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AshleyMadison is a great option for married cheaters who want a discrete fling on the side. Making it to our #3 was no fluke since we found the site easy to use and received over 100 replies to our messages. Definitely worth your time!

What can we say about the phenomenal site that hasn’t already been said by millions (seriously, MILLIONS) of happy customers over the years? Who cares, let’s look at this awesome site and see why it’s the BIGGEST and EASIEST way to get laid while you’re married.

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You’ve probably heard of If you’ve been in the cheating community for a while, you DEFINITELY have. This is the original cheaters dating site. made bold news a few years ago by putting up public commercials on network TV, going a long way to normalize the idea of affairs and married dating for guys that had never heard that it was such a huge community before. became known as the biggest name in married dating, and that hasn’t changed! This site has 4 million CONFIRMED AND ACTIVE members!

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Just to put that in perspective, the LARGEST site for singles meetups in the world,, has 40 million people, and even Facebook has about 300 million. 4 million is a superb number for a more niche site like a married dating site.

Basically, the high numbers of guarantee that you’ll be able to find a date in your area who’s down to hook up quietly. You can’t put a price on that!

You Won’t Believe Our Results From Over 3 Months: Is Worth Your Time?

During our time on, we wanted to be fair, so we kept ourselves to sending out the 240 emails we sent to every other site. We had no idea we’d want to send so many more!

In fact, after our AshleyMadison review was over, we went back and contacted many of the women we hadn’t had the time to contact before, and have had even more success. However, that doesn’t count towards the numbers on the grid, so we’ll ignore them for now.

We got back 129 emails, which is a VERY respectable percentage. Any time you get back more than 50 percent of your emails on a dating site, you know you’re on an AWESOME dating site.

There were a lot of women in those 129 that we enjoyed talking with, and some that were just not worth our time. We set up dates with 16 women over the course of our time on 12 of them actually showed up, and we successfully hooked up with all but one of those, making it 11 total successful hookups!

Now, during the same amount of time at, we hooked up more often, got more dates, and got a lot more replies, so take that with a grain of salt. However, we LOVED our time hooking up on, and we were excited to go back after finishing our AshleyMadison comparison.

Top 3 Emails We Used At To Get The Best Responses

Here are a couple of the emails that worked really well for us on

Email 1: “Hi, Rio. I won’t feed you some tired line about how much I loved seeing a girl on here who can properly appreciate Coltrane, or how fantastic you look in that blue sundress, or how surprised I am that a girl like you is on a site like this. Oh well, I guess I just did. Be honest, you didn’t hate it that much. :)”

Email 2: “Hi, Andi. I didn’t think anything could be more perfect than your taste in books until I saw your smile. You don’t often see girls on here who read Butcher novels, or who are so unrepentant about liking things like that, and I love that in a woman. Have you seen that he’s doing an author talk next weekend? I’ll be in town for a night, and I’d love to see you there.

Email 3: “Hi, Ali. I think it’s really brave of you to talk about your personal struggles in your profile like you did. There’s something very alluring about a complex woman who doesn’t bother to pretend she’s simple, and I confess myself entranced.”

Oh, Yeah, Baby-Read What We Loved About! WILL get you laid.

How do we know?

Because the site is so confident that you’re going to hook up and have an awesome time that they have a money-back guarantee. If you put in the effort to get laid and nothing happens for you, they’ll refund you up to three FULL MONTHS of membership!

Of course, you won’t need that (anyone can get laid on this site if they know what they’re doing), but it’s still nice to know, and it’s a sign you’re on a really legit site.

Another feature we love is the ability to bookmark users for later. A lot of the time when we’re browsing, we don’t want to send messages right away for whatever reason, and we have to go looking for the girl again later. This is a great way to make sure your schedule doesn’t get in the way of your hookups.

Want To Succeed Over The Competition On Our Secret Cheat Dating Tactics Exposed!

There is one big mistake that most men make on they only go after the women who are single! This is totally stupid, since we’ve gone over why married women make the best cheating dates. They have more to lose, and they won’t get attached to the idea of a relationship with you.

Make sure you say that you’re looking for another woman who is “similarly engaged,” or something along the same lines.

Nobody’s Perfect: Things We Didn’t Love About

If you’re looking for a free or cheap site, this isn’t the one for you. might break the bank for some guys who are cruising on a budget. Personally, we feel that being able to meet so many awesome women makes it worth the cash!

Our Final Verdict On Should You Use To Find Cheat Dates?

We like a LOT. However, it just can’t bump off from the top slot, or even from number two. There are more women, but we had more luck at the other sites in the long run. is still a great third choice!

50 Responses to “AshleyMadison.comReview of Find Out Why We Ranked #3 For Cheater Dating”

  1. Laser Dangerous

    really one of the most put together sites i have ever been on. is well-deserving of a great review because not only does it look great, it helps you get LAID!

  2. when i try to think of a site for comparison, i really come up blank. this site is amazing because christ i have NEVER met so many hot ladies! amazing to have an affair on!

  3. Light Sergeant

    always worried that affair sites are a giant scam, but this one was very legit. still…not my favorite. the name at least is discreet, though i just didn’t meet as many ladies.

  4. a solid, legit site, but ashleymadison just didn’t help me meet THAT many women. i think if maybe i lived in a more populated area, it would be a different story.

  5. Ignacio Baxter

    good and really a site i will use again and again. you can’t beat the fact that it actually hooks you up and you have a good time with other married people lol

  6. The Mandrill

    REALLY TAKES THE IDEA OF A CHEATING SITE TO ANOTHER LEVEL. ASHLEY MADISON IS AMAZING. you will not only meet women but you will get to have an actual AFFAIR WITH THEM. awesome!

  7. this is an amazing site and gets a solid A+ from me. nothing about this site could be changed to make it better. it’s already great and it does what it’s supposed to do!

  8. Ventostring

    A good site, but not my favorite. i think this website could learn a bit from advertising. I saw a lot more men on here than I wanted, but still managed to get hooked up!

  9. eh…an affair site as per usual as far as i can see. doesn’t offer anything new on the scene and i think it’s overpriced. i may or may not come back.

  10. Noe Newbern

    wow, i wish i was swimming in sites like this. i have never been able to talk to so many women and get so many dates. wish i could hook up with all of them!

  11. Tiger Willy

    wish i could leave a review again and again, that’s how much i loved ashley madison. really has the hottest women online and i’ve never had a more fun affair.

  12. there’s no comparison. this site makes it EASY and it’s so discreet and fun to use. really a mark above the rest, i will always use this site now.

  13. El Dromedary

    i always worry about a site being a scam, especially on affair sites. that being said, this one clearly isn’t, and does the trick though i haven’t met THAT many women so far.

  14. legit and all of that, but that doesn’t mean ashley madison is GOOD. i haven’t met that many women here yet and i am starting to think it isn’t worth my money…

  15. Dee Jelliman

    a really good, solid site, and one you will not regret spending money at. i think that i have met more women on here than i have any other site combined.

  16. Flower Doe

    for affairs and cheating sites, you can’t beat this one. ashleymadison really does the work for you and helps you find some amazing women. give this one a shot.

  17. 10 out of 10 and i will NEVER lower my rating after the good time i’ve had on here. the women are beautiful, the site is easy to use, what more could you ask for?

  18. a decent website and one i will probably use again. i just wish that i could meet more women in my area. that’s what i get for living in the boonies i guess!

  19. Salvatore

    i never expect much from an affair site, and ashley madison was no different. THAT BEING SAID…still decent. i will probably continue using it, though it’s just not that great.

  20. Isaias Faust

    i want more sites like this in spades. this is a great place to find a woman to have an affair with. you will not be disappointed. very discreet!

  21. Shiny Demon

    Ashley Madison is WELL DESERVING of a great review. I love this site. For the money, you can’t beat it; there’s a reason why it’s so popular! Women everywhere!

  22. if you are looking to make a comparison to any other sites, just stop. this one takes the cake and then some. you don’t NEED other sites when you are meeting all the women on here!

  23. Lightning Kangaroo

    when i think of affair sites, i think of a scam. that being said this one is NOT one thank god! i just wish i could meet more women on here in general.

  24. is pretty legit though i am not the most impressed by it. it seems like every other site out there helping you hook up and have affairs. oh well!

  25. Marco Poorbaugh

    pretty good! i am very happy with the ladies i have been able to chat with so far and am looking forward to meeting more of them in the future.

  26. Lightlam

    honestly this is one of the better cheating sites i have ever been on. ashley madison knows its stuff, and helps you out. well worth the cash.

  27. for me, this is a 10! i love this site and think it deserves an even higher rating lol. i wish i could take all these gorgeous women home with me but then that would be suspicious haha

  28. Craw Furious

    a great website. that being said…not without its flaws. you will need to take some time and TRY to talk to these girls. they aren’t that easy or so i’ve found out!

  29. for an affair site, it’s just okay. is pricey for me and it doesn’t always get the job done. i keep trying it out though because the girls do seem pretty hot.

  30. Scottie Houston

    I really wish I could find a dozen sites like this. the thing is, this site just does what it says it will do! that’s why it’s worth your money and time, unlike all the others.

  31. Boiling Reptile

    no other site deserves a glowing review like ashleymadison does! i LOVE THIS SITE. i have never NOT gotten laid on here..the women are great and really happy to chat!

  32. for me there are very few sites in comparison to this one. i cannot pass this one up and you shouldn’t either. amazing ladies, great site, great price!

  33. Temporary Essential Scissors

    when i first joined i was worried it would be a scam, but i was pleasantly surprised! it really isn’t and you will probably get laid on here. it’s just a little slow-going at first.

  34. is a decent enough site. it’s legit and you can meet women on here. that being said, it’s not my absolute favorite. if you want fast results this isn’t for you.

  35. Garfield Nicola

    what makes a good site for me isn’t layout or cost, but RESULTS. this one definitely delivers in that. had more successful affairs on here than ever before!

  36. Mini Scarlet Knife

    one of the best examples of a cheating site that i have ever seen. ashleymadison really takes it away, this is a great site that helps you meet all the women you could dream of.

  37. 10 out of 10!!! i LOVE THIS SITE. that’s why it gets my absolute HIGHEST RATING and i will never go anywhere else other than this one again for my girls!

  38. Maximum Intense Pink

    excellent website…but honestly it is SLOW to get started on here. you really have to work at it and maintain your profile. there’s a lot of stiff competition lol

  39., for me, is just like every other affair site out there. not sure it’s really worth the money with how slow it is to get women to chat with you.

  40. Chung Hegarty

    looove sites like this and wish i could have a million of them at my disposal. i have more fun on here than i do anywhere. will be back for sure!

  41. ashley madison gets my best rave review of the season. i LOVE THIS SITE. i will never say that i cannot meet women because this site has proved me wrong!

  42. when i try to think of other sites that come close to this one, i just can’t. there’s no comparison. i want to only use this site from now on for having an affair.

  43. i worry about sites being a scam but this one isn’t. it’s discreet and easy to use…just there is a lot of competition because it’s so popular, so good luck.

  44. i don’t think whether it’s legit or not is the question. the question with ashley madison is whether or not it’s effective. for me, it wasn’t, so i’m not sure if i’ll be back.

  45. Efrain Mason

    a REALLY good site that keeps me coming back for more with all the lovely ladies. i have never had so many opportunities to meet women before… a great site.

  46. i rarely expect much from a cheating site, but ashley madison changed my mind. this is an amazing site full of women that actually want to talk to you, which makes it well worth the price!

  47. A+++ rating and i will NEVER change my mind about that. i have had nothing but amazing results here. with an inbox full and women all but banging down my door, how could i?

  48. Baroness Circus

    this is the website for you if you dont’ mind waiting. it really is a good site, it just takes a lot of time and energy to actually meet women on this site in general.

  49. for me an affair site should be easy to use and ashleymadison kind of is. it’s just not easy to hook up and when i want something fast, it doesn’t provide that.

  50. Eldon Rodacker

    more sites like this, PLEASE!! this site is sooo easy to meet women on and to keep them around for a long, fun affair. i will never go elsewhere now.


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