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NoStringsAttached will get you action and is totally discrete. When we on a search for the best cheater dating sites that really gave results, this site made #4 place on our list of best sites.

We have a feeling that if we review our top 4 websites again next year, our results will be different.


Because there are always up-and-coming new sites like that are re-inventing what it means to be a good married dating site. Right now, isn’t close to knocking off the top three sites on our list of top cheater dating sites.

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What makes so promising? Let’s look in-depth at this newer site and see why it makes the grade…but doesn’t climb any higher than that.

When you first log on to, you probably won’t be very impressed. We weren’t. At first glance, it looks like a scam site that came out of a box. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that this wasn’t the case, and we’d actually been able to meet a lot of real women!

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Find a match with NoStringsAttached

This site is a premium example of why it’s important not to judge a site by the front page. For all those of you wondering why we kept putting in effort to TERRIBLE sites like, it’s because you never know until you try whether a site will be a hit or a flop.

You Won’t Believe Our Results From Over 3 Months: Is Worth Your Time?

During our time on, we sent out emails to 240 girls. As a reminder, on (our top site), we got 198 emails in return. On, we got back 108. That’s not a BAD number, but it’s not really exciting or memorable, either.

Of those 108, we struck up a conversation with several girls, leading us to set up 14 dates over the course of our NoStringsAttached comparison. 11 girls actually showed up, and we scored with eight of them.

Again, these aren’t bad numbers! They’re just less than we’d come to expect from some truly great sites.

Top 3 Emails We Used At To Get The Best Responses

Here are some emails we used on that landed us dates (and hookups).

Email 1: “Hi, Leslie. Wow, I never expected that a girl who liked Lizst would pop up first on my matches. I’d thought it was so unlikely that a woman on here would share my interests that I didn’t bother to put it up. I’ll be in town for a business trip next weekend, and I happen to know that there’s a symphony in town for a few days. Just throwing that out there.”

Email 2: “Hi, Meg. I have to say I love the forceful tone of your profile-a woman who knows what she wants it my kind of woman! In answer to your questionnaire, yes, no, yes, a little, and only when I’m asked VERY nicely. Now here’s one of my own, with only one question: Would you accompany me to the Apple Festival next weekend? Judging by your hair, there’s a Red Delicious that I’m dying to try.”

Email 3: “Hi, Amanda. I bet a lot of guys on here have told you how beautiful you are, how shocking it is that you’re on a site like this, how you deserve to be worshipped and appreciated like the goddess you are-and if they haven’t, may I humbly volunteer?”

Oh, Yeah, Baby-Read What We Loved About!

One thing we LOVE about is how seriously it takes user privacy. This is why we know for a fact that there are no private investigators on here-we’ve used the site for months and never gotten caught!

One of the ways looks after our information is by letting us lock our photos. This way, we can make sure no one sees them, but we can still make sure to share them with the people we think are hot. By letting us use Private Showcase Keys instead of blurring the faces or risking exposure, we feel like we’re kept safe even when we’re cheating.

Want To Succeed Over The Competition On Our Secret Cheat Dating Tactics Exposed!

Maybe it’s the name, maybe it’s the lower price than, or maybe it’s just that this site is pretty young still, but is full of a lot of YOUNG guys.

That means that most of your competition on this site is going to be young and kind of stupid. These are guys that always put up pictures of their junk instead of anything else, and list all of their interests as “beer, chicks, and fun.”

If you come across as classy on this site, you’re never going to have a problem getting laid. Make sure your pictures do you justice (take a look at our guide to making your profile pop), and make sure you’re looking classy, educated, and worldly in your profile answers, and you’ll be a top dog on in no time!

Nobody’s Perfect: Things We Didn’t Love About

If only all the women on had a few more strings attached, we’d be happier.

Yes, that sounds weird. But what we’re saying is that there are an awful lot of young, single women looking for older married men on this site-in other words, they’re pretty much looking for sugar daddies.

Personally, we prefer hooking up with married women who have more to lose and an easier time hooking up just for fun. There are still a lot of married women on this site, but you have to specifically look for them.

Another thing that isn’t GREAT is the sorting algorithm. It’s pretty basic, only letting you search by the usual-age, sex, location. With a few more features, this site could really pop.

Our Final Verdict On Should You Use To Find Cheat Dates?

In a few years, could rival the likes of and for the top spot…maybe. In the meantime, is still a very good website that will probably get you laid. It just won’t necessarily get you laid as much as the other websites on our top 4 list. We still like the design, we like the features, and we wish there were a little more that we could like even more. is good, but we want it to be GREAT.

50 Responses to “Review of Find Out Why We Ranked #4 For Cheater Dating”

  1. for me, nostringsattached is the perfect site. that’s why i went out of my way to even leave one review! a great site that helps you get what you want: hot women!

  2. no comparison. this site really goes above and beyond and WILL get you that affair you’ve been dying to have. just have a blast on here and enjoy it!

  3. Crisp Buffalo

    when i join a site i always am worried of it being a scam but this one was not! a good site, though it can be a bit difficult to initially start conversations i’ve found.

  4. is legit but i am not sure it’s the BEST website out there for affairs. just kind of mediocre for me and i think that i could find a better one.

  5. Felton Beedell

    a good site. i will not be trying many others after this because i got my full money’s worth over here, let me tell you! these women are HOT.

  6. Streaming Crazy Student

    I rarely expect much from a cheating site but went above and beyond. this is an AMAZING site for meeting women on. you will not go away empty handed!

  7. A+ rating and I would GLADLY rate it that high again. I’ve had nothing but good experiences here. Just hot chicks, no loonies or crazies, and it was EASY!

  8. Tiger Seriously

    i think this website is a good one for meeting women on though it’s just not the absolute best. it can be a bit difficult at times because there are so many other men around.

  9. for an affair site, it does an ok job. i think no strings attached is decent but it could really improve on bringing more women into the site, just saying

  10. Eugenio Burch

    when it comes to sites like this, they are so often hit and miss. this one is just a huge HIT for me, though! i will only spend my money here after how quickly i met my new lady!

  11. Doggy Freaky Serpent

    I RARELY give a site a review. was so good that i had to, though! it deserves a great review. it helped me meet one of my favorite ladies ever!

  12. in comparison to other sites…well, i can’t think of a comparison! you won’t find another site that helps you meet women like this one does, without a doubt!

  13. always worried about a scam or five but this site is really clean and safe. quite discreet, too. my only beef is that it can take awhile to hook up with women on here!

  14. i think this site is legit but that doesn’t mean no strings attached is my absolute favorite. i think that maybe in a few years it’ll be better but right now it’s just eh.

  15. Jude Joyce

    a good site and one i will repeatedly come back to! i will NEVER use another site again after meeting great women on here. i’m glad to see it’s possible!

  16. for a cheating site, i was blown away. goes far and beyond what i would think is a good site and becomes an AMAZING one instead!

  17. for me this is a REAL 10 out of 10. there are few sites for affairs that really deliver and deliver safely, and this is one of them! look no further for some fun!

  18. Squirrel Foxy

    honestly, i didn’t expect much out of a website like this, but i was sufficiently pleased. i think that it took a lot more work than i expected, but otherwise, it was good.

  19. ehhh is all i can say about this affair site. no strings attached is ok, but it’s just not my cup of tea. not really the type of women i’m into and just kind of meh overall.

  20. Brendan Coveney

    I want more sites like this to exist, get rid of the crappy scam ones! I had a great time on this website and WILL be spending all my money here in the future!

  21. Golden Duckie

    when i leave a review, that’s when you know it’s really good or REALLY bad…but in this case it’s REALLY REALLY GOOD! i love no strings attached, there is no better site!

  22. by any other site, i would have run away screaming by now. but this one…no comparison. i have actually met and hooked up with women and had a great time!

  23. Small Trombone

    love this site. nothing about it is a scam. it just sometimes can take a bit to get used to, but keep at it and hopefully it will work for you.

  24. when it comes to finding a legit site like this, good luck is all i can usually say. no strings attached is legit but not that great, so…eh. trade off?

  25. Quentin Cox

    there are so many good things about this site that i went a little crazy at first. i couldn’t believe it. SO many women replied to my messages, it’s a great site!

  26. Bloody George Sangre

    i haven’t had a lot of good experiences when it comes to cheating sites but this one proved me wrong. i will be back to keep using again, amazing women here!

  27. for me this site gets a solid 10 out of 10 rating. i love this place because it REALLY does what it says it will do: help you meet women and have an affair!

  28. Wooden Fisty Rat

    this is a great website but it does have some flaws. one, there aren’t a LOT of women here. you do have to deal with competition. just keep that in mind.

  29. not my favorite affair site by far. i think has a lot going for it but it just hasnt worked for me and so i’m not sure if i will be back to try again.

  30. Jessie Mcindoe

    when it comes to sites like this, you REALLY have to appreciate them. i’ve never found another site that is as good as this and it’s something you can’t pass up1

  31. No Strings Attached DESERVES an amazing review. I love this site and the women I’ve met on it. I haven’t had this much fun in my sex life in YEARS.

  32. when i try to think o a comparison i really come up short. don’t pass this site over. it does everything it says it will and you WILL meet women and get laid!

  33. when i think of dating sites i usually imagine them to be a scam. but this one isn’t! i had a great experience here meeting new women and won’t trade it for the world.

  34. is a decent enough site, and at least it is legit. but i just haven’t met that many women or gotten that many to talk to me. oh well.

  35. Ambrose Birdsall

    when it comes to a good site, this is the one you are looking for. you will meet women on here just like it says and you will NOT be disappointed about it.

  36. Gold Hungry Sun

    it’s hard to find a good cheating site. THIS IS ONE OF THEM THOUGH! you will find a discreet experience with no strings attached and just have FUN!

  37. for me this really is an A+ website. i can’t think of giving it a lower rating ever. i will not spend my money anywhere else because it honestly just does the trick every time.

  38. i’ve used a lot of different websites like this and this website just takes the cake. i really think the women here are gorgeous. BUT… it can be slow and laggy!

  39. nostringsattached is just okay. that’s all i can really say about it. at least it is better than most affair sites, and it isn’t a scam, thank god.

  40. Refugio Llora

    i wish i could find more sites like this all over the internet! this one was a shining gem though and i think it knows it. well worth the price because the women are wonderful.

  41. Jack Purple Redblade

    i rarely leave a review on any of the sites that i use, but is really worth it. i have met a ton of hot women here and i will always come back!

  42. had the best affair of my life because of this site and there is no other site that comes close in comparison. USE THIS ONE, AND YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT.

  43. Endless Ranger

    if you want to stay away from a scam then this is the site for you. i think that this site is pretty decent it just takes a bit of getting used to and staking your claim.

  44. when i was looking for a legit site i found this one. i’m not disappointed with no strings attached per say i just think i might need to use it longer before really enjoying it…

  45. Clifton Straub

    really a good site. you CAN’T beat this one when it comes to actually meeting women! it does everything it says it will do and MORE! SPEND YOUR TIME HERE!

  46. Furious Ray

    when it comes to different online dating ventures, there’s nothing scarier than a cheating site. makes it GOOD though. you can’t beat the safety of this one.

  47. i love giving a site a good rating and this one deserves it. i think more sites should take note of this site and how they manage things…also, lots of hot women!

  48. Vicious Raven

    i’ve had more fun on this website than anything else that’s for sure. that being said, be prepared for the long haul. it takes effort to meet chicks here!

  49. well worth the time and money if you know what you are getting into. no strings attached is a good affair site but you do have to work at it. not sure i want to anymore.



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