verdict

There’s a reason we advocate only hooking up with married chicks, as you can see in our guides for cheaters. Married women have a lot more to lose in any relationship than single women do, and they’re a lot better about keeping their mouths shut!

You won’t meet any woman you want to go out with on We guarantee it. We didn’t get a single interesting or good message during our whole time on, and we really doubt you will, either. If you want to hook up with smoking hot women who WANT the same things you want, try the websites on our Top 4 List, like EroticAffairs or Those are sites that will not only get you laid, they’ll make you wonder why you waited so long to join a cheaters dating site.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. Sapphire Grenade

    this site is EMPTY. i have never been on a site like marriedcafe and honestly seen no one even around. that’s why i had to leave a bad review, it’s just not worth any money.


  3. Green Smokey Sapphire

    this site is probably a scam which is really disappointing. there aren’t even that many hot women on here. i wish it just weren’t so empty but oh well.

  4. not much about this site is legit i think. the profiles on all loook pretty fake to me which is kind of disappointing! pass on this one.

  5. Alfonso Pheleps

    not much can be said about this site other than how it isn’t good at ALL. it’s mostly a giant fake hub of reused profile pics and the ones that were real are inactive!

  6. a pretty poor example of a cheating site if i’m being honest. i haven’t been on a site like marriedcafe in awhile and it’s just a giant disappointment all around

  7. REALLY empty site and that’s why it gets a bad rating, they are false advertising how many people are ACTUALLY ON THIS WEBSITE! don’t spend money here for that reason!

  8. Dormouse Willy

    one of the worst examples of a website i’ve seen in awhile but i guess it would be even more worse if they stole more money from me. waste of tim for the most part.

  9. i think this affair site could be done SO much better. is just boring overall and i was really sad to see that most of the girls haven’t been active for awhile

  10. Gerald Gongaware

    sites like this are a prime example of why no one does online dating anymore. you can’t have an affair with a girl that isn’t there, really sad and disappointing

  11. John Insane Dreadbeard

    when i review a site i usually give it a few different chances. for marriedcafe however i gave it way too many. there’s nothing good about this site! it’s really a hot mess!


  13. Moose Quality

    this site is probably a scam and at least it’s an obvious one. i had a good laugh at all the fake profiles…too bad i wasted money on this site to begin with!

  14. married cafe is probably not legit but at least some of the girls on here seem nice. the real problem with it is that it’s totally empty, what a shame and a mess…

  15. Zachery Sommer

    there’s nothing good about this site, period, the end. i can’t stand it and i wish that i had never spent a single dime on it. it’s totally EMPTY!!

  16. Swift Smoke

    for a cheating site, you’d think there would be more CHEATERS around. instead it’s just empty and fake profiles…no one is on married cafe so you’re wasting money!

  17. this site gets a 0 out of 10, my lowest personal rating! i can’t believe people stick around and use this site. it’s awful and there aren’t even any women around on here!

  18. Gross Simon Deadwood

    this website really needs some improvements. if it could actually get some real women around it might be ok but as it is it’s just a hot mess!

  19. this is a DECENT affair site but i have seen much better than i think this site just needs some major clean-up before i consider using it again.

  20. Davis Hall

    when i think of sites like this i just want to slam my head into the wall. there are not any women on here and it’s totally false advertising meant to scam money out from underneath your nose!

  21. Stony Eyelid

    this site doesn’t deserve ANYTHING resembling a good review. is super awful because it really lies about how many women are active on this site! pass on this one!

  22. thinking of a comparison to a site this bad is nigh impossible. seriously stay away from this crap hole and spend your money somewhere else if you have any pride.

  23. Captain Jack Coldbane

    not sure if it’s a scam or not but there ARE a lot of fake profiles and i think that honestly this site is probably left well alone. not worth the money for the most part.

  24. has some fun features i guess but there’s not much legit about it other than that. a lot of the women are just long gone so good luck hooking up.

  25. Mathew Sachse

    if you think this site is good, you need your HEAD CHECKED!!! there’s just nothing going on on here and for that reason you should take your money elsewhere!

  26. when i go on a cheating site, i expect to have fun. i expect RESPONSES. unfortunately on married cafe, none of that happened. a waste of my time and money!

  27. i think that this one really is deserving of a low rating. there’s just nothing going on. the women on here aren’t even hot assuming they are actually around!

  28. Joey Yellow

    a pretty bad website tbh but i have seen worse. i think for the most part there just aren’t a lot of active members on this site and that is its biggest pitfall.

  29. when i think of an affair site i don’t really think of married cafe. it just doesn’t do much for me to be honest. good luck on your own end i guess.

  30. Kelley Keppel

    crappy sites like this are the reason no one can have fun having affairs online. there are private investigators swimming around this site so really watch out.

  31. Cute Dusty Filly


  32. there are few comparisons to this site in terms of how bad it is! it’s just a waste of your time and money and i think you would be better off throwing this one to the wind.

  33. Doggy Freaky Serpent

    when i think of a scam site i dont immediately think of this one but i still don’t think it’s very good. it’s a shame because it has a lot of potential, but oh well…

  34. not really legit i think. married cafe has a lot of issues and it’s pretty noticeable right off the bat with some old, inactive profiles, but i’ll keep at it.

  35. Bryan Ballou

    not a really good site unfortunately. i think it suffers from SO many private investigators that it’s sort of taken over. not exactly the place i want to have fun at.

  36. Needless Full Logbook

    for this cheating site i ended up really disappointed. just fell short of the mark for me and i ended up not getting any responses, just sad!

  37. the only rating i can give this site is a big fat F. it’s just bad. the women aren’t even hot and that’s ASSUMING that they are real, which i can almost guarantee that they aren’t!

  38. The Orangutan

    fake profiles and such all over this website. not sure why any one would bother joining but eh it is what it is, i wish i had met at least a few ladies on here.

  39. an affair site can be done soo much better but even still i don’t think married cafe is the worst of the worst. it’s just sort of mediocre and i may or may not be back.

  40. Dorian Fisher

    i’m really not impressed by sites like this. it just falls short on so many levels and the fact that they LIE about how active it is really puts me off!

  41. Springbok Morbid

    usually don’t bother with a review but is bad enough that i kind of have to. really disappointing! this site is just full of fakes and inactive profiles…

  42. you can spot the fakes on here a mile away. it’s hard to find a comparison to something that bad! stay away from this one, you definitely won’t get laid.

  43. Tiger Seriously

    a waste of money tbh, but there are a lot worse scam sites out there. i was just mostly annoyed to find out how inactive this site is so just save your money.

  44. i am fairly convinced this site is not legit but i am still giving married cafe a try for old time’s sake. it’s just not very good to me so far but we shall see if that changes

  45. Saul Gibson

    not much about this site is good at all. i think that it’s really a waste of my money and time and that you DEFINITELY won’t get laid on here so seriously don’t spend a dime

  46. Headless Bulldozer

    A REALLY AWFUL CHEATING SITE. don’t waste your money on when you can go to literally any other site and actually get laid and not waste your time.

  47. the women on here are just not active and THAT is the main problem with this site. i can’t give it a good rating with that in mind at all!

  48. this website is obviously not good and for that reason you shouldn’t spend your money here. they have the basic concept down but the execution is just not good.

  49. for an affair site i usually expect a bit more. married cafe just doesn’t deliver right yet but i am hoping that will change in the near future somehow!

  50. i’m going to steer clear of sites like this in the future. it doesn’t nothing for me and i really think that this site could just be thrown off a cliff and no one would miss it.


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